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    Can 9800GT handle CS:S at 2560 1600?

    Do you guys think the 9800GT can handle CS:S without hiccup?
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    Help: Unallocated Partitition disappeared in DiskPart

    I was able to see my "Unallocated" partition in diskpart but now it disappeared. What can I do for Diskpart to recognize my Unallocated partition?
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    Can't install Vista Ultimate X64 from XP

    I'm having problem installing Vista from my XP machine. The computer detects the DVD but when it comes to the process "Please pPress Enter to Continue" it doesn't do anything when Enter is pressed. I've installed Vista on this machine before without a problem. System specs: E6600 7600Gt SATA...
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    1GB (1 x 1GB) DDR2-667/PC2-5300 Desktop Memory $16 After $40 Rebate

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    how much performance will improve if...

    if you have ram runs at 888mhz and oc'd it to 1ghz, how much performance will you see? can you even tell? thanks or does overclocking your rams even increase your performance much?
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    direct connect to modem doesn't work

    Hi, I just recently sold my desktop which I used to connect directly to the cable modem but I just sold my desktop and now using a laptop. When I tried to direct connect to the modem, it doesn't work but the wireless connection works fine after I reconnect it properly. What do I need to reconfig...
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    video card doesn't fit on my slot (help)

    I just bought a HP compaq DC7700 small form factor PC and an ATI X300 but the metal part is too long for the PC, what type of video do I need to look for? thanks
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    Is this a good deal for a C2D e6300 HP desktop?

    HP DC7700 Small Form factor Desktop PC 1 x Core 2 Duo E6300 / 1.86 GHz - RAM 1 GB - HD 1 x 80 GB - Gigabit Ethernet - Win XP Pro, DVD-rom 3 year HP on site warranty What do you guys think? Thanks
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    Why play PS3 X360 on your small monitor?

    I don't understand why people buy an expensive console to play on a small monitor (24-30)? Don't you think it's kind of a waste? Edit: What I mean is that why play on a computer monitor?
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    Ibook G4 1GHZ vs Pentium M ?GHZ?

    Hi, I'm trying to decide whether to get an iBook G4 with specs of 1GHZ, 512RAM and I was wondering how fast does that compare to a Pentium M? I can get an IBM P-M 1.5GHZ, 512RAM for about $400 and iBook with specs above for $430. Please let me know as I'm REALLY tight on budget. Thanks
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    FF tab move to the bottom?

    Is there a way to move the tabs on the bottom? I like the tabs but I just so used to the closing boxes being on the bottom, otherwise, I wouldn't use it. Thanks
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    Receiver FM/AM antena??

    I bought a receive (Pioneer VSX-453) on ebay but it doesn't come with a FM/AM antena and the one I have at home is different so I was wondering if anyone know where I can get one that's compatilble. Thanks
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    Mouse: back/forward button doesn't work on firefox

    My back/forward button on the mouse doesn't work after I reformatted my laptop. Does anyone know the cause and solution to this problem? Thanks
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    Dwin.exe failed

    When I shut down or restart Windows I get the error message: "dwin.exe Initialization Failed". How can I prevent this from popping up again? Thanks
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    Most of my icons have disappeared!

    While I was playing game and I hit alt+tab to get back to the previous browser and all of a sudden all my icons vanished. So I restarted the computer and got some back. Below is a picture of my desktop. Please let me know what I need to do to get all the icons back to normal. Thanks
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    Outlook and NOD32 = conflict?

    I'm having trouble setting up my sbc email account in outlook and I think NOD32 might be the issue. Does anyone else experiencing this? Thanks
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    Can you customize icons without a prog?

    Hello, I was just wondering if you can customize icons with out having to use any prog. If can, please provide a guide. Thanks
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    bootable disk with cdrw?

    Hello, I'm about to create a bootable disk once my laptop arrives and I was wondering if I could create one by using a rewriteable cd? Thanks
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    Dell 3007 $1580 shipped

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    Bought a computer from me and bring home, doesn't boot..please help

    I sold a computer to a local person. He went to my house and check it out and everything was working perfect. After he brought it home, the computer wont boot up. What could be wrong with it? Thanks
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    Sennheiser HD497 wire messed up..

    For some reason my right wire side is messed up, is there an alternative wire I can buy to switch it out? Thanks
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    Dell M1210

    Just wondering if anyone is getting one soon.
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    Can't load up pictures in FS thread.

    I tried to load up a picture that I took as a thumbnail but it doesn't work. It only works when I post it as direct image. When I tried the thumbnail it shows it as an "X". Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    How to view monitor vertically?

    Hey guys, I have a Dell 2405 and I want to try to view it vertically, how do I do that? Thanks Edit: I have a monitor arm so I guess it doesn't detect it automatically. using X1600 pro
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    Help me to OC my AMD64 3000 Venice

    Hey guys, This is going to be my first attempt to OC. What I have tried was to change the CPU mult-5X and Hyper Transport-3X and couldn't find the RAM Divider (probably don't know what it is) so I left that alone. Boot my system back and my CPU went down to 1.01GHZ instead of 1.8. What did I...
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    What kind of setting.....??

    Hello, I want to take some pictures on my LCD but I don't know the right setting I need to adjust in order to see the text and pictures clearly on the LCD. Could someone post a setting with out using flash and flash. Thanks *I have a Canon 300D
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    MX1000 Universal scroll stops

    for some reason after I downloaded the mouse software, the universal scroll stops working. could someone please help me to solve this problem? Thanks
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    Are all Dell's laptops are loud as hell?

    I have couple of friends who has Dell's lappy and I noticed that all of them are loud and noisy... Are all laptops are like that or just Dells?
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    X1600Pro = X1600 Series?

    Hey guys, I just received my X1600PRO but when I look at teh Catalyst controller center, it says X1600 Series, is that the same? Thanks