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    When should you replace an SSD?

    I've got an aging SSD that still works fine, but showing 81% health in Crystal Disk Info. Is there a general consensus on when to replace an SSD? For example, in my vehicles I don't wait until 0% oil life before getting an oil change.
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    Gaming laptop longevity (vs desktop)

    Bought a gaming laptop a week or two ago (i7-11800H/115watt RTX 3060/1080p @ 144hz) I got a chance to really put it through it's paces over the last couple days while I've been out of town. Performance is great, better than expected. I didn't realize just how much power they've been able to cram...
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    4-5 year old gaming PC vs modern gaming laptop (comparing performance and power consumption)

    I figured some may appreciate or find interesting the quick little test I did. Laptop Specs: i7 11800H RTX 3060 115w variant Time Spy Score 8196 (Graphics: 8035/CPU: 9252) Power Consumption: ~200watts 4-5 year old gaming desktop: R7 2700 (non-x) Vega 56 Time Spy Score: 6721 (Graphics...
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    Just bought my first gaming laptop in ages. Have some questions regarding battery managment.

    So my wife is dragging me to an out of state conference with her because she doesn't want to go alone, so I decided this would be a good excuse to buy a gaming laptop to keep myself entertained. It's an HP Omen 16 with an i7 11800H, 16GB RAM and the 115 watt derivative of the RTX 3060. This...
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    Ubiquiti Dream Machine question

    How many here have experience with this and what is your opinion of it? My deployments are largely using Sonicwalls with Ubiquiti WAPs+cloud controller. I've come to like Ubiquiti's cloud management features and overall configurability/performance but I have no experience with their firewalls...
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    Warm? MSI Ventus GeForce RTX 3080 12GB $819.99 after $50 promo code (instant) and $30 MIR
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    Are games starting to out-pace GPU development?

    Perhaps it's my imagination, but I feel the last couple years, PC game requirements for recent games has taxed GPUs of today far harder than games of yesteryear had taxed the GPU's of their time. It wasn't that long ago when we had so much GPU power on tap compared to what games required that...
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    12VH Power

    Are there any PSU's on the market that natively have the new 12vh power connector that's supposed to be present on the RTX 4000 series cards? I will undoubtedly need to upgrade my current 750watter once I upgrade the 3080. I know there's no immediate need to upgrade my PSU, just getting a head...
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    Does HDR impact FPS?

    I pulled the trigger on the Alienware 34" 1440p Ultra Wide QD-OLED display w/HDR and wondering if enabling HDR in games that support it impact FPS? This will be my first venture into HDR, wondering what to expect.
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    Pros/cons of enabling virtualization?

    I was going through HWInfo with a fine tooth comb just to learn more about my hardware and noticed that one of the CPU features, (virtualization) is “supported” but not enabled. I’m pretty sure the switch is somewhere in the bios. Is there any benefit, or for that matter, drawbacks to enabling...
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    Any tests on Alienware 3080's?

    I'm curious if anyone has tested performance and thermals of the custom design Alienware uses on their 3080's and compared them with a 3080FE? I have a sizable chuck of Dell rewards I can put towards the order and i'm considering going this route to get my hands on a 3080.
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    Damn you Best Buy!

    Soooo I got a notification from Hot Stock that BB has the 3090 in stock. I click on it immediately, i'm able to add to cart (or so it seemed) only to get greeted by a message saying it's a high demand item and that stock will be replenished every few minutes.... Ok, fair enough. Now i'm on the...
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    Do Alienware computers use Founder Edition RTX cards?

    Per the title, anyone know if the Alienware Aurora R11 equipped with RTX 3080 is using an FE card or are they using some sort of proprietary design?