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    New $800 build

    I need some build help please. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Primarily software development, general use, and gaming. Gaming will mainly consist of strategy games such as Civ 5 and Rome Total War 2. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping...
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    C++ and OpenMP

    It isn't immediately obvious to me what the error is. I am trying to use OpenMP to parallelize the given loop. Each thread should execute the lines of code up to "run.random_walk()", then update the shared variables n and n_previous which keep track of my current and previous ensemble sizes, and...
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    Need help with some C++ code..

    In a nutshell my code is solving a differential equation. The problem is that when it enters into the do loop in main() for the third time step the code stops working and my cpu utilization shoots up to 100%. I think the issue is the part where I am multiplying each element of the state_vector...
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    Need a book or website recommendation.

    Does anyone have a C++ parallel programming book that they found particularly good? (Or a free web site would be even better. ) I'm doing this awesome project using a Monte Carlo algorithm to solve for the ground state energy of quantum mechanical system of paired particles and would like to be...
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    C++ question

    I have some rough code that I am trying to compile. It isn't immediately obvious to me what the issue is. Hopefully it's simple and someone here can help. #include<iostream> #include<cmath> #include<fstream> #include<iomanip> #include<vector> #include<cstdlib> using namespace std; int...
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    Reading in data from file into large array, C++

    I have 2 large files of data that I need to read into array1 and array2. The issue is that when the program reads in array2 it over writes array1 so that both arrays contain the same data. I have a feeling this is due to a memory issue. Can someone take a look and help me out? Below is the...
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    Harddrive password

    So I've been given a harddrive from a friend that is password locked. When it's in the original laptop, the computer doesn't boot without the pasword being entered. This is separate from the cmos password. Is there anyway to get around this password without resorting to formatting the...
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    C++ help

    Just to clarify, this is in no way connected to any class or graded assignment. I am writing a program that will enable me to numerically compute color ordered spinor helicity amplitudes efficiently using the spinor helicity formulism. My problem is thus. I define 4 separate 4 vectors for...
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    Just dropped Ubuntu RC 9.04 on my netbook

    ...and I must say it is glorious. Ubuntu is still fugly out of the box but both ethernet and wireless worked out of the box. Definitely a step in the right direction. So for those who want an alternative to xp on a netbook really should give it a try.
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    ARCH linux on eee pc 1000ha

    I installed archlinux on my eee pc. Everything works great, very fast and easy to install. Drivers were very easy to find. After using this I think I am going to remove Ubuntu on my desktop. Okay I do have one question though. When I full screen a program, the top of the window only goes to...
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    Arx Fatalis

    So I noticed this game was on steam for $4.99. I know its old but has anyone played it? Was it any good. It looks interesting and besides, it's only 5 bucks.
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    Moving Linux Partion to another drive

    I currently have Ubuntu 8.10 on a 200 gig partion and Vista on a 440 gig partition on my hard drive. I received for free another 320 gig drive from my brother. I want to move the Ubuntu partition to the 320 gig drive and resize it so that it uses the entire drive. Then I want to resize the...
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    Terminal question

    I typically run alot of programs using the terminal rather than through the gui interface. When I run say firefox, everything works great, but the terminal becomes unavailable to anymore commands until I close the program. I would like to run a program and then be able to continue using the same...
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    Out of the loop for a LONG time, need a build

    Okay so I have been out of gaming for a few years due to grad school. I am looking to spend approximately $800 on this build. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $800 3) Where do you...
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    Medieval Total War 2

    Does this game utilize multicore cpus at all? My laptop specs are: 2 ghz AMD dual core ATI 2600 HD 512 meg video ram 2 gig of ram I am trying to seige the city of Constantinople. I have 3 armies of about 3,000 men and the computer also has 3 armies of about 3,000 men. However when I try...
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    Any point in going from turion -> turion ultra?

    Okay so I am currently running a turion X2 TL-59 clocked at 1.9 ghz. Would it be beneficial in terms of gaming performance to upgrade to one of the turion ultra chips? I haven't heard much about them and dont know if there are any benchmarks out.
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    Can't remember name of game. Halp plz!

    Okay I am thinking of a sort of space sim game. Basically aliens are invading earth and you have to stop them. You utilize a turret, helicopter, tank, and several jets in your defense of earth. I know the first mission opens with you manning a machine gun turret and defending an outpost from...
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    Can I upgrade my Asus?

    My current laptop is an Asus F3KA-X2 with specs as follows: 2.0 ghz Turion 2 gig of gskill @ 667mhz ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 (M76M) 120 gig hard drive @ 5400 rpm I am wondering about the potential for upgrades later on. I have googled the laptop and found nothing as to whether the...
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    Socket S1

    I am curious. Is there any news about laptop chips that are going to be compatible with the current socket S1? I read plenty about Phenom and whatnot but nothing about the mobile variant. It would be cool to see quad core come to laptops in the future.:confused:
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    Lans near FSU?

    I am looking for a lan party near Florida State University. Don't care which game. I just want something to frag over the weekend.;)
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    Twenty year old college sophomore John Harrison suffered a terrible shock over the weekend when he discovered that his long-time cyber girlfriend was actually a male in disguise. His girlfriend, who plays under the guise of Chelxai a night elf priest on the Emerald Dream roleplaying-PvP server...
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    Pocket pc

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    Maple or Mathematica?

    I am about to enter my junior year as a physics major and I am looking into purchasing a CAS of my very own. I am curious to see which one the general public of geniuses (you guys) prefer. I have a little bit of experience with Maple from using it in Calc courses. They both cost roughly the...
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    updated drivers=lower 7600gt temps

    I just wanted to share this with all the other 7600gt owners out there. I bought a BFG 7600gt a few months back and installed a zalman cooler on it and some artic silver. I was rather disappointed in the temps I was gettting with the card. It was 63 C idle and 73 C full load. Well today I...
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    Annoying temp problem

    Alright, I bought a 7600gt a couple of weeks ago as an upgrade from a 6600gt. I popped the card in an noticed the idel temps of the card were 75C and 100C under load. So I decided to put some artic silver and an nvsilencer on it. The temps stayed exactly the same. So I reseated everything and...
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    silencer on a 7600gt

    Will my nv silencer 6 that is on my 6600gt card work with my new bfg 7600gt? The stock fan is really loud.
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    poor college student

    So as you can see from the title I am poor. I have a budget of roughly 400.00 bucks to spend upping the rig in my sig. Here is what I have decided on so far. Let me know what you guys think. Suggestions are appreciated. Everything is comming from newegg. ASUS A8N-SLI Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4...
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    Kotor Fps

    Recently playing KOTOR 2 on the comp in my sig. For some reason the game seems to lock my fps at a max of 30. During movies it going to infinity but wont go past 30 in gameplay. Any idea how to get around this?
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    replace motherboard=reinstall xp?

    Title says it all. Do I have to reinstall xp if I put a new mobo into my system?
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    ms 7191 oc woes

    I have this motherboard that came with my ABS system. (Got a really good thanksgiving deal) It doesnt have any options for oc in the bios so I tried cpufsb but I cant find the PLL for the clock. I f anyone knows it it would be nice. Anyone know if this board can oc at all or if I just need to...
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    $500 upgrade budget

    Over spring break I am going to upgrade my computer. I have about $500 MAX to spend on the rig in my sig. (that rhymes, lol) I was thinking a new mb for oc/ watercooling/ and a new video card. Any suggestions? If anyone knows some good deals at somewheres like CC/BB/COMPUSA that would be nice so...
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    What to upgrade

    I currently have roughly $200 (us) plus 25 promo code from newegg to spend. My system is in my sig. If you were going to upgrade it with the money available what would you purchase? I am basically looking for suggestions. note: If you suggest oc the cpu I will need a new mb so you will have to...
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    Benefits of a 64bit operating sytem

    So what exactly are the benefits from a gamers point of view of upgrading to Windows XP 64 or Vista. Do games perform better or is there some sort of magic fairy that gives out free sticks of ram or something? It seems to me that an operating sytem like vista would take up alot of system...
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    I entered my bios to try to oc my pcpu for the first time. I have an MSI ms7191 motherboard. In the bios the only oc options I have are under one menu. It has a selection for cool'n'quiet (I know what this is), DDR memory frequency (I know what this is also), Ratio change (FID/VID), and Spread...
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    little bit of help for a schizophrenic

    I just put together my first system and am thinking about oc it. I dl speed fan to see what my temps are at right now. My cpu idles @ 38C and at full load 43C. The entire system idles @ 36C. The ambient room temp is about 75F. Are these optimal temps to do some oc? This will be my first oc so...
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    Newegg problems

    Recently purchased an ABS computer from newegg as part of thanksgiving special this last friday. It sounded like a good deal. Came with amd 64, corsair ram, cooler master heatsink and fan, ect. The pc was suppose to come with a free 17 inch lcd flatpanel, speakers, keyboard, and mouse, and ABS...
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    psu help

    Sorry if this is another generic thread but I need help. I have a 300 watt power supply in my current gaming rig. (combo deal with some other parts from newegg) I am planning on putting a 6600gt pci express into the system and I am not sure if it will be enough. I used a wattage calculator but...
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    pocket pc internet woes

    Alright I have this pocket pc. A Compaq iPAQ H3800 series to be exact. I would like to be able to connect it to my wireless high speed internet connection in my house, the one at school, ect. Any ideas on how to do this. I tried google but couldnt find anything that helps. I am guessing that I...
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    dual core possibility

    Alright my budget is one grand u.s. I need everything but the monitor speakers, keyboard and mouse. I really want to go dual core but cant seem to get it under one grand. Its probably because I need the os also. Anyways for my question. Is sli really nescessary . Will there always be a single...