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    Stop being ‘so busy’: The psychology behind why being lazy is actually good for your brain

    who designed the people, is there a people machine :cautious:
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    Is VR even worth it?

    Not the first or the last discussion about VR in regards teleport controls / walking simulator effect. It kind of ends up defining most first person VR experiences currently. Given the amount of setup & gear required for decent PC VR and the need for real walking and running, im kind of...
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    HDR and color management. HDR400 is still awesome?

    True, but in the context of monitors do you want a HDR10+ panel pushing out 10,000 cd/m2 maximum brightness when your sat 2ft away from it ? Even if lets say it's only for spot effects (it's not it can be full frame 10k cdm, per frame) that's still some serious brightness when most of us...
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    (Hopefully toward Artificial Consciousness) A 'consciousness conductor' synchronizes and connects mouse brain areas

    We might get to a weirdly paradoxical place where the exact same people who are typically against Ai and DNA alteration are defending the rights of the unborn cybernetic :confused:
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    Zooms end to end encryption, not really end to end.

    You could try jitsi-meet as an alternative: Test it out.. There are applications for windows desktop and apps for mobile & plain old web browser calls. Including an appimage for linux & AUR builds for Arch linux...
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    Need some advice: 21:9 high refresh rate

    And it has the same screen height at 16:10 so it harks back to the old PC days ( in a good way ) but has the new hot sauce with increase width also. Furthermore it's 2million pixels less than 4k so running games at 60fps on a decent card should be fine, and probably with some judicious settings...
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    Linux Gaming Across 9 Distros [Review in Progress]

    DMC5 BF5 (bear in mind this was 6 months ago, things have increased in performance since then) Resident Evil 2 Something, something linux gaming.. :eek: (in fairness, some minor setup is probably required and your grandma or average twitch streamer might not be able to manage that)
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    Linux Gaming Across 9 Distros [Review in Progress]

    don't forget to take a look at the increasingly popular MX Linux. It's Debian based but rolling also, so very stable (as stable as it gets) and there is a software centre that is ready to go to install the latest software aswell as flatpack (or you can stick with the stable debian packages). It...
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    Google Partners with AMD for Google Stadia Game Streaming Service

    Not sure which is cheaper google home assistant or the controller. :peeking:
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    4k display and already regretting it

    In a thread anyone can join in, that's the nature of forums. your reply was to advise someone to sit back further from a larger screen if they considered it too large. I merely stated that given the 4k resolution the further you sit the more the text becomes harder to read even on a large...
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    4k display and already regretting it

    they pop so much it looks 3D at times, but then that also applies to desktop icons .. sometimes things look as if there floating to my eyes and the color shift can be worse than a decent TN horizontally. IPS is great for a flat surface for reading solid text, VA is great for gaming especially on...
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    UK Will Require Age Verification for Porn Sites in April

    The intention might be good but wait until news outlets publish articles on how perv's are 'criminally' avoiding the age verification legislation by using VPN's.. well, looks like we will have to create a licensing system for VPN's now :eek: btw don't think VPN's are a magic bullet, they...
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    Linux and Audio

    yea, that sounds fun i have never heard (no pun) of that happening before. I know it doesn't answer your question specifically ( well apart from the kernal one) but have you considered trying an arch distro like Antergos, Archlabs or Manjaro ?
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    Report Claims Canadian Police are Tracking and Acting On "Negative" Behavior

    overly political answer detected, self censorship module activated.
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    Got a Spare $43,000? You Could Spend It All on This Monster Gaming PC

    what.. does that come with a leather jacket and a discount on your next nvidia tattoo ?
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    Linux as a gaming platform in 2019

    Reading the Phoronix complete review of the Raedon VII, the take home for me is that Linux is finally a great platform for gaming on be it binary Nvidia or FOSS AMD. 4k results with over 100fps and no severe stuttering or frame latency, nor any graphical bugs, it's amazing how far things have...
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    11+ or so years using an A-MVA, how bad would switching to a TN be?

    For reading text i find my AHVA disappointing. For gaming, image viewing, video streaming it's great at any resolution. Probably going to pick up an IPS purely for reading / editing.
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    So if i understand thread so far. wait until AMD fixes heat / noise with cooler tweaks ( or Buy aftermarket card ) wait until AMD drops retail price in 6 - 8 months. ( Buy aftermarket at this point ) wait for fine wine drivers ( continual process ) undervolt for that sweet 60w saving. Seems...
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    Target for 4k or stick to 1440p?

    Pretty much all of those games you mention are ideal for a an ultrawide @ 1440p. Id recommend a 34" 3440 x 1440 screen if it fits into your budget. Id go with freesync now that nvidia supports it ( kind of , you may want to check supported monitors ) it leaves you with options to plug in...
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    LG Study Claims Xbox Players Are "Better" at Games than PC and PS4 Gamers

    exactly. If you play a flat level with a controller you can literally just move your thumb left and right and have 100% horizontal accuracy with strafing, there is no movement arcing with the wrist like with a mouse. I have used this method on TF2 i can stand on a flat spot with Heavy weapons...
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    Apple Dismisses over 200 Employees from Project Titan, Its Autonomous Vehicle Group

    TBH i see this as a sensible move by Apple. Don't think it's because they can't compete, it's more likely they did a deep dive and decided to place money on sure fire bet firmly placed in the real world. There will always be a growing need for healthcare.
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    Palmer Luckey Details His Vision of Reshaping National Security During Interview

    You don't have to apologize for mentioning God lol.
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    Facebook and Other Corporations Spend Millions on Executive Security

    Not that dumb when they can make billions off user data. Afford $10m for a security team to patrol their 52 bedroom mansion on a private island, whilst they wine and dine the people who are supposed to represent you on their $40m yachts.
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    YouTube Bans Dangerous Challenges and Pranks Videos

    Dang. And we nearly got to the finale where someone shoots a gun using tidepods as bullets into a primed explosive fire.
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    The Department of Defense is Still Not Very Secure

    These are separate skilled fields and often an organization / company will amalgamate them all into one generic sys admin role.. the results are typical. QFT. That alongside old guard 'been there forever' & nepotism.
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    Netflix Raises U.S. Prices

    recently posted on [H]news was an article about how sharing accounts is something netflix and others are looking into stopping using Ai algorithms. "Yo dawg, i heard you like DRM on your DRM so we added Ai-DRM to your DRM so you can be 'Double DRM'd' while you stream."
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    Jensun Huang Comments on the Viability of Streaming Games

    there dragging us down with them :cautious:
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    Jensun Huang Comments on the Viability of Streaming Games

    i suppose im just old fashioned and like the idea of private ownership.
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    Jensun Huang Comments on the Viability of Streaming Games

    I pretty much did. That in combination with most movies today suck.
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    New FAA Drone Regulations Could Pave the Way for Deliveries

    The future is here now Citizen.
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    Jensun Huang Comments on the Viability of Streaming Games

    I agree. But there is a difference between well and 'good enough' as far as these companies are concerned. If it becomes the only viable method of gaming i will look to a different hobby.
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    Jensun Huang Comments on the Viability of Streaming Games

    How is game streaming working out with VR on the horizon ?
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    New FAA Drone Regulations Could Pave the Way for Deliveries

    Get knife from cupboard, jam into open microwave door, set power to maximum, aim at drone = profit ? i have no idea if this would work and im not going to try :LOL:
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    New FAA Drone Regulations Could Pave the Way for Deliveries

    Has anyone played the new CS:GO Battle Royal mode ? Basically a major tactic is to track the drones location to find your loot and your enemy. People don't have to shoot them down, they can just track them in vehicles and collect the stuff from people's door step.
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    The Small Farm of the Future Will Rely on Automation and Robotics

    I was about to post this, Thanks for saving me the time. The push towards a lower methane / carbon foot print to avoid (inevitable ?) global environmental catastrophe will firmly propel lab grown meat into the main stream. Not to mention any ethical issues society may have surrounding killing...
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    Can You Detect When Ray Tracing Is Turned On?

    There is more to good graphics than ray tracing. Hows about we see a move towards realistic layered materials with realistic physical properties like cloth, metal and stone as opposed to just a flat 2k texture with some bump mapping applied..
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    Jeff Bezos' Divorce Could Mean Big Changes for Amazon

    Don't worry there stored on a super secure amazon bucket. :shifty: