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    ipod tracking

    One of my teachers was saying when you connect your ipod to your computer and load up itunes, it sends out your serial number of the ipod connected to apple(assuming you have a internet connection). I lost my ipod and pretty sure it was stolen. My teacher also said something about how you can...
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    Hardware requirements for a small webserver???

    Yeah option number two is more than enough power to host a website.
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    ^ Great book. Also if you just starting out Dev-C++ is a great free IDE and uses MinGW as it's compiler.
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    Wireless Site Survey

    Also, if you guys know of any good products you have used in the past or heard good things about let me know thanks.
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    Wireless Site Survey

    We are doing a site survey for one of our new elementary schools. In the past we hired a company to do this for us. Now, they are talking about doing it on our own. I was wondering if any of you guys know of an industry standard approach to doing this or what you guys have done in the past...
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    I just passed CompTIA Network+ Beta...

    The few jobs that I put that cert down as having didn't really care about verifying it or anything. I would just keep the card in your wallet or something if they ask about it.
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    What to get

    I looking to spend around 550 at the most.
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    What to get

    I have been looking around to get a inexpenisve mac. I was looking at getting a mac mini or possibly a used G4 off of ebay. I won't really be doing anything intensive on it, I want it mainly to familiarize myself with OSX as I am a linux/windows only guy. Maybe throw some lite progamming in...
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    Guess what is in the bag!!!

    Jimmy Hoffa
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    Does anyone know wardriving programs

    If you run linux try kismet. It is a lot better than netstumbler.
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    Guess what is in the bag!!!

    Peanut butter M&Ms
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    free powerpoint alternative?
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    Linksys router

    Yeah I had the exact same problem with that router. I also have read about dozens of people with the same problem. If I can remember there isn't anything you can do about it. I would probably get rid of it and get something else.
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    changing my ip address

    If you do have a linksys router... Click Me
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    Let's Benchmark Our SMP Systems

    this other relative computer computer performance Dhrystone 2.1 3791 11682 kDhryst. 32 percent Whetstone 904 2522 MFLOPS 35 percent Eight queens problem 5179...
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    Which CPU for server, P4 2.8, AMD 2800, Barton 3000?

    What OS, web server, database server, etc are you running?
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    Wired & Wireless Network - Using both?

    When did I say it wasn't illegal? I said your aren't going to get in big if any trouble for jumping on your neighbor's wireless network. I have never said this was ok. Of course it's wrong but you know people do it all the time and I doubt if you walk into a police station and say, "I stole...
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    Yeah on my A+ it did all the questions in sections. It started off with like 7 questions on printers.
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    I am i looking in the wrong places?

    A lot of the time it is just knowing people. Just try to network as much as possible.
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    Wired & Wireless Network - Using both?

    Don't know about big trouble(if it's your neighboors house or something), unless your breaking into their computers and getting credit card information or something, but just don't do it because it's wrong. If it's a company's network that is a different story.
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    Any tutorials on how to improve a webcam image???

    10 bucks says its porn
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    $350 to burn!!

    Strip Club
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    Sun Netra X1 Server. . . What to do?

    Connect to it via serial port and use hyper terminal.
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    DHCP Question

    For "clients" not really. DHCP is a lot easier to do an maintain. You really only need to staticllyllylylylyy (can't spell) assign an IP usuallly in if its hosting something or providing some service to the network and is connected to by that known IP address.
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    Sun Netra X1 Server. . . What to do?

    I would try opening it up and adding a spare cdrom drive to it. I think they have 2 ide ports on it. That would be the easiest way.
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    Bump for me being a cheap ass.
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    Sun Netra X1 Server. . . What to do?

    Also, if you don't already have it, this might be handy
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    I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything (good/bad/middle) about getting test vouchers from
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    Sun Netra X1 Server. . . What to do?

    Just wondering, how much did you get it for? Yeah I think you have to do the serial install on those guys. You can setup a network install server or jumpstart if you have another solaris box. Someone also said try opening it up and attaching a cdrom drive. I'm not sure if it has another...
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    Crazy networking problem - will paypal five dollars for the fix.

    Have you tried using different DNS servers other than the ones that your ISP gives you? If not, look here for some and give them a try.
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    Cisco 2514 a bottle kneck?

    I think they max out at 3Mbps.
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    Problems Installing UT2k4 DVD edition

    Try installing it in safe mode.
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    CompTIA's certs are good for life. A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, HTI+, e-Biz+, CTT+, CDIA+, Linux+, i-Net+, Project+ Most of these are pretty entry level though.
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    Game Server!!!!!!!!!

    Some ISPs won't run a T1 to a personal residence, unless its for a business or something. Also, the cost of having 4x T1's (probably better off getting partial T3) is a lot of money just so surf the internet and play games online. A rough guess would be at the least 1,500 a month if it isn't...
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    Game Server!!!!!!!!!

    You might want to look into a setting this up in a 1u and colocating it.