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    I Bought a 6900 XT Today!

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    AMD Threadripper Gooseberry HEDT World Record? - [H]

    Thanks, Kyle. I did get it to do the full IBT test at 4.4ghz earlier, so I thought it was stable enough to do this new one. I tried 4.3 after crashing a bunch at 4.4 and it still crashed. I will try it tonight at stock un-OCed speed to see if it crashes. (It is an older 5760 pulled from a...
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    AMD Threadripper Gooseberry HEDT World Record? - [H]

    I tried running it last night. It crashed after a minute and a half every time I tried to run it. I had the 12g of memory and am running a Xeon 5670 on Win7.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Review @ [H]

    According to your article, we have to use Windows 10 with this card???? No windows 7 ???? Why is nobody fussing about this? Quote: For all NVIDIA GPUs we are using NVIDIA supplied drivers for GTX 1080. This is driver version 368.13. This new driver version does come with a caveat straight...
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    I would take a sip of Cherry Coke and admire my new Asus Z87 motherboard with a smile on my face.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    OCed just like the two tested by HardOCP. Games run much smoother and not as jumpy.
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    Antec Three Hundred Two Mid-Tower Case Review @ [H]

    I think it is wrong to not add the three additional fans to the Enthusiast system. The three video cards would make more noise than the added front and side fans, and the cost is nothing compared to adding two more video cards. Shame on you guys...
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    I already own a Two Hundred case and a TruePower 650 power supply. The case is awesome and the power supply works fine. I would love to upgrade both with these newer cases and more efficient power supplies.
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    My laptop's hard disk is sslllloooooooowwwww....
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    XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

    The green fan would look great with some LEDs shining on it, and I like the way they did an all modular design.
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    It looks way cooler than my 470, and is faster, too.
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    I like it because it works better and is quieter than my H50.
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    Corsair Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System Drawing

    Their H50 works great and I would love to have better sound for my pc.
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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    I have their H50 and it keep my 920 at 4.3ghz nice and cool. Plus it looks good in there...
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Because it matches my H50 in coolness.
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

    I appreciate really good sound systems, and would like to have a better set than the Sennheisers I am using now for my computer gaming.
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    Seasonic X-560 Give-Away! 3 PSUs!

    I wanted to get an X650 for my last build, but had to settle for an Antec 650 at half the price. The Antec reviews are very good, but the Seasonics were beyond excellent, which is why I want(ed) one.
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    MSI XPower Motherboard / Metro 2033 Giveaway.

    He would then be able to one-hit-kill all his enemies and then pull all the chicks.
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    The metro tunnel will flood and drown us all...
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    Galaxy's Name That Fan Contest

    Blue Flip