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    Razer Viper Ultimate

    Not quite appropriate for the "What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?" thread so making a new one here. This is the wireless version of the Viper. At 74g, that's quite good considering the wired is 69g. The Logitech G Pro wireless is 80g by comparison...
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    Thermaltake - no creativity, no class

    Why be innovative like Phanteks when you can just make low quality copies of Fractal and Caselabs designs? Much like Nanoxia ripping of Dazmode's LED strips, this is just pathetic.
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    Fractal Design Define S

    "Stripped down" version of the R5 oriented towards watercooling.
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    Hammerwatch Anyone pick this up from the Steam sale? Old, Gauntlet-style 4 player hack and slash. Played once with a couple of friends thus far, pretty unforgivable and punishes people who don't work together as the resources on the levels are shared by all participants.
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    iGPU only outputting to VGA

    Hey all, Just put together a new rig for htpc/fileserver, and I've been having trouble with the iGPU. It will output a signal to a VGA monitor, but to DVI and HDMI is a no go. I've attempted to reset the CMOS and updated my motherboard to no avail. Anyone encounter a similar issue to this? I am...
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    Extended Desktop Issues (Nvidia/Pioneer) Above was my original post in the Nvidia section of video cards, I've gone a few months just "dealing" with it but it's beginning to annoy me once again. Initially I was using a GTX 680 but I'm now on a GTX 690 with the same issues, albeit newer...
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    Extended desktop issues

    Hey all. I've noticed a few oddities upon switching back to the nVidia camp that occur both on my GTX 580 and a GTX 680 that I had for about a month, and I'm hoping someone can shed some light in regards to what is going on. My secondary display, a TV, is connected via HDMI on my card through...
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    Noiseblocker M12-P whine when in push/pull

    I've had the fans for about a year. Both work flawlessly independently for case fan duty or a lone fan pushing on a heatsink, but when mounting for push/pull one will always emit a loud, chirping/whine sound. It can fade in out at times though for the most part it remains constant, and does...
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    Usefulness of C1E/Speedstep/EIST when using a static/specified Vcore?

    The subject title may be a misleading, but I'm unsure of how to properly phrase it so here we go: On my I7 2600K, and I imagine most CPUs using C1E/Speedstep/EIST, when using Vcore set to "Auto" the CPU will undervolt the CPU to fairly low voltage levels when the CPU is not in use or is being...
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    2600K / Gigabyte P67A-UD7

    Took me a week longer than I wanted to get my FT02 and put everything together, but as of the wee hours of this morning the rig is up. Everything's still running on stock/auto with the exception of a few minor Bios tweaks (AHCI, etc), and will be dealt with later today, but I just wanted to...
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    Lets talk Roccat mice (and other "exotic" brands)

    Alright, so Roccat's not so exotic over in Europe, but over here in North America they are still fairly new but gaining traction slowly. Many threads have been popping up in regards to helping people select mice, and we've seen some discussion on the board in regards to more "exotic" ones such...
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    Defective Intel X-25 160GB SSD?

    I had purchased an Intel X-25 G2 160GB a few days ago, and had the opportunity to update the firmware and install Windows 7 on it.. unfortunately it would not allow me to do so. Regardless of trying AHCI or IDE, as well as having both other hard drives unplugged and plugged in during the...
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    System does not always post when oc'd? (4870 related)

    Not entirely sure if this should go here or in the motherboard section, but since this started when I switched over to the 4870 I figured I would put it here first. So i've noticed after putting in my Visiontek HD 4870 that when the system is overclocked it refuses to post sometimes (Appears...
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    Samsung T220 vs 2253BW vs 226BW

    Are there any serious reviews out for this monitor yet? I think the most informative one i've seen is from CNET, but even then there were no real in depth tests done. I've been searching every once and awhile but haven't found much info or in-depth reviews. From what I can gather though, the...
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    Nvidia Profiles - No Go?

    Hey all, been having a problem for awhile with Nvidia profiles, figured I'd ask around and see if anyone has encountered this before. I've been unable to set/force AA in games through profile settings. They work if I set them on the global profile, but when editing specific profiles the...
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    Question on CCC Vs Regular CP.

    Most likely will be picking up an X1900XTX sopn, but was wondering about a few things about the CCC drivers as I haven't dealt with them since my 9800pro (Nvidia atm). Do the CCC hold any advantages over the original CP (If the original CP even exists, think Omega drivers don't have it...