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    Massive DOSBox update, Windows 95/98 and 3DFX Voodoo emulation with DOSBox-Pure

    A truly incredible update as now the operating systems themselves are being fully emulated with the power of 3DFX Voodoo graphics: Cannot wait to see the huge variety of old-school games that people are going to try out. There are probably an enormous...
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    Ashes: Afterglow - Post apocalyptic goodness

    I haven't seen anyone speak about this mod on here, so I'm doing so. Say hello to the Ashes series, a post apocalyptic Doom mod about where you're a scavenger whose going around the ruined, abandoned America, fighting mutants, getting into firefights with raiders, and scavenging every drop of...
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    Best Simulation peripherals? Driving, flying, etc.

    So, what are your go to devices for games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Elite Dangerous, Assetto Corsa, etc. Steering wheels, flight sticks, and any other devices you can think of.
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    Mini ITX Build, GPUs that need PSU power don't work

    Alright, I've spoken at length about this build I made with the Silverstone case and a 1080 G1 Gaming GPU in a prior thread. I've gone through absolutely every single step imaginable and for some reason the the system will turn on the first time with a GPU when I start it up(I have Linux Mint...
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    Best Xfinity modem right now?

    I've currently got an Arris Surfboard SB6141 and I'm just wondering what is the best upgrade or even IF there is an upgrade. Purchased this years ago and just want to see if an upgrade is possible.
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    Oh this? Just NightDive Studios showing a glimpse of System Shock 2 VR... I am VERY much excited for this...
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    All the parts, none of the display I just got all my parts for a cool little Mini-ITX case build: Gigabyte AB350N Mini-ITX Mobo 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance RAM Gigabyte 1080 G1 Gaming 250GB Samsung M.2 SSD Ryzen 1600x + Ryzen Stealth Cooler SST-ML08B-H-USA Silverstone Mini-ITX Case 650w Seasonic SFX-L PSU Now, everything...
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    Ugh, just had one of 'those'

    Had everything: CPU, GPU, SSD, Mobo, Case, and PSU. Plenty of time and all the equipment and parts...take apart the case to begin the build, pull out the mobo and can't place it in the case because my case is for Mini-ITX and my mobo is a Micro-ITX. Yay...3 prior near perfect builds created in...
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    Good lord, prescription lens inserts are an incredible game changer!

    Recently purchased a pair of the WidmoVR prescription lens inserts and it's like a brand new system. I thought that since I was near-sighted that it wouldn't really affect me much, but the different is incredibly significant. Took a shot in the dark and these things are AMAZING. If you need...
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    Connect a wireless USB Mouse/Keyboard combo to two devices and be able to switch between them?

    Was wondering if anyone had a good device for this. I have a wireless keyboard/mouse combo that I want to plug into 2 different devices, but be able to switch between each device separately. Would there be a device for this? Would love to be able to switch it from afar(remote or button or...
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    Looking to create a new Ryzen Mini ITX build

    Hello, I've been an Intel guy for a while and I was hoping to get your guys recommendations regarding a new Ryzen (Possibly 2600[x]/2700[x]) build in a Mini ITX case. I've got a case selected(Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube Gaming Computer Case Chassis) and a few components on hand to add...
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    Knock Harder - Parasites, Suicide, and Dreams within Dreams

    In a post-apocalyptic future, a race of creatures known as parasites are assimilating humans and turning them into zombies and the ones who don't become zombies, shoot themselves. You've just been attacked and your assimilation is starting. You have to determine if this is reality or not. A...
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    Portable keyboards?

    Anyone have a good recommendation for a small foldable/mini/portable keyboard? Looking for a mini form factor keyboard for a few different use cases such as a couple of small devices and possibly to take with me on trips and the like. Any good ones I should be aware of?
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    Boneworks VR - December 10th Release

    Heck yeah! Can't wait for this!
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    Games involving hacking/programming?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to compile a really good list of game that involve programming and/or hacking. I love playing games along these lines as they help me with my typing and coding and can be really fun to play when you're in the right mind set. I've got a list of games I have already played or...
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    Useful items/equipment you have?

    I was wondering what interesting or useful items you have for all manner of things(case building/repair, unique/unusual peripherals, non-standard[but helpful] pieces of tech). Really interested to see what cool or bizarre items you guys have that are more usable or worthwhile than you would...
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    Modern VR Stealth Both games have a VERY similar appearance, but both look like they could be fun. I've been waiting for games likes these to come out and I can't wait to give them a try. Any other stealth type VR games coming out that you guys know about?
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    Playing Blu-ray on Windows?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if any of you have a good idea on the best way to play Blu-rays on Windows? I have a Blu-ray drive that allows me to read the disc, but I am unable to play them. Is there a good way to do this on Windows?
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    Mini/precision electric screwdriver

    I bought this mini/precision electric screwdriver on a whim and I"m fairly impressed with it. I've gone back through my case and was amazed at how quickly I was able to remove and replace the panels and fan screws with ease. Some of the screws were really tight due to space constraints, but a...
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    Underrail - "Fallout" in the underground

    Wow, I can't believe this game has gone under the radar to such an extent. I remember reading about it a long time ago and trying it way back when, but being brutalized handily when playing to the point where I stopped playing. Just recently started playing it again and it's good, really good...
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    Recommended method for checking PC temps?

    Well, I've just updated my computer with a pair of nice fans in a recent thread. How do you guys recommend checking the temps? I'm currently using HWinfo64 for it, but was wondering what the best software or hardware for getting the most accurate temps?
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    Recommended fans?

    Just wondering, what are the best fans out there at the moment? I've been out of the fan game for a while(purchased some nice 120mm ones from a user here) and was wondering which ones are the current tops with cooling and noise. Any recommendations? Edit: Oh yeah, I'm asking this because I'm...
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    Valve Index Looks like it's finally happening!
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    Valve HMD(Index) - May 2019 Holy crap! This is really happening!
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    Original Doom(I and II) VR (Now with Joystick and Roomscale)

    Oh man, I'm definitely going to give this a shot when I get a chance. The original Doom and Doom 2, plus a number of mods should make for an amazing experience!
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    Android controller recommendations?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a nice controller for Android due to the variety of great apps out right now(SteamLink, Parsec, Magic DOSBox, etc.) I'm hoping to find thin/compact type controllers, but any really good ones would be great. While I've currently got a couple controllers already(Moga Pro...
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    I Can Gun - spiritual successor to Receiver

    Remember the game Receiver? I Can Gun is essentially a much better looking version of Receiver with full VR support. It's fully playable in both VR and normal, with a really cool local asynchronous multiplayer(1 person on VR and one on the main computer playing together) Pretty fun, free, and...
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    H3VR is having amazing updates

    So if you don't know, H3VR(Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades) is essentially a gun simulator for VR. It has been for a while, a little bit gimmicky, with no "genuine" game modes(scores, upgrades, etc.). That looks like it's changing as the developer(Anton Hand) has been creating a CRAZY...
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    Valve Knuckles EV3 about to be sent out to developers This is crazy, feels like yesterday that the EV2 version was shipped to devs, now we have a new EV3 version...theres a strong possibility that we could get the consumer Knuckles in the very near future if all goes well...
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    Your current VR HMD mods...

    I'm just wondering what kind of mods(accessories, fixes, hardware, tricks, etc.) you guys are currently using to up your VR game. Here are mine for my HTC Vive: Samsung Gear VR Lens swap w/ 3d printed adapters 6mm VR cover(Switched out original face foam) Deluxe Audio Strap 25 Ft HDMI and 25 Ft...
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    The foam makes a game-changing difference(Vive) I purchased these on a whim and the entire game changed. The FOV has become substantially increased, everything is clearer, after a few adjusts to the DAS...
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    Blyat! STALKER 2 teased by GSC Game World 2021...I waited a LONG time for STALKER: SoC, will wait to hear about what they plan to do.
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz C15 ($159.99 from Amazon) I haven't seen decent looking RAM that's this low in some time, I would recommend jumping on this, I just did!