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  1. jonathonball

    Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods Releases on March 27th

    It seems like a risky move to make an ARPG in 2019. Diablo 3 is still going strong on variety of platforms and there's a new Torchlight right around the corner. That being said; this has a nice clean look that I don't hate.
  2. jonathonball

    Microsoft Admits Cortana Is an Epic Failure by Shamelessly Selling Amazon Echo Dot

    I could never even get her to acknowledge me speaking to her. How exactly are you suppose to pronounce the stupid name? Is it Cortan-aaa, Cortan-ah, or Cortan-ae? Only one of them is correct and will get her reply. Then M$ integrated it into the start menu of my desktop and all its ever done...
  3. jonathonball

    Avalanche Shows Off Just Cause 4 Gameplay

    This looks identical to every Just Cause gameplay video I've ever seen.
  4. jonathonball

    Net Captures Orbital Debris

    In other news, an irretrievable giant net was added to our planets collection of orbiting garbage today..... :rolleyes:
  5. jonathonball

    Acer Predator Thronos Gaming Rig

    This is so stupid. We all know this is stupid. And it's going to be stupidly expensive. DAMN IT. sigh, just take my money. edit. if Kyle is reviewing chairs..
  6. jonathonball

    Westworld Mobile Game Blatant Ripoff of Fallout Shelter

    I love it. I had no intentions whatsoever of playing the Westworld game because I thought it looked just like Fallout shelter. Now I'm going to play it BECAUSE it looks just like Fallout shelter. Good job shifting my perspective, Bethesda. Stupid assholes.
  7. jonathonball

    It's On Like Donkey Kong

    Of all the games that I've heard about convincing someone to buy an entire console. Donkey Kong classic may actually be the dumbest.
  8. jonathonball

    SEC Official Declares Ethereum is not a Security

    In a few days it'll be reveal that he owns shit loads of Ethereum. I'm kidding but, man, would that be hilarious.
  9. jonathonball

    Dell Computers Better at Cheating in PUBG Says Dell Spokesperson

    That link isn't working at the moment.
  10. jonathonball

    You Have to Register Your Drones With The FAA

    This law is only as good as it can be enforced... and I don't see how they can.
  11. jonathonball

    Steam: how many hours?

    Here's everything over 50 hours for me.
  12. jonathonball

    Linda Hamilton Will Return for New Terminator Flick

    I can't be the only one here that cringes when I see the word techie.... double cringe factor when it's in quotes.
  13. jonathonball

    Real Life Dark Souls Takes it Too Far

    Gifs of this have been making the rounds, I didn't even think about there being a source video, thanks Seth.
  14. jonathonball

    Dutch Students Grow Their Own Biodegradable Car

    I bet the van from the film Up In Smoke would have been biodegradable.
  15. jonathonball

    14-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted after Cell Phone Incident in Bathtub

    Did your game boy have access to communication, social media, and porn?
  16. jonathonball

    Half-Life Has a New Patch, 19 Years after Launch

    Forget HL3, I'd be happy if they simply finished the episodes from HL2
  17. jonathonball

    For Fun and Games after Robots Take Your Job

    I really wanted to like this thing but it's not "itisasifyouweredoingwork" it's more like "holyshitthisisjustlikework"
  18. jonathonball

    Super Mario Bros. Level Recreated in Central Park Using HoloLens

    This looks like a cool demo but not like a game that would be fun or rewarding to play... which also describes everything else I've seen from AR.
  19. jonathonball

    Amazon Patents Online Store Shopping Control

    I read a theory about this on slashdot this morning where a commenter suggested that Amazon has patented this to prevent other retailers from being able to effectively combat showrooming. (A concept that's been discussed on [H] in the past.)
  20. jonathonball

    Neill Blomkamp's New Sci-Fi Short “Rakka” Now Streaming on Steam and YouTube

    You mean saved by Die Antwoord. I remember thinking "oh that's a really cool cameo" and about twenty minutes later thinking... "holy shit, that's no cameo, this is awesome". If anyone should get blamed for being bad in that movie, it's Hugh Jackman.
  21. jonathonball

    Galaxy Note 8 May Miss out on In-Screen Fingerprint Reader

    Who hates rear finger print readers? That's the best spot for it I've come across so far.
  22. jonathonball

    Quake OST Releasing on Vinyl

    Wish Trent still had this kind of sound. "hesitation marks" is what he should have printed instead of that album. Love ruined his sound.
  23. jonathonball

    Hide that pR0n Faster with Minimeyes

    For the price of that thing you could just buy a door knob with a lock
  24. jonathonball

    Nintendo Manages to Move 2.47M Switch Consoles in One Month

    I'll cop to that. I own a Switch and got it just to play Zelda (I don't have WiiU). Total cost so far: Gamestop Family Friendly Bundle - $459.99 - Switch Console - Zelda: BoTW Deluxe (cart) - Lego City: Undercover (cart) - Has Been Heroes (digital) Switch Pro Controller - $69.99 Carrying...
  25. jonathonball

    Restaurant Serves Food On iPads

    I'm feeling a little uncultured; can someone explain to me where the food is in that picture? It looks like someone dumped out a few small potted plants.
  26. jonathonball

    ‘Game of Thrones’ Most Pirated Show of 2016

    There should be an award for this.
  27. jonathonball

    The World's Smallest Diamonds Used To Make Self-Assembling Nanowires

    I see zero ways this could go badly.
  28. jonathonball

    The Game Industry's Disposable Workers

    I'm a full stack developer and we can't hire enough people, my company has expanded the department three times just in 2016. Maybe developers should give up on trying to land gigs developing games and you know... go where the work is.
  29. jonathonball

    How To Keep AirPods From Falling Out

    I'm glad we have people like this on Earth. Helping tackle the real issues.
  30. jonathonball

    Bug Allows Activation Lock Bypass on iPhone, iPad

    It's not a bug, it's a feature!
  31. jonathonball

    Best Buy Employees Surprise Teen Who Visited Store Every Day To Play Smash Bros.

    He didn't act excited at all. I remember being a kid and I remember that smug WTF look on his face. That kid was lying to his parents about his whereabouts. Now that he's stuck with that lie; has no way to get that WiiU into his house.
  32. jonathonball

    Bug Allows Activation Lock Bypass on iPhone, iPad

    It's the FBI's fault; they opened the flood gates on people being interested in cracking these when they demanded the Apple unlock that terrorist iPhone. I think the incentive may have gone up even more when Cellebrite scored what had to have been a very lucrative payday.
  33. jonathonball

    No Man's Sky Gets Big Update Including Survival Mode, Base-Building

    except they still haven't delivered on any of the release promises, this patch changes nothing.
  34. jonathonball

    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    Rise of the Tomb Raider is $29.99 on Steam through this weekend and I just pulled the trigger on that. FML.
  35. jonathonball

    WTF Kickstarter of the Day?

    You can get a pair of touch screen gloves at the dollar store. My wife has a pair for every outfit. Very cheap.
  36. jonathonball

    Samsung Issues Apology Letter To Galaxy Note7 Customers

    I had the same opinion.. then their washing machines started to blow up.
  37. jonathonball

    Spider-Man: Homecoming Score Will Be Composed By Michael Giacchino

    He also did the music for the new Star Trek movies.
  38. jonathonball

    Ubisoft Giving Away Yet Another Free Game

    Beyond Good and Evil. I doubt it's aged well but that was one HELL good of a game in its day.