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    Very warm - LG OLED 48" C1 ( NEW ) - Amazon - $1,050

    Great deal for this OLED. Got one during black friday and replaced a 1k LG Ultrawide similar to another person in this thread. I thought in my head before this purchase that a 48 inch gaming display would be questionable, but boy was I wrong. Excellent size screen, sick ass color and great...
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    Will you upgrade to the S22 ultra?

    I just use a USB-C NVMe enclosure for data transfer. Rarely over the course of a new phone's life have I ever actually needed to free up space, and on-device storage is fast af. It's so bewildering to see people moaning over SD expansion.
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    Will you upgrade to the S22 ultra?

    A sure yes to the poll for me. Going from S21U to S22U - glad the S Pen is back. Its remote capability for photos was excellent.
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    Seems that 3 year gamepass deal on SD is now ever so sweet.
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    Screwed by EVGA

    Title misleading - have never had less than stellar EVGA service. Send a pleasant email asking for the link again. Sorry you missed it, I've received multiple 3 series cards through the queue no issue (not recently though).
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    Evga RMA Process.

    Did a 3080 RMA recently, I paid to ship, they paid to send back. I did pay to have it get to them in 2 days (I'm NY), that helped my turnaround time because they accepted extremely fast and sent out replacement next day. It was easily the fastest RMA I have ever done. Gotta also give a shoutout...
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Yup, before I got my 5950X, I dropped a 3700X, then a 5600X into the Dark Hero before that. Flawless. (I am crazy happy with this board)
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    I bought my CL14 ram to test against and hope to get some extra FCLK on the IF - this shit so fast i have not cared enough to go that far yet. Anyone, and mostly everyone would be noticeably fine with a 3600 kit. Just IMO.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    That's the one. Doesn't seem they've been terribly difficult to find in their stores. I ordered on-line and picked up in store like two months ago.
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    Asus X570 Dark Hero, no sticker seal on the box?

    Ah, lol, sorry. Yours looks good as well. Enjoy it.
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    Asus X570 Dark Hero, no sticker seal on the box?

    Looks fine. Everything there. Even the plastic wrap on the southbridge and I/O.
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    X570 USB Issues: Keep or Exchange for Intel

    I don't have this USB issue either. Specs in sig.
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    Dark Hero - Where is the DRAM SPD WRITE option?

    I didn't do the Oreo white/black LLs on purpose, lol. Had the whites from a previous build and bought the blacks in deperation as they were the only ones I could find two months ago. Quite like em like that though. Wish I could use the LL's with the Armory Crate controller and iCue at the same...
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    Dark Hero - Where is the DRAM SPD WRITE option?

    Through the top made the cable management a bit better, it's a nightmare with all these ARGB headers and fans, and a Corsair controller. White rads:
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    Dark Hero - Where is the DRAM SPD WRITE option?

    I thought I had it figured out, but simply shutting down makes me lose control of the RAM RGB control and I end up using Aura Sync instead, which is fine too. You also asked for a picture with the case front RGB strip in sync - sorry for the delay.
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    5800X Sanded Flat

    Everything about this is SMH.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    Will buy that 5950X if any of ya'll get it and wanna sell. Threw my hat in for the 5900X as well - if that pops i will settle and be done.
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    Dark Hero - Where is the DRAM SPD WRITE option?

    Have the Dark Hero and Trident Z Royals. Originally had an issue controlling RGB on the just the RAM - saw similar results in my googling re:dram SPD write - but didn't look for that in my troubleshooting. G.Skill's RGB app tells you directly whether or not it can detect/talk to the RAM, which...
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    Every desirable video card model is now OOS tonight. Unreal.

    GPU prices are gross atm. Built a machine for my gf with a 2070S in March. Had a 3070 XC3 pop on EVGA two weeks ago and put that that in her system and sold the 2070S for the same price. Broke even with all fees. Free upgrade for her. Was more excited for her getting the 3070 than I was getting...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Got my 3080 already but from someone else's notify that was fulfilled last month. Holding this one for some of my interested friends.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Like you, have the board, waiting on the 5950x. G.skill website looks like they do their own QVL'ing on the Dark Hero for their kits and I specifically wanted 8GBx4 Z Royals and went with: I wanted fast and B-die and wanna...
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    How are Samsung phones nowadays?

    I've had quite a few Samsung devices. An S3, S6 Edge, S9+, and currently a Note 10+. This Note10+ has been the best experience I've ever had in a cell phone to date. High refresh screens are now becoming top-end norm on Samsung phones, that's all that's left that I want. Can't imagine not having...
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    ShopBLT updated their ETA... and price. Six bucks ain't gouging but I'ma hold the preorder anyway. Edit: Also: Yesterday I saw ShopBLT had an Asus EKWB 3080 pre-orderable and did so yesterday at $895.46. Today that price is $1050.60 ETA TO WAREHOUSE: 1/13/21 *Current pricing on this item is...
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    Xbox series X controllers on sale at $40

    That's the adapter I have. I play a ton of GTA:O and bought an Xbox Controller and wireless adapter just for it. I attempted to use the native onboard Bluetooth pairing on my motherboard with the controller and always found the board's BT had just rather annoying input lag. That went away once I...
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Dark Hero update. Put in a reserve for a Dark Hero at NJ Microcenter at 6:30AM yesterday. Grabbed it today. Finally, glad that's over with. I still have an order in for one at ShopBLT as well, with an estimated in stock of 1/3/21. I could keep this order and sell it at face value to another...
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Agreed. Shit feels bad. I've been mum but we let scalpers run amok and get away with dodging tons of fees coming straight to H to sell as opposed to shit like ebay. If he did a good deed, he should be here. That's a [H]ard core ass favor for one of our own.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I got in on that one too. We'll see what happens.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    My order placed on Tuesday with ShopBLT just emailed and informed that they have an ETA of 12/25/20 on the board.
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    Huge availability coming in mid December and January - Source: GamerMeld

    Indeed, had a few opportunities at a 3090. A 3090 is worth a 3080 and 5950x combined, making the 3090 completely unjustifiable, for me at least.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Just placed an order for the Dark Hero at shopblt since they're the only place I see actually taking some sort of payment info for it. My billing/shipping are different so I think I'll be getting a verification call soon before it's finalized. Will let everyone know what they say the estimated...
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    I'm glad AMD has a viable, solid performing alternative GPU for those who find this behavior ridiculous and would stand against it with their wallet. Because it's actually ridiculous.
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    Arecibo Observatory collapses

    I hate everything about this. I can't believe we didn't preserve this. :(
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master won't power on - (temporary) solution

    This is the answer. Sent back my X570 Aorus Master today. Don't have my 5950X or 6900/3080 yet so I can wait a little longer.
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    So who else ordered a Ryzen 5000 series CPU?

    This. There are a few people with the 5950X on the burner,- <- me / but I am in no way stressed about it not having it right away. I'm actually quite concerned I have to deal with AMD Big Navi being MIA on launch too. Actually this is all fkcing ridiculous. I've come to terms with myself that a...
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    So who else ordered a Ryzen 5000 series CPU?

    12/21 5950X. This is the only retailer that was even open to take my money. I'm holding it.
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master won't power on - (temporary) solution

    I have this board brand new sitting on my desk in box. Ordered it last week in case alI boards disappeared on Zen3 release. Built my Z390 on the Aorus Master and it was flawless. Haven't built this one out yet since I haven't received my CPU, but based on this thread I'm ready to pack it up...
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    So who else ordered a Ryzen 5000 series CPU?

    Quick update re: B&H. Still backordered, the purchase hold on my card fell off today though. Far Cry 6 was added as part of the Ryzen promo after I checked out with the 5950X. Jumped in Live Chat for 1m and they added the promo as a separate line item with no hassle. Those of you also holding...
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    So who else ordered a Ryzen 5000 series CPU?

    Purchased a 5950X from B&H as well. Was pre-order when I checked out with it (1:38AM) EST, now on backordered. After the 3 series NV cards... I don't even care how long it takes so long as I know one is on the way.