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    Not Recognized By Monitor

    Hi, I have built a PC with the following specs: RAM - CRUCIAL 8GB PC4-19200U DDR4-2400MHZ x2 CPU - Intel Core i5-9400F Coffee Lake 6-Core 2.9 GHz (4.1 GHz Turbo) GPU - ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Mini 8GB Motherboard - MSI B360M PRO-VDH LGA 1151 SSD - Crucial MX500 250GB SSD SSD - WD Blue 3D NAND...
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    Is ASUS EX-B150M-V3 compatible with Intel Core i5-9400F?

    Hi, I am wondering if the ASUS EX-B150M-V3 motherboard can be compatible with Intel Core i5-9400F CPU or if it can work with some BIOS upgrade etc. If anyone can help confirm that would be amazing. Thank you!
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    Wifi Card Compatibility

    Hi, I have a question about the compatibility of the Acer Aspire R3-131T with the Intel Wireless AC 9560 wifi card mini pcie chipset. I am wondering if the wifi card can work with this laptop. The old wifi card is the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165. Thanks for helping me with this issue!
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    Will this PSU be sufficient?

    Hi everyone. I'm building a PC for a friend. Before I have them order all the parts I'm hoping someone can help me take a look at my components and let me know if there are any potential incompatibility issues and whether the PSU is enough to power the entire system. Thanks for your help! No...
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    Can the HP Z600 workstation support GTX 1080 Ti?

    The motherboard is: Hewlett-Packard 0B54h The CPUs are dual Xeon 5650 hexacore CPUs Ram: 48Gb of DDR3 RAM I think it has stock 650w PSU but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure what type of power connector it has. Is the graphics card too large? Can it fit in the case? The graphics card I am...
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    Will this build work?

    Build: Thanks for helping me check : D Update: Forgot to ask Is it possible to overclock motherboard so 1600MHz ram is supported and system will still be okay? Thanks : D
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    Which Monitor is Better?

    Dell SE2717H Monitor vs Acer H236HL Bid Which one of these monitors is better for general reading, gaming and video watching that will give me the best image quality? I recently found out that the Dell SE2717H is currently on sale and was considering cancelling my current monitor order which...
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    Will this PSU be sufficient for the build?

    My build is: GPU - GTX 1070 CPU - Intel Core i5-6500 RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-H110M-A SSD - Pny CS1311 120GB 2.5 Sata 3 6 Gbps PSU - EVGA 500W 80 PLUS Certified ATX12V/EPS12V Power Supply, 100-W1-0500-KR Case - TT VERSA H22...