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    TSA Screener Steals $50k In Electronics from Travelers

    Sounds like someone should build a small explosive charge into an ipad and blow a TSA employees hand off for being a slimey crook. Obviously this could horribly backfire but one can dream :D
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    VHB tape to attach fan?

    I'm looking to add 1 maybe 2 more fans to the mesh metal side door on my case and was thinking of using small 1/16" 3M vhb tape to secure them. The mesh pattern doesn't line up with the hole pattern on my 120mm fans and I have a bunch of this tape laying around. Thought it might help with...
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    PS3 Headset Recommendations Please.

    Thanks for the input guys, its good to hear that most usb headsets will work with PS3 that way I can get a decent one and use it with my PS3 and PC. I'll do a bit of forum searching and see what I can dig up. I'm trying to sell my Razer Carachias headset for 50 so if I can pull that off I'll...
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    PS3 Headset Recommendations Please.

    I'm finally taking the plunge and getting a PS3, a friend of mine was trying to tell me that I had to use a headset that was made for the PS3. I told him I thought he was full of *@($ and that it should take any USB/Bluetooth headset. But before I run out and drop some cash on a good one I...
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    5850's in stock @ Newegg

    I'm in the same boat, my entire build is waiting on 5850 prices to drop, hell might just get a 5870 when that happens
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 5

    Count me in..
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    Which 120mm fan flows the most with least dBA?

    That is a miss print it should be 69 CFM and the dBA is a little higher than 19. When they first put the blue ones on sale they were also listed at 90 but then corrected to 69. I guess they never bothered to fix the red ones.
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    Mid-tower case $150 or less, simple, classy, great airflow, little to no mod?

    I just recently built 2 antec 300's with i7 920s, GTS 250 (fits fine) and a 750tx. If you have a little bit of cable management experience you'll have no troubles with this case. I was able to get ALL leftover wires into the cable management cubby using the adjustable straps included with the...
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    Power Connectors and Sleveing Questions

    I just finished sleeving my PSU and used CLEAN CUT 1/8" sleeving from Furryletters on Ebay, I believe its $5 for 25ft (+2$ shipping). If you want to practice that would work pretty well. I would go with murdermod for the kit tho. Its very high quality and they have the right amount of...
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    Looking for an XFX Radeon HD 5850? We Got'em!

    Run while you still can! :eek:
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    Best cooling for my rig?

    I've heard that for years, and always believed it, guess I had convinced myself if corsair put their name on it, the product would be better. Megashadow it is :D
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    Best cooling for my rig?

    Think I might give it a whirl, I wont be doing any extreme overclocking, if it gets me in the 3.5-4 ghz range safely I'll be pretty happy. I'm attempting to stay on a budget (so hard..) so the sale price is pretty appealing.
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    Best cooling for my rig?

    Any idea if the rad blocks a fan from being next to it? The exhaust fan is a standard 120x120x25
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    Best cooling for my rig?

    I've been pulling a few pieces together for my new @ home gaming build and would like some advice on CPU cooling and fan setup. My wife bought me this case for christmas last year (with no input from me). It's not exactly what I would have picked but I'm modding it and making due...
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    How will my i5 750 perform vs i7 920?

    It all depends what your doing, i5 is very capable. if your gaming you probably wont notice much of a difference. Raw processing the 920 will win, partly because of the triple channel memorty. i5 can OC pretty far, but some have found contact issues with high overclocking on boards with...
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    P55 overclockers...check your sockets

    One of the big selling factors on the new intel chips is the OVERCLOCKING ability, and the performance increases created by it. Take that away and they lose that edge. Previously I always used AMD but the newer intel chips are pulling numbers no one can argue with, I sure hope the...
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    The Beast Cerberus

    Thats such an amazing case to begin with your going to see more and more custom builds off that chassis. Just the nature of the beast
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    Clipping off AC'97 wires = hazard??

    I'm sleeving all my wires while I'm saving money for the rest of my new build. The Audio header HD connector has a AC'97 hanging off of it which looks awful, is their any reason I can't clip it off? I'll only be using this case for new comps, nothing old.
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    AMD 5770 Benchmarks Leaked

    5770 is looking really nice about now, building a new system soon and not sure if my budget will allow for a 5850.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Count me in!
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    Intel X-25M or OCZ Agility EX?

    Thanks for the article, really informative. Really looking at the Intel X-25M 80gig for OS, and design software then setting photoshop scratch disk to a caviar green. Just kinda torn between a VR and the SSD. Budget wont let me get a raid of either so it has to 1 high performance disk and 1...
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    If I skip on the i902, what is the next best bang for the buck CPU on the horizon?

    So is the i90210 going to be the "Steve Sanders" chip?
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    64-Bit Compatibility Required for Windows 7 Sticker

    They really need to be careful doing that system again, imo that vista capable crap was one of the reasons vista got a bad rap. They claimed so many systems were vista capable when they barely met the system requirements, then you had thousands of people claiming vista was slow and...
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    Why CIOs are Saying No to Macs

    IMO I dont see many large corporate environments switching over to macs until they are more reasonable with their pricing. A very large majority of users in the corporate world just need to run email, spreadsheets and maybe some sort of database software, none of which requires an overpriced...
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    Tip for sleeving non molex wires

    Sorry it took me so long to get pics up, once I figured it out I wanted to start sleeving :D Connector being de-pinned The Tools Make two sets of "L" shaped staples, it works best if you can keep two staples glued together. Slide the staple between the inside of the plastic...
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    Tip for sleeving non molex wires

    I've been reading write ups for sleeving a power supply using staples, tweezers, modified screw drivers and everything else you can imagine, none of which was working for me. I finally found something I thought I'd post here for everyone else, using the staple method to depress the pins but...
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    Project: Ninehundred Overhaul

    Nice work man, love the look of the black sleeving on the red case. Wrinkle finish is a nice touch. I'm about to do blue and black on my PSU when furryletters sends my stuff.
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    Project: Slumber Parties

    Thats awful man, people should have a little more respect for belongings, especially when their selling the stuff!
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    Project: Large Wooden Tower

    OoOO I have a feeling this is gonna be really :cool:
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    Building a new system...been out of the game a long time who is on top?

    I can tell you I just put together a core i7 920, with 12gigs of ddr3 for working on very large format photoshop docs (1 gig+) and its amazingly fast. If you want real world numbers and side by side comps look at some of the hardocp reviews. I've been doing a lot of research recently and the...
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    Thanks [H] Contributers

    soon :D just had a big project show up yesterday so I'm kinda under the gun till I get things into production. I will most definitely put up some pics
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    Thanks [H] Contributers

    This might be the wrong place for this but I'll give it a shot anyway Wanted to give a little shout back to the people that took time out of their day to help me out. Just finished putting together a i7 920 photoshop build for work and it came out even better than I thought. Thanks for...
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    Thermal Paste question (new i7 build)

    Got it right this time. Thanks guys :) Booted up first try temps stayed stable at idle CPU sat at 99 F MB at about 92F
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    Thermal Paste question (new i7 build)

    Cleaned, reapplied, seated it then removed to check the spread. Maybe I"m just being paranoid but this doesn't look good enough =/
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    Thermal Paste question (new i7 build)

    I'm working on a new core i7 build for my boss and put a bit too much AS5 on so I cleaned it off and I'm about to give it another go. I used 99% iso alcohol with a few qtips. I didnt completely remove it from the cpu because I'm just gonna put more on. Note: this machine hasn't been turned on...
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    3k Budget Design Comp - Feedback please

    Didnt really have my heart set on that video card it was a decent price at the time with a combo discount. As far as xp 64, I'd rather not have one machine on the network running vista or win 7 and everything else running xp. When it comes down to it I'll upgrade everything to win 7 later...
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    3k Budget Design Comp - Feedback please

    This is where I left off last. I wasn't originally planning to do a SSD so I haven't shopped for one yet. Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz LG 22X DVD±R DVD Burner ASUS P6T ATX Intel CORSAIR XMS3 12GB (6 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) EVGA GeForce 8600 GTS 256-P2-N761-TR...
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    3k Budget Design Comp - Feedback please

    This was put on hold for a bit, due to the owner's recent divorce (her name was on half the business) but is now back on. Reviewing over the parts again and the budget led me to ask: Will I notice much of a performance gain if I put CS4 on its own SSD or would I need to put CS4 and windows on...
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    3k Budget Design Comp - Feedback please

    Thanks for all the feedback, I'll probably end up sticking with stock settings for a while. If that proves to be insufficient maybe I'll throw in a SSD when their a little more reasonably priced or upgrade to a newer i7. I'm betting this build will be plenty of power at least through the year...
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    3k Budget Design Comp - Feedback please

    This is exactly why I"m posting on these forums and not winging it :) 1.2 ghz is definitely not a small performance increase, that would more than likely yield noticeable gains. Honestly if that 1.2 ghz can save us a few minutes here and there, that can add up fast. I probably wouldn't...