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  1. CommanderFrank

    Forum Suggestion

    There is a long running thread there now Home Improvement Thread that catches all things home improvement. Specific questions about financing or advice are posted in GenMay proper.
  2. CommanderFrank

    “Rogue One” Reviewed: Is It Time To Abandon The “Star Wars” Franchise?

    I'm a little late to the party, but I just picked up the BluRay on Tuesday when it was released. I watched it last night and again tonight.....long story short, I thought it was great. The story fills in the gaps of where the original movie starts out and now I understand the emotion of Mon...
  3. CommanderFrank

    List of subjects and wht forum they belong in

    That's kinda like standing at the mouth of a river and tracing the waters back upstream to the tributaries headwaters. Too many variables, but like Kyle said, love to see the list.
  4. CommanderFrank

    VR headsets at sale

    A little too sketchy for this website.
  5. CommanderFrank

    Fire Department Faces $73K Fee From Verizon To Move Phone Cable

    Price doesn't sound too out of line from my experience. I made an inquiry on the cost of relocating a main trunk line no further than 25' off one of our lots when I was a project manager. Slam dunk since the soil is sandy, no obstructions and on top of that it was a main junction terminal. The...
  6. CommanderFrank

    How can I get marked as an official company rep?

    Resend.....he gets a lot of correspondence and it is the holiday season so time off is a real possibility. Be sure to put Official Company Rep Status for the title.
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    “Rogue One” Reviewed: Is It Time To Abandon The “Star Wars” Franchise?

    Star Wars VII reminded me a lot of The Hobbit I and Deathly Hallows I......a whole lot of talk, movement, but no real plot. They were there to bring you up to speed and to set the stage for the upcoming sequels and when you look back on them now, they look more like money grabs than anything...
  8. CommanderFrank

    “Rogue One” Reviewed: Is It Time To Abandon The “Star Wars” Franchise?

    When Star Wars was first introduced to the public, it was called 'a cowboy and indian movie set in space' giving no significance, just an enjoyable 'park your brain at the entrance' movie. It was fun because no one tried to analyze it for something it wasn't (until the sequels started rolling out).
  9. CommanderFrank

    Elon Musk’s Latest Plan Is To Dig Underground Tunnels To Avoid Traffic Jams

    Super highways no matter where they are located, above ground or in tunnels, are only as good as their ability to exit traffic to their destinations. A bottleneck anywhere will affect the entire system. Vehicles have to move as quickly ramping off as they ramp on, which would affect all terminal...
  10. CommanderFrank

    Vega GPU announced with some details, HPC so far

    Address the issue at hand, not each other. Personal attacks on members are not tolerated and will result in administrative actions.
  11. CommanderFrank

    Is 'Phubbing' Ruining Your Relationship?

    Phubbing just sounds down and dirty sex with a midget. :D
  12. CommanderFrank

    How can I get marked as an official company rep?

    Contact and he will verify your company association and identify you as a Rep
  13. CommanderFrank

    WTFast don't try it. It is snake oil

    So much fail in this thread
  14. CommanderFrank

    Case standoff holes stripped

    Thread is now off topic and beyond redemption.
  15. CommanderFrank

    Veteran's Forum?

    It was moved behind the GenMay paywall where it was initially set to go with the other paywall sub-forums.
  16. CommanderFrank

    'Hacker' That Stole Celebrity Nudes Gets Prison Time

    He'll probably take a few more before his 18 months are up. :D
  17. CommanderFrank

    “Microsoft Should Pay Compensation For User Upgrade Woes”

    Hosed my login passwords and wireless connection, fixed the password problem, still working on the wireless. Lovely update.
  18. CommanderFrank

    Microsoft Patent Would Have Windows Watch Everything You Do For Better Search Results

    So, Microsoft wants to patent something that they are probably already doing anyway......smooth.
  19. CommanderFrank

    Thread moved, no longer have access to it?

    Thanks for your input.
  20. CommanderFrank

    Thread moved, no longer have access to it?

    Just because you don't have access to the proper forum doesn't make it OK to post it in the wrong forum. It was clearly WLWC and was moved there where it belonged. Just because the name is General Mayhem, doesn't mean everything gets dumped into the main forum.
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    220lb RC Jet Plane Disintegrates Midair

    Obviously they spent way too much money on paint and not enough on fuselage integrity. Oh well, try, try again. :cool:
  22. CommanderFrank

    Blowing Up Beer With Dynamite

    I've always wondered why the hell people laugh maniacally when they blow shit up. This video explains it quite nicely. :happy:
  23. CommanderFrank

    I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup

    If you can't screw your friends, employees and future employees, who can you screw over? :p
  24. CommanderFrank

    North Korea Built Its Own Netflix

    I'm waiting for the real porn channel to air in NK.....Gangbang. :D
  25. CommanderFrank

    Means of contacting mods

    At the top of any page, right under the [H]ardForum banner, click on Members. Under Notable Members, click on Staff Members
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    Microsoft Will Bet You A New Laptop That It Can Upgrade Your PC To W10

    I wonder if they would give me a new laptop for failing to upgrade my newly bought 2 in 1. It's running Windows 10, build 1507 and I'm being prompted to upgrade to 1511. The only problem is the tablet only has a 32 GB SSD and can't be replaced. Basic functions take up all but 8GB and it needs...
  27. CommanderFrank

    Where should I post my question

    General Software or possibly Webmastering and Programmig
  28. CommanderFrank

    email address no longer mine

    PM me with your old account name and I'll fix it for you.
  29. CommanderFrank

    54Mbps Router From 2005 Still Makes Millions For Linksys

    I was running one reconfigured as an access point. It ran for over 7 years on the outside of the building with temps from -20 to 90* and 100% humidity. Damn things are hard to kill.
  30. CommanderFrank

    I have 10 Pro, reformatted, and it activated as 10 Home...why?

    Problem solved, bitching ensues, thread closed
  31. CommanderFrank

    Windows 7 SP1 Fully Patched 1 hour

    Usefulness of this thread is now at a minimum.
  32. CommanderFrank

    Stargate Franchise To Be Rebooted

    Atlantis started out with a couple of cameo performances by Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks and the SG gate room as the expedition was leaving Earth, but after that it was pretty much a standalone series. Later seasons began to blend actors from both series as needed for story lines to...
  33. CommanderFrank

    okay what gives....

    Can't help much since the thread is gone and we don't know what forum it was posted in. That being said....... Moderators and Administrators frequently review forum messages for those that are in violation of [H]ard|Forum rules. Any messages found to be in violation will be deleted without...
  34. CommanderFrank

    got some parts looking for advice

    Sorry.... (26) PRICE CHECKS are not allowed anywhere on the forums with the exception of the subscribed access General Mayhem forum.
  35. CommanderFrank

    Accidentally reported a post...

    The reported posts go to the Admin for consideration and action if needed, so it's not an automatic infraction once it's reported, so no problem. ;)
  36. CommanderFrank

    Warning: Windows 10 May Auto-Install On Your PC

    I don't know if it's a fluke or not, but I still have two laptops running Windows 7 and have never received any notifications to upgrade at all. The only difference here is they both have copies of the Windows 7 family plan 3 pack Microsoft offered way back when. Whatever the reason, I'll take...
  37. CommanderFrank

    Dis-Like button?

    It's too easy for members to use it against anyone they do not like, not necessarily related to any post and is too easy to misuse. Like Oldie said, it's one of the bells and whistles you probably won't see here.