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    Nintendo, Super Ninendo Console designer, dead at 78

    This man is responsible for so much of my childhood and wonderful memories. I'm sure we can all say the same. Rest in peace my friend.
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    Need help with great airflow mid-tower case

    These are gpu temps.
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    Need help with great airflow mid-tower case

    Sure is! Just verified it and ordered it. The original P400 case is nice - except for the plastic front panel. It's worth a try for $20. Swapping a system into a new case can be a process - especially if you are super picky about cable management and positioning! 🤣
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    Need help with great airflow mid-tower case

    Did a 10m stress test with superposition - front panel off I saw 70-71º fluctuating. Panel on I saw saw mostly 74-75ºC with a split second of 76º. This is with a 3080 Ftw3 Ultra gaming with a mild +75 core / +500 memory overclock (enough to get 2ghz core and 20gbps memory. Apparently there...
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    Need help with great airflow mid-tower case

    You couldnt be more correct! Switched the front cpu radiator fans to a push/intake setup and it made a *huge* difference. I'll continue to monitor how it does.. but right now with the front panel off, i haven't seen over 70º and averaging in the mid 60s now. Not sure what i was thinking...
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    Need help with great airflow mid-tower case

    Having some serious airflow concerns after upgrading my video card and need recommendations for a new case with proper airflow. I currently have a Phanteks Eclipse P400 Tempered glass. It has spots for 2 140mm fans at the top, 1 in rear, and 3 120mm in the front. The front panel is covered by a...
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    Nvidia RTX 30-Series GPU Availability to Worsen in Q1: Report

    When was it ever easy? I've been on the EVGA waiting list for a 3080 since September 28th and there are people that signed up 2 days before me that have gotten their notifications and i still have not. If they are truly going by 'first come first serve' it either shows that everyone signed...
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    3.2 billion email passwords leaked

    Two factor authentication is a must these days. My email is on the above list - I check my login history every week or so and there are so many attempts on it, i cannot even keep count. I never get a request that someone is trying to login and to accept it - so i assume they are just trying...
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    Nearly 6 Million 8K TVs to Ship in 2022

    And the only way to get the content will be online, which will probably have so many extra charges to access it, you won't be able to afford both anyway...
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    Forza Motorsport 7 thread

    Use the native resolution option
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    GeForce 256 Launched this Day in 1999

    Nice trip down memory lane in this thread! I believe my first 3d accelerator was a Diamond Monster Fusion (Voodoo Banshee based). My first geforce card was a Leadtek Winfast Geforce 2 GTS. I remember both of them very fondly.
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    New Performance Benchmark from Unigine

    Very cool benchmark (and the ability to run up to 10k resolution...) Did some benchmarks myself. Cropped them all into a single picture to save post space. Specs are in my signature.
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    1080Ti 3DMark Results Thread

    Wow. i didnt realize that CPU made such a large impact on your score. your running an i7, and me an i5. however you get almost 17 more fps in the cpu test. which is good for another 1600+ marks. Interesting!
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    1080Ti 3DMark Results Thread 20,894 - 1080p Firestrike
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    (1080TI) What are the ASIC% and OC everyone is getting?

    Been running a +175 core / +500 memory overclock with no issues for 3 days now. With the system in my signature. Probably have 20 hours of gaming invested and i havent had one issue apart from 3dmark doing a hard crash - installed it outside of steam and solved that issue. I purposely left...