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    Penryn Compatible Motherboards?

    Will all 775 socket mobo's with support for 1333fsb work with Penryn? If not, which one's will? Thanks.
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    Hot? BFG 6600GT for $50 after MIR
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    What would be a good card for me?

    I'm looking for a decent AGP card somewhere around ~$50. I don't need it to play Oblivion with maximized settings @ 60 FPS, but being able to run Oblivion, or use Aero effects, or even allow me to run Halo 2 would be a big improvement over my MX440. Thanks.
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    Hot? AGP x1650 Pro $60 shipped after MIR
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    Did anyone nab an e2160/2140 today?

    I found a batch for sale @ Tiger Direct when I was googling them today... (e2140 before - Google cache) (e2140 now - TD store) (e2160 before - Google cache) (e2160 now - TD store) I couldn't buy one because my school blocks paypal. :(
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    Cheapest board that will hit +400FSB?

    I'm looking for a new core 2 duo mobo, and I all I really need it to do is at least 400FSB, have a PCI-E x16 slot, and be able to do sata raid 0... So what's cheap?
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    Need a mobo reccomendation...

    Let me start by stating the setup I have/have planned so far: e6420 c2d 2GB ddr2-800 patriot ELK 7900GS pci-e card 2x 200gb sata drives (raid 0) Tuniq Tower & Antec 900 for air cooling What would be a good cheap board with some overclocking room (400-450mhz FSB is my target) and SLI...
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    Patriot LLK vs ELK?

    I was wondering if anyone knows the performance difference between Patriot's LLK modules and their ELK modules (PDC22G6400ELK and PDC22G6400LLK to be specific). I'd think that the LLK (low latency) ones would be better for overclocking and the ELK (eased latency) modules would bet better for...
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    Can anyone clarify some things about this Patriot ddr2-800 2x1gb kit?

    DDR2 2GB PC2-6400 800MHz Dual Channel Patriot PDC22G6400ELK In case you didn't see it, it was on sale for $130 at Fry's (Hot Deals). I was wondering if anyone knew more specifics about this model... Newegg lists it as having 5-5-5-12 timings @ ddr2-800 w/ 2.0v, but the manufacturer's...
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    Gigabyte Case I'm looking to buy a new case for my main PC, and I was wondering if anyone had used this case before and has any comments regarding the ASS's performance.
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    I just got a PS3 from Target

    I happened to be there right when they took out a single one that they just got in. It's a 60GB too. :D This one is #6 for me (I got 5 at launch)... Three have been sold though, so as of now, I have 2x 60GBs and 1x 20GB.
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    [H]OT! Xbox 360 Premium $299, Core $199 after MIR

    Cheap 360s @ Micro Center They don't have very many stores, but there happens to be one 1/2 hour away from me. :)
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    Walmart Free Samples (updating site) This page updates whenever a free sample from Walmart is available.
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    OCed 7900 Gs: 578Mhz Core, 1516Mhz mem

    Is that a good OC for this card? Stock is 450Mhz/1320Mhz. Idle temp 45C, Load 62C.
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    Tuniq Tower 120: Available 11/8?

    I said: He said: Now, I know anyone else who's been waiting patiently for the past few months for a Tuniq knows that they were supposed to be in stock in mid-September, then early/mid-October, etc...but, I have a good feeling about this time. :D *crosses fingers*
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    Critique my WC setup(s)?

    I am builidng a PC with these specs: Gigabyte DS3 mobo e6300 Allendale 2x GB DDR2 800 Geforce 7900 GS I plan on OC'ing the proc and GPU, and so I've been researching a liquid system to keep temps low. Anyways, I plan on purchasing one of these WC sets to keep things cool.... Set 1...
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    7900 GS or 7800 GT?

    I have the opportunity to acquire one of these cards (I get to pick which), and I am faced with a conundrum. Which one should I pick? Logical order would state a 7900 would surpass the abilities of a 7800, but the same could be said about a GT surpassing a GS. Anyone got any ideas...
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    What happened to the ~$200 cards???

    I've been planning on getting a new video card with these specs: Pci-E GDDR3 512mb ram I had planned on getting one out of three $190-225 cards in Newegg, but now they're all gone. They aren't just out of stock, they are not carried anymore. Now cards with those specs start at $159...
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    Best GPU story I've heard all day...

    Of course you do. I know, because I was once in your position, but now I know the secret to getting cheap computer stuff. This story will explain: I went over to my dad's uber-rich friend's house to watch football today, and he asks me to try and fix his Dual-Monitor setup. Normally, I'd...
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    Creating a Air-Cooled setup w/ ~$100...ideas?

    My goal is to get as close to water cooled temps as possible, for under/around $100 (including cooling CPU, GPU, N/B, and RAM). Why? I believe a proper AC system cheaper than a more expensive WC setup and nearly/just as effective. System will be a e6400 (OC'ed, of course) with 2GB pc6400...
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    Modifying Zalman CNPS9500?

    Would it be possible to mount a 120mm fan next to the heatsink in leui of the stock 92mm one? From what I've heard, this heatsink is the best on the market, but is rather loud. What do you guys think?
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    Buying a graphics card/cards with $200 (any suggestions?)

    Right now I'm looking at dual x1600PRO cards (seen here running in CrossFire mode, however, I'm not an ATI fanatic and really do not care what brand I get as long as I get the most bang for my buck. If there is some well-known...
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    Any suggestions for an Oil-Pc Mod? (pic inside)

    Sorry if you were expecting a sweet pic of a sweet submegerged pc...right now this WIP is in beta testing. :p I'm planning on doing the comp shown above (cooled with mineral oil), but I'm missing a few key pieces of information: 1.) Would this pump work with low viscosity mineral oil? 2.)...