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    Steam 2014 Winter sale is here! runs from December 18th to January 2nd.

    Is Planetary Annihilation worth $5.99? I am looking for something that has the scale of Supreme Commander with good AI.
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    Steam 2014 Winter sale is here! runs from December 18th to January 2nd.

    Hmm, I guess $6 for Prison Architect is low enough to give it a shot.
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    Surface Pro 2 Quietly Disappears from the Microsoft Store

    Yup, I had to RMA my SP1 earlier this month and they sent me a SP1 as the replacement.
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    Yeah, I'm probably done updating the list due to a few reasons: 1. Barely any suggestions to add mods to it so I was spending too much time looking for mods to keep it updated. 2. I'm not sure if many people bothered to check it out since I've seen so many repeats (such as STEP). 3. Post...
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    Steam Summer sale is up

    The Swapper for $2.99 seems like a good deal.
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    Steam Summer sale is up

    Anyone want to go halfsies on a 2 pack of Don't Starve + DLC? Edit: Decided I couldn't wait so I purchased a single copy. :)
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    isoku does good work and he was the original author of WATER, IIRC. I tried RW2 out when it was first released, as well as later versions, but felt that WATER looked better. RW2 is certainly worth a try, though, and I'll add it to the list.
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    Free Starcraft, Diablo 3, and WoW trial codes

    What do the D3 codes provide access to? I thought it was the Starter Edition, which is now free to everyone.
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    Nvidia Shield 16GB $199.99 w/free Carbon Fiber cover(NO MiR, Free Shipping)

    Megalith actually likes something? I, myself, am shocked!
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Thanks. :) I guess I'll finally buy D3 since it sounds like it is a lot better than it was prior to the big patch.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Is there a summoner build in this game like in D2 with the necromancer?
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    I've been watching the progress of this Memory Patch for about a month now and it is more widely-usable now (easier to set up): My loading screens only freeze at the very end for about 2 seconds before the...
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    I like Unreal's as I think it is a balanced ENB - meaning it looks good in a wide variety of areas. When I was testing out presets a year ago, I found many to be to have too high of a sunlight brightness. This makes certain areas of the game look great and also can give some very nice looking...
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    Main reason is that Wyre Bash allows the creation of bashed patches. Personally, I suggest Wyre Bash over any other mod handler as it is quite easy to use nowadays and has plenty of functions that are useful (see what mods your saved games are using, BAIN, load order saves, etc.).
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    FREE ShopRunner with Amex - Newegg

    Used to be that when you go to cancel your 30 day trial, they offer a 90 day trial, and then if you go to cancel that they offer a whole year. :) Don't know if that deal is still going on.
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    Skyrim - Project ENB causing random framefrate issues

    Judging from your OP, I'm guessing this isn't occurring while entering an exterior cell?
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    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro Lifetime - $9 1 PC

    Is v2 going to bring more features to the licensed version? Besides real-time protection, I don't see much of a point in paying for the program.
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    GTX780 and Bethesda Games

    There was an official patch that optimized the game immensely when it comes to CPU usage. It doesn't look like the review in your link was updated to reflect that change.
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    Amazon - $5 off $35 - Requires Facebook

    People use their real FB accounts for stuff like this? How silly.
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    Amazon - $5 off $35 - Requires Facebook

    If you link your Amazon account with your Facebook account (or something along those lines), then you get a $5 promotion that is valid on orders that are $35 and above: "Simply shop on and add items that say "Ships...
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    DEAD - $2 Amazon Credit

    Free $2 Amazon Credit: "This is a limited time offer. The promotional credit expires at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on December 29, 2013 and may only be applied towards eligible products sold and shipped by and any digital...
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    Some more mods to be added: Take Notes - Journal of the Dragonborn Take Notes! adds a new player journal (a SkyUI widget) to the game which lets you create, view and export your own journal entries. Populated Lands Roads Paths Now lands, roads and paths...
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    [HOT] The Elder Scrolls Anthology $30!!!

    If anyone doesn't want the maps then let me know as I'd be willing to buy them. :)
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    Steam 2013 Thanksgiving sale is here! runs from November 27 to December 3

    Do you guys suggest Spelunky? I enjoy SP rogue-like games so it sounds enticing.
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    Up to 75% Off Select Headphones at Amazon

    Thanks. I picked up a spare HTF600-S for $22 and it also comes with $2 MP3 credit. :)
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    Samsung EVO 250 for 120 free shipping and more @

    Yeah, it was banned because of all the reports of stolen CC information.
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    Skyrim LE: $20.40, Skyrim Base: $7.50 on UPlay 10% coupon code: 10thanks
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    Fallout 4 reveal?- 12/11/2013

    Having interiors as separate cells does have its benefits: Different imagespaces without roombounds, less problems with amount of light sources, don't have to worry about random events, can go crazy with detailing, can quickly set ownership of objects, one sided models, etc. I would much rather...
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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    Thanks for keeping it running this long, NK. I haven't had time to play much but it was fun while I did.
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    No. What mods did you install? If they have esp/esm/bsa files then go to your Skyrim's Data folder and see if the files exist in there.
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    Have any of you tried Safety Load?
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    Free Games

    I'll PM you two the codes tomorrow.
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    Free Games

    I'll let you know tomorrow as I am waiting to see if Drew wants it. Two other members may have beat you to it. I'll let you know tomorrow as I am waiting for responses to my PM's.
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    Free Games

    Yes. Which version would you like?
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    Free Games

    I have some games to give out. Rules: 1 code per member. 2[H]4U and above only. Greyed out text means that version/game has been gifted and is no longer available. Crysis 2 Maximum Edition - Steam or Origin Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising - Steam or Origin Burnout Paradise: The...
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    $60 off any Kindle at Amazon

    I emailed Kindle support and they are giving me the $60 off offer. <3 Amazon.
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    $60 off any Kindle at Amazon

    Most people aren't eligible for this deal so don't feel bad.
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    Corsair CX430 430W PSU $19 AR

    Thanks. How does the V2 compare with the one on Newegg in terms of quality?
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    Skyrim Mods - A Comprehensive List & User Support Thread

    If you used Sounds of Skyrim before, do you think Audio Overhaul is overall better? And I hope to update the mod list this weekend. Nexus tends to be extremely slow on the weekends (and some weekdays) so it is quite tedious to update the list.