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    slight request for advice

    Hello, a while ago, I got an iPad, now got an iPhone from someone for Christmas, which has grown on me (one of a very few [perhaps only] high end phones I have used, that have any real focus on music playback quality & experience, IMO) since then. At this point, even with iOS 5, I'm...
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    Search new post not working?

    Search New Post button is telling me I need to wait some 5300 seconds or so :eek:
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    [Looking for] Certain type of calibrator?

    Hello, Is there a type of calibrator or calibration software that gives you values to adjust your monitors' RGB and backlight settings to? Instead of creating a software ICC profile? Because I have an U2711, and the different inputs seem to all have different perspectives on what is...
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    Maximus IV GENE-Z in a FT03b!? No way! [*bandwidth cap warning*]

    EDIT 4DEC2020: I found some of the old pictures, and reuploaded them to [H]. Imageshack is no more. Soooo.... It's time for a story :p All pics are mine, these took a LONG time to upload, lol. And properly manually thumbnail to the size I like. If a pic doesn't load up, press F5. Today, I...
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    just figured something...

    For those who made jokes about AMD GPU length :p Anyhow, the cooler actualy makes the GPU longer by well... funny story, the exact amount the HD6950 2GB reference is longer, lol. PCBs are the same length. :eek: Quick rundown: HD6950 2GB and GTX570 1.28GB are same in SC2 @ 2560x1440...
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    Is this loop a decent one?

    Hey... PC is: i7 2600k OC'd to (well, to be honest, I haven't tried on this chip yet. Only aiming for 4.7GHz with the lowest volts I can). HD6990 (Danger Den WB) The case I have is a FT03, and I am keeping it for it's small footprint. The radiator stand will mount almost everything on...
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    Lian Li V532

    oops, I failed, lol.
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    Is the D3100 a good beginner camera?

    EDIT: for TL;DR: I had a taste of the good stuff. Now I only have the bad stuff and an unknown quantity. Is a D3100 good enough? I'm not willing to spend much above 600usd for the whole operation :) thank you! -Jeremy Hello, I'm sorry for asking here. I did do a cursorary search just in...
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    eVGA GTX460 2Win

    EDIT2: AFAIK, this is not the GTX590. Source(s): & I have no nice comment about this card. EDIT: I take that back, at least eVGA has decided to allow lifetimewarranty on this card, unlike...
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    Holy HD5870 E6 200usd!!!

    Now dead, sadly :( Same with the Amazon link that popped up later on (page 4-5, iirc).
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    Was the gtx570 at 350usd a decent buy?

    Hey.... I have an itch to try out 3D Vision, so I bought the kit from someone on [H]... however, I have found no reivews of my lonely GTX460 in 3D Vision, only SLI reviews with 3D Vision and twin GTX460, much less my 768MB model. So.... Was buying an eVGA GTX570 @ 350 a decent buy? I'm...
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    Is Roxio Cineplayer BD 3D any goof?

    Hello, Is it any good? I've only found one review on AV Forums, and it's running at 34usd if you coupon clip... I'm interested if it can play BluRays (any, including new releases) properly? Thank you! -Jeremy p.s. I already bought it, however, my BD drive will take some 1 month to...
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    What is the cheapest route to 3D?

    Hey... I've been increasinly pondering this question, but since I got a GTX460 recently, what's the cheapest route to 3D? I don't have the appropriate monitor, nor, the 3D Vision kit. I do have a Mitsu DLP that's listed as "3D Bluray compatible" but not "3D Vision HDMI 1.4a" on the nVidia 3D...
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    H2O Redux

    Howdy! :cool: I started a wee bit of planning a while back, in order to reduce the amount of noise in my primary computer. After a flout with a SG02, P180mini, HAF932, and finally a SG05, I've finished my pathfinding and have decided to go mITX - all in :) Without ado, and without any...
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    H2O Redux

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    HD6700 series rebrand from HD5700 series, OEM ONLY They DO add HDMI 1.4a, but no UVD3. HD6770 HD6750
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    diamond hd6870 239usd @ frys

    Howdy First time posting mobile. :cool: Frys roseville branch. In California, this should be decent? Posted via [H] Mobile Device
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    Zotac Announced 2 New AMD mITX boards\\ With USBv3 and SATAv3(SATA 6gbps) :eek: One is a mITX Athlon II Neo K625 + m880G combo with desktop DIMMs One is a mITX AM3 socket board + 880G combo with desktop DIMMs w/ a 95W TDP limit. Both have WiFi-N integrated. Both only come with a...
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    A quick lan party build for SC2

    I have a few parts (detailed in the FAQ answers below), and have to make a build for a Starcraft 2 lan party before Friday of next week. I am not against buying used parts, and am already on the hunt for them on [H] :) But for now, I have these parts selected...
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    IE 9 Beta

    Only reason I like it. Draggable tabs-->windows. I know it's a copy out of Chrome (or it's source, Chromium), but I kept a copy of Iron (another chromium build) around just for this purpose.
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    simple steel hole drilling question

    Hello, I am trying to fix my old xbox360 (xenon - has managed to not have any errors until recently, when it started freezing in some games). So, as a part of a rather twisted rrod xclamp fix, I noticed it wanted me to drill some holes in my xbox360's metal case. I think it's either...
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    Zune HD 32GB 220usd!! 2USD shipping!!

    Hello..... .... -Jeremy
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    FTP backup input, please!

    Hello, at work, we have a FTP server to service files we distribute to our clients. We only have one FTP server (a Dell R310, iirc)., that is hosted locally in our lab (in Florida, using Brighthouse Business ISP). In the event of a failure, we need a backup solution. I thought of...
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    Halo: Reach Forge

    Hello, Is impressive, to put it modestly (IMO). Imagine Forge + LOD tricks + massive map size+new obect physics (local and global). Unless if it is way different from what I think, this needs to go PC... NAO! -:p
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    Uneven push/pull question

    Hello, I am sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find any obvious leads: in an uneven push pull setup on a H50, what would be better? A more powerful (more CFM and static pressure) pushing, or the more powerful fan pulling? I ask because I only have two different fans...
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    Corsair cx400 max GPU?

    I think that's its Name. I have the setup: e6320 nö Optical drive One hard drive 2x1gb 1.8v RAM asrock g31m-s motherboard corsair cx400 what is the Best graphics Card I can Run in this setup ? I would Love both NVIDIA and ATI answers, please! I'm sorry for the wierd Text...
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    Where is the 5750 512MB?

    Hello, I recentally saw this: In which a person aquired a HD5750 512MB version. I have a similar screen resolution, and I am limited by desk space, so I'm staying at this resolution for quite some time. I think he/she is from the...
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    AOpen mITX 9400 LGA775 motherboard

    Hello, Just something 'newer' from AOpen. It's rather similar to the Zotac mITX 9300 mobo. Since a 9400mGPU is just a higher clocked 9300mGPU, perhaps this was the reason for Zotac releasing the I-E revision with a higher mGPU clock. Other then the higher price, I don't see what else...
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    'Best' GPGPU video transcoder?

    Hello, I have been using Badaboom for a while now, but it's kinda limited. It only supports 1GPU, so my 9800GX2 is kinda "half" of what it might be able to do. Since my CPU(E6320) isn't really much of a performer, I wanted to see what else was out there (AMD card solutions can apply, too, as...
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    Nekkid folding and Dust question

    Hello, I've actually managed to see quite a bit of dust build up on both my 'naked' systems. I'm inexperienced with this, as I have always run stuff in a case before. How do you deal with dust build up? Also, for a graphics card, do you place air filters (something like a thin filter...
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    Wii Call of Duty 4 I saw this at Costco today, while picking up Modern Warfare 2 for the xbox. Funny as anything, but hey...
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    Non-Charlie: nVidia halts chipset development

    Sad day, as I loved the competition. nVidia is citing Intel to blame, over legal issues. So now it's down to the big two, since VIA doesn't count.,8810.html Original:,2817,2353938,00.asp...
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    Safe Assumptions?

    EDIT: Assume... ya know the phrase. Ignore this, as my ppd guesses are nowhere near realistic. Hello, I made a list earlier: 8500GT 660ppd (mine) 20USD 33ppd/usd 9600GSO 3900ppd (mine) 45USD 87ppd/usd 9800GT 4200ppd 60USD 75ppd/usd GTS250 5000ppd 120USD...
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    Higher folding card for ~150usd?

    Hello, I don't really know if this is just going to spawn a whole bunch of crap, but here goes: GTS250 (about 130usd) HD5750 (about 140usd, for the XFX model) <-- I have not been able to find a straight up answer for this 9800GT (about 90usd XFX again) I got a sale on ebay that my...
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    G31M-S (rev 2.0) OC FSB (?)

    Hello, I have an: ASrock G31M-S (rev 2.0) motherboard. It has the Intel G31 chipset (ICH7 southbridge). I have an E6320 C2D in it. The CPU has a FSB of 1066, but the motherboard has an jumper OC for upto 1600. However, it only has settings for: 533, 800, and 1600. Is it fine just...
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    Is this even possible!?

    Hello, Excited here, just got my first real folding setup up and running. I thought I had shaken the 'always missing the dead line' syndrome, but... The first WU... !? [09:05:05] Project: 5768 (Run 10, Clone 249, Gen 1320) [09:05:05] [09:05:06] Assembly optimizations on if available...
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    Cheapest PSU available

    Hello, I have a Seasonic SS 400H1U. I love the PSU. It is, however, very noisey. Very. I need to power my F@H rig, which is just: E6320 CPU ASRock G31M-S Rev2.0 2GB DDR2 - 6400 RAM 160GB IDE HDD 9600GSO (nvidia, with a Zalman VF900 cooler, connected to the 'case fan' plug.) What...
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    Whiney noise

    ... and no, it's NOT my voice... okay? Hello, Thought I was immune to this, but: There is a high pitch whine when I am folding. Only when I am folding. It's small, but noticeable. Is there anything I can do about it? <--from what I have seen, NO. Or am I just going to have to bear...
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    Hello, I kinda screwed up and ram I thought was DDR2... wasn't (old pull, so no harm). I have a 22 USD budget (reserved funds, I don't want to dip into anything else) now for folding... heh. I am looking for DDR2 ram, whatever can be for 22USD. This is not time critical, nor is it...