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  1. CommanderFrank

    Access Point Setup Help

    I previously posted this in GenMay and received little response, so we'll try here also, hopefully with better results. Okay access point gurus, time to critique my proposed plan for wireless coverage of approximately six acres. I have a budget of around $500-600 for the hardware and I'm...
  2. CommanderFrank

    Woman Leaves Rare Apple 1 for Recycling

    One of the few remaining original Steve Wozniak hand built Apple 1 computers was dropped off at a Silicon Valley recycling center back in April in a box of computer parts. The box of parts was a part of a garage cleanout, but luckily the recycler spotted the Apple 1 for what it was and...
  3. CommanderFrank

    US Failed in Attacking North Korea's Nukes with a Computer Virus

    If you remember the article we posted several months ago concerning the US Government’s attempt to recruit talented super hackers, the reasoning behind the recruitment drive to compete against other world class information techs is becoming all too clear.
  4. CommanderFrank

    Uh-oh! Bill Nye's Solar Spacecraft Needs a Reboot

    Ruh-roh Science Guy, your LightSail Project needs a reboot….literally. The initial test flight of The Planetary Society’s LightSail Project has gone silent due to an internal software glitch. There have been numerous attempts to reboot the on-board computer, but all have failed.
  5. CommanderFrank

    Boeing’s EMP Weapon Knocks Out Power from the Sky

    Science fiction, meet reality.The Boeing Corporation has successfully tested their new electromagnetic pulse weapon named Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, or CHAMP for short. The EMP pulse weapon is capable of pinpointing targets and disabling all electronics...
  6. CommanderFrank

    Oculus VR’s New Tech Is the Best Thing to Happen to Virtual Reality

    This week, Oculus purchased a company that could change the face of Virtual Reality for the company and be the most important acquisition Oculus could have made. Surreal Vision is a company that specializes in not just virtual reality, but recreates physical items for the VR landscape, a perfect...
  7. CommanderFrank

    The Woz Will Be the Next Wax Statue at Madame Tussauds

    Steve Wozniak will be the newest inductee to join his contemporaries on display at the San Francisco franchise of Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum. The Woz won out in voting from the American public over 10 other tech luminaries.
  8. CommanderFrank

    Microsoft Selects Dolby Audio for Windows 10

    Windows Media Player is dead, long live Dolby Audio. The new Windows 10 may not have carried over Media Center and that may be a bad thing for some, but for others, it gives the opportunity to experience the sound of Dolby Audio through Microsoft Edge.
  9. CommanderFrank

    The Patriot Act May Be Dead Forever

    Today is the deadline for the Senate vote on renewing the Patriot Act. If not renewed by Midnight tonight, the Patriot Act in its entirety will pass into history, likely never to be resurrected because of its controversial nature of information gathering on private citizens.
  10. CommanderFrank

    Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Named Most Influential Tech Exec

    Juniper Research has named Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, as the most influential tech executive. The honor comes from the introduction of the revolutionary Windows 10 and the Windows as a Service approach to delivering the initial OS and subsequent upgrades.
  11. CommanderFrank

    IRS Cut Its Cyber Security Staff by 11% Over Four Years

    Unless you have been under a rock all week, you should have heard that the IRS was hacked and 100K accounts were breached. At a time when account hacking is at an all-time high, the IRS has steadily been cutting back on its in-house cyber security division and diverting funds to out-sourced...
  12. CommanderFrank

    Microsoft Is Updating the Xbox One Controller with Headset Port

    A sharp-eyed user over at NeoGAF has spotted a new addition to the Xbox One wireless controller on the Xbox One Support site. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you would miss it entirely. The addition is listed simply as “Expansion Port, used to connect other accessories...
  13. CommanderFrank

    These Minecraft Numbers Will Blow Your Mind

    Microsoft’s investment of $2.5 Billion dollars in Minecraft last September is looking better for the company with each passing month. Check out the staggering statistics of Minecraft and check out the video for more amazing stats. :cool:
  14. CommanderFrank

    Stanford Claims Win on Light Based Computers

    The future of computing is already here and it’s being perfected by engineers at Stanford University. A breakthrough has been made in the use of light as a carrier rather than today’s much slower standard of wire transfer.
  15. CommanderFrank

    Steve Wozniak Calls Edward Snowden a ‘Total Hero’

    If there’s one constant in the universe it would be the straight talk we get from Steve Wozniak. The Woz pulls no punches, but talks straight from his gut. When queried by the media on his thought about Edward Snowden and the NSA disclosures, Woz didn’t hesitate to praise Snowden...
  16. CommanderFrank

    Seven Minutes of 'Batman: Arkham Knight' Gameplay

    A new trailer has been released by Rocksteady showing a full seven minutes of Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay. The game is available for preorder and goes on sale June 23rd on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.
  17. CommanderFrank

    Volvo Pedestrian Detection Demo Goes Terribly Wrong

    Lesson to be learned here: If you are going to test out the latest and greatest safety feature on an automobile, (1) first make sure the auto actually has the feature installed, (2) make sure the driver doesn’t override the feature if it was installed and last but not least, (3) never...
  18. CommanderFrank

    FCC to Propose $1.7B Subsidized Internet Access for the Poor

    The FCC is formulating a plan to get low-income families access to broadband Internet service. The addition of broadband will join the telephone subsidy, providing telephone service that has been in place for over 30 years.
  19. CommanderFrank

    Destiny Players Banned for Using ‘Nefarious Action’ Against Opponents

    Cheaters beware! Bungie has had it up to here with cheaters and is prepared to temporarily ban or even permanently ban players who cheat in the Trials of Osiris. Cheating was in the form of interrupting opponents’ connections, causing a forfeit in game play.
  20. CommanderFrank

    CBS Will 'Probably' Be Part of the New Apple TV Service

    Apple’s new TV service is a reality and is in the process of lining up its channel partners. CBS has indicated that the network will ‘probably’ be one of those partners. This is good news for the cord cutters who would like to have access to some network shows without the...
  21. CommanderFrank

    Apple Reclaims Title of World's Most Valuable Brand

    Sorry Google, you’ll have to step down from the top spot and make way for Apple….again. Apple reclaimed the top spot with a 67% rise in brand value to $246.9 Billion.
  22. CommanderFrank

    Future Windows 10 Support Won't Come with Sneaky Charges

    Microsoft is well aware of the rumors of a possible ’Gotcha’ on down the road for the ‘free’ upgrade to Windows 10 rolling out this summer. Microsoft stepped up to the plate to clear the air: There will be no additional charges for future updates. Period.
  23. CommanderFrank

    Google Announces Brillo, an OS for the Internet of Things

    Google is looking to the future. Not too far in the future mind you, since the Internet of Things is already upon us. Google (Android) along with collaborator Nest Labs, have developed an operating system for connected devices. Along with Brillo, the two partners have also announced Weave, a...
  24. CommanderFrank

    Sandisk: Next SSDs Will Have HDD-Like Pricing

    Sandisk is looking to be the company that bridges the gap in pricing between the SSD and the HDD. The company has announced that its next SSD release pricing will be on a par with that of the pricing of a similar sized HDD.
  25. CommanderFrank

    Bruce Campbell Joins Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Next DLC

    One of our favorites, Bruce Campbell will join a star studded cast in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Supremacy in June. He will join John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan and Jon Bernthal as voice actors, but this is Bruce Campbell !! :D
  26. CommanderFrank

    Biodegradable Computer Chips Made from Wood

    Scientists have managed to create a biodegradable computer chip made of cellulose nanofibril, a material made entirely from wood. If the design is incorporated into production, it could reduce the amount of toxic materials presently going into landfills.
  27. CommanderFrank

    This Alarm Clock Lets You Literally Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

    You know how pleasant it is to wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning? A Kickstarter project is capitalizing on that memory and is using familiar aromas instead of a shrill alarm to do the dirty work of rousting you out of bed in the morning in a pleasant manner. :cool:
  28. CommanderFrank

    Avago to Buy Broadcom for $37 Billion in Biggest-Ever Chip Deal

    In a deal worth $37 Billion dollars, Avago Technologies Ltd purchased Broadcom Corp, creating the third largest semiconductor manufacturer in the US behind Intel Corp and Qualcomm Inc. The new combined corporation will take on the Broadcom name.
  29. CommanderFrank

    Apple Confirms a Fix Is in the Works for iPhone Bug

    Apple has made public that the company is working on a fix for the iOS bug which crashes the device that the message was sent to. In the interim, Apple has offered up several temporary fixes that will reverse the crash and reopen the affected device.
  30. CommanderFrank

    An Uncharted HD Remaster Might Be Coming to the PS4

    Naughty Dog is set to announce the release date of the upcoming Uncharted 4 at E3 on June 16th and it is rumored that an HD remaster of the Uncharted Series could possibly be on the front burner to drum up interest for the new release.
  31. CommanderFrank

    The Void Will Use Reality to Transport You to a Virtual World

    We brought you this story of a virtual reality park called The Void that uses real life props to add to the VR experience earlier in the month. The skeptical responses we received mirrored those in the article, so we bring you the in-depth follow-up article to clarify the real-deal facts and...
  32. CommanderFrank

    Xbox One Special Edition Halo: The Master Chief Collection Bundle

    If you are ready for the Master Chief White Box edition, the special edition is available for pre-order now in the US from the usual retailers.The bundle will retail for $349 and includes four Halo games, wireless controller and the white Xbox One console.
  33. CommanderFrank

    RadioShack, U.S. States Reach Agreement on Sale of Customer Data

    RadioShack is back in the news this week, reaching an agreement with 38 states over the sale of RadioShack’s customer database information. The states’ agreement averted the sale of prior customers’ most relevant personal data.
  34. CommanderFrank

    First Software Update for Apple Watch Includes Security Fixes

    For those of you who are Apple Watch early adopters, you are bound to have notice some small and some not so small problems with your new watch. Apple has been quick to address these problems and security flaws and has released Watch OS 1.01 earlier this week to improve performance and patch...
  35. CommanderFrank

    Firefox for iOS Begins Its Beta Testing Program

    Like to live on the edge and take chances? Sounds like you are ready to be a beta tester for Firefox on your iOS device. :D Firefox is presently recruiting for its Beta testing program for testers with devices using iOS 8 and above.
  36. CommanderFrank

    What's New on Netflix and Amazon for June 2015

    We are heading into the summer TV season and June is going to be a busy time for both Netflix and Amazon Prime. Both streaming services use a rotating schedule of content additions and removal for each month. A complete listing is included in the article. Check it out. :cool:
  37. CommanderFrank

    This Week Marks the 25th Anniversary of Windows 3.0

    We would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t mention the 25th anniversary release of Microsoft’s revolutionary Windows 3.0 on May 22nd, 1990. Windows 3.0 interface brought Microsoft up to an even par with the Mackintosh system and came preinstalled on new personal computers. Happy...
  38. CommanderFrank

    Windows 10 Build 10122 Upgrade Failure Work Around

    Have you tried several times to install Windows 10 Build 10122 on your device, go all the way through the motions and just when you think you are home free, you get this somewhere around the 18% mark: Couldn’t update to Windows 10? Gabe Aul has just the fix for you.
  39. CommanderFrank

    Prototype Hoverboard Breaks Guinness World Record

    Marty McFly would certainly approve of this version of the hoverboard, Griff wouldn’t stand a chance. :D A new Guinness World Record for longest distance covered on a hoverboard was made last August and this video was recently added to Guinness World Records YouTube channel. The flight and...
  40. CommanderFrank

    Need for Speed 2015 Reboot Trailer Revealed

    To coin a phrase from Top Gun: I feel the need, the need for speed. Your wish for speed will be fulfilled in the new reboot of Need for Speed 2015. Ghost Games and EA provided a teaser trailer as a promotion prior to E3 2015 and the release of the first full gameplay trailer. The Need for Speed...