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    How much difference is there between the HP LP2475w and the Dell U2410?

    I have a single HP LP2475w, since they apparently don't make the monitor anymore that makes getting a second one to go with it rather difficult. The Dell U2420 seems to be a very similar display, so I'm wonder how much difference there would be between the two? Does anyone know if they have...
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    Etailer hard drive packing

    We really need a sticky with a list of those etailers that pack their hard drives well and those that don't. It would really make purchasing hard drives online a lot easier. I usually don't buy hard drives from Newegg because they don't pack them right, but I just picked up a WD15EADS from...
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    What is wrong with my Raptor?

    Something is definitely wrong here. During those low spots the drive is thrashing about like crazy, making horrible noises while doing so. I've checked it and it doesn't appear to have any bad sectors. Anyone have any ideas? I've been planning on buying a pair of X25-Ms, but sadly no one has...
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    Could someone please explain how this device works?

    mAGE316U40-PCI-E-Exp. From the looks of it, you install a PCIe RAID controller into this box, but then what do you connect that to? Another RAID controller in the server? Some help here would be greatly appreciated. I'm buying a NAS to buy some time, but in another year or so I'm going...
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    One of my Samsungs died, time for something new.

    One of my crappy Samsung TN panels died and it's time to get at least one new monitor. I'll more than likely get a matching set, but just one to start. I've narrowed the list down to this: Dell 2209WA - Has been unavailable for the past few months, doesn't seem like it will change. NEC...
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    FAH on a Mac Pro

    I *MIGHT* be getting a Mac Pro, a used one, two 2.8GHz quads. I know that the Linux and OSX SMP clients are very nearly identical in performance, so I would guess that the points production would be quite good. Any ideas as to how much? I haven't run an intel quad under Linux in quite...
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    Slick E-ATX mid-tower that can swallow a PA120.2 (or equivilant)

    I'm currently starting to seriously look at parts for a content creation box. My main applications are going to be Photoshop, Lightroom, and Bibble Pro. I might pick up an HD camcorder and play around with an NLE or two, but nothing serious as far as video goes. Anyway, I want a slick...
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    Making a dummy plug

    I'm getting ready to get a dual 8800GT box up and running (have to get a wireless router to convert to a bridge with Tomato) and I'm wondering about making a dummy plug. I have a bunch of those DVI to VGA adapters that, for some reason, still come with GPUs to this day. All I should have to...
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    How do you short-stroke a hard drive?

    I've never done this before, but I'm picking up a pair of Western Digital 640GB (the AALS version) and I'm going to at least try it to see what happens. I know that Hitachi makes a tool for short stroking their hard drives, but I don't know about Western Digital. Short-stroking just seems...
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    STEC Zeus IOPS

    Can you actually buy STEC's Zeus and Zeus IOPS SSDs? My guess is that unless you're an OEM, the answer is no. But what about re-brands? I think I remember hearing something roughly a year ago (such a long time in SSDs) about Simpletech (maybe) re-branding STEC's Mach8 SSD, which are one step...
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    Watercooled Lian Li PC-V351B

    Late this year, I'm going to build myself a birthday/Christmas present...for myself. I'm wanting to replace my current, rather bulky, rather loud Linux box with something small, quiet, and obviously faster. I had thought about a uATX X58 board and a 920, but I really don't need the extra PCIe...
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    2x8800GT box, how much PPD?

    I've got a pair of 8800GTs (a BFG 8800GT OC and the stock clock EVGA version). I'm going to pair it with an Opteron 170, 4GB of DDR, and Windows 7. How much PPD am I looking at? I would guess about ~6000ppd. Does that sound about right?
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    Thinking about Debian...

    I currently use Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on my Linux box, but I was really thinking about using something different. Being that Ubuntu is Debian based, I figured that would be a good try. I've never used Debian before, is anyone out there using it and if so could you tell me what to expect? I know...
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    A question about kludgy networking.

    Alright, because of my current living arrangement, I can't run a fully wired network as I'd like. I don't own the house, my roommate does, so there is nothing I can do about it. I have to use a wireless card to connect to the router downstairs. This isn't a big deal, as I only have one...
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    Anyone have recent experience with Corsair on rebates?

    I recently bough six sticks of DDR2-800 from Corsair for a couple builds, they didn't arrive in the usual bubble packs. You know, those that are made to hang on a store shelf. They just came in these little plastic blister packs with now UPC or anything. I do have my invoices from Newegg, I'm...
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    Grills for Thermochill Radiators

    I have a complete set of Thermochill PA series rads, eventually a 120.2 and 120.3 will be going into a TJ07, but for now I want to mount the 120.2 in my Lian Li PC-V1100B. There is enough room, but I can't seem to find any radiator grills that fit Thermochill rads. I have a drill press, does...
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    SMP won't run

    So I just got done playing some games, went to fire teh SMP client back up (GPU as well) and the SMP client wouldn't launch. Tried re-installing it (know the instructions by heart) and nothing. A cmd box flashes on screen for a split second by FAH doesn't start up. Any ideas?
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    Good books for SANs, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI

    This is an area that I'd really like to learn more about. Could you guys please recommend some good books on these subjects. It'd be greatly appreciated.
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    Could someone explain to me how Fibre Channel works with SATA drives?

    I know about tiered storage. Enterprise SSDs or 15k Ultra320/SAS drives on tier one, SATA drives for tier two, and then a tape library for tier 3. So if it's a fibre channel SAN, how do those SATA drives connect to the fibre channel HBA? I thought that fibre channel HBAs required fibre...
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    Bought a GTX 275, what to expect?

    I just bought a an eVGA GTX 275 to replace my 8800GT, how much production should I expect out of the thing? It's a base model, stock clocks. I'm also going to pick up a second 8800GT used and put the two of them into an old AMD box and fold with them 24/7.
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    A question about external SAS ports.

    Ok, let's say I build a 2U server that has a SAS/SATA RAID HBA and a couple years down the road, I need more space and don't want to build another server. Is it possible to buy a rackable disc enclosure that can be added into the current array? I've seen the enclosures for such a setup, I've...
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    SMP + GPU very inconsistent

    I'm folding again on my Q6600 (at 3.4GHz because it's summer time) and my 8800GT. The 88GT is folding as you would expect, somewhere between 3.5k and 4k ppd depending on the WU. But the SMP client is all over the place. When it's working well, I get somewhere around 2.7k to 3k ppd from it...
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    Anyone with an X-Fi and Win7?

    I just installed the RC of Windows 7, everything works except for my X-Fi XtremeMusic. I've downloaded the beta drivers from Creative, but for whatever reason Windows won't detect that the X-Fi is even there. This is doubly bad because I can't seem to find the cables for my DFI P35-T2's audio...
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    First dedicated file server build

    I've been tired of running out of space on my various computers and having files stored on one but not the other, ect. I know that building a file server isn't going to help with the 'running out of space' problem, but it should put it off for awhile. At least until I can afford to build a...
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    Why are used Mac Pros so expensive?

    I've been seriously considering a Mac Pro but the excessive cost and piss-poor configuration options of the Nehalem-based Mac Pros put me off on a new one. So I looked around on ebay for an older model that I could upgrade to better performance. Seriously, are these guys smoking crack? I...
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    A question about SpectraView

    I'm currently saving up for a pair of NEC 2690WUXi2 monitors. If I buy one SV model and the other in standard form, there is nothing to stop me from using the color calibration gear on the other one, correct? It's similar to other color calibration systems you see advertised in photography...
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    Is this feasible?

    I want to turn my DVD collection (~300 discs) into ISO files that can be played off a hard drive, just as if you had the disc in the optical drive. I did this years ago with game discs so that I wouldn't have to insert the CD/DVD every time I wanted to play...but is it doable with DVDs...
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    6.22 seemingly -smp and -deino flags

    I finally got around to reinstalling F@H on my primary desktop, everything was fine until it goes to fetch a work unit. It's not using the SMP cores despite having the flags -smp and -deino tacked onto the back of the application description. For information, the application name is this...
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    A question for those of you with Lian Li PC-V2000/2100 cases

    I'm curious has to how you can mount the power supply in the V2000 and V2100 chassis. Is it possible to reverse the power supply mounting? I mean having the PSU sit on top of the 80mm fans at the bottom of the case. I'm guessing that the answer is no, but I don't think that it would be too...
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    GTX260 and Folding

    I'm currently buying 8800GTs, but looking at the price differences between the 9800GTX+ and the GTX260 got me thinking. How much more production does a GTX260 belt out over a 9800GTX+? I know that the GTX280 will pull down 7k+ ppd, and it's probably not even being fully utilized. Just curious.
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    EVGA 9800GX2 for $285

    That seems like one hell of a deal to me. I'd buy one except for the fact that it's an off week for me and I don't have a lot of spare cash. Here is the link. Damn good deal.
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    WinSMP on Server 2008

    I know that Stanford isn't exactly timely at delivering client updates that are actually updates. I know that WinSMP will probably be beta software forever. But...does anyone know if the Windows SMP client functions, or will sometime in the future, function with Windows Server 2008. I'm...
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    How much to expect from these two GPU2 boxes?

    Box 1: AMD Opteron 165 @ 2.0GHz ASUS A8N32-SLI 2GB DDR-500 XFX 9800GTX XXX 740MHz/2280MHz (not sure of shader clocks) Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit Box 2: AMD Opteron 170 @ 2.2GHz DFI Ultra D 2GB DDR-400 XFX 9800GTX XXX Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit The big question I...
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    Viewsonic VP2650wp

    I'm looking to replace my Samsung 20" LCDs with something substantially better. The original idea was NEC's LCD2490WUXi (or the 2690, but I've heard it has more problems). Those, however, are quite expensive. I ran across the Viewsonic VP2650 the other day, I'm guessing that by the price...
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    Mac Pro guts in Lian Li case.

    First off, I already know this isn't cost effective, so you can spare me that. I'm just wanting to do something different that I don't believe has been done before. Also, I don't want to do any OSX86 garbage. I've tried it, it barely functions. Don't even bring that up. I'm looking at...
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    9800GTX Prices?

    I was looking at 9800GTX cards for folding a couple weeks ago, they were right in about $200 a pop. Now they've roared back up to an unreasonable $300 at Newegg. Gaming-wise the 4870 smokes it an it's $300. What is nVidia thinking?
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    Help me use my spare hardware to the max

    I have a couple of old Athlon X2/Opteron chips that I retired from duty in secondary machines. I'm not sure setting them up to run the SMP client is really worth the effort and expense involved. So the question is how well do these chips do feeding an nVidia GPU running GPU2? I'm going to...
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    I just got to testing my w/c setup, for the record it consists of: Thermochill PA120.1 D-Tek Fuzion V1 Laing DDC3.2 with Petra's top Swiftech MCRES I'm getting very slight leakage, but only on the fittings of the reservoir and the pump. In other words, only on the plastic parts. The...
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    Worth it to watercool boxen?

    I've got a Q6600 and an E6700 that I'm finally going to get Folding when I get my quarterly bonus. I know the Q6600 would be a damn good overclocker, the E6700 not so much. I have a spare Black Ice Extreme 120x3 radiator just sitting around doing nothing. Think it would be worth the...