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  1. Monkey34

    $199 Totaltech Paywall Helps Scalper Snag 20+ GPUs From Best Buy

    As if the paywall itself wasn't bad enough for the consumer... 'Totaltech did more to help than anything else,' wrote one scalper, who bought the GPUs after Best Buy decided to place the products behind an expensive membership paywall.
  2. Monkey34

    Senate passes spying bill without search and browsing history protections

    "An effort to protect Americans' browsing and search histories from warrantless government surveillance failed by a single vote in the Senate on Wednesday. The vote was over a section of federal surveillance law that was originally part of the USA Patriot Act in 2001. That provision, known as...
  3. Monkey34

    More Windows 10 update fail

    This Windows 10 update fail is the most serious yet – here’s what you need to do Windows 10 is suffering yet more problems thanks to a faulty update – and this one could be its most serious one yet, with users reporting Blue Screen of Death errors and deleted files after installing Windows 10...
  4. Monkey34

    Malware Threats on Macs now double that of Windows

    Can we finally kill the urban legend that Macs are safer than Windows PC's? I wish I had a dollar for how many times I've heard "Apple doesn't get virus' and stuff". "Mac threats increased exponentially against Windows PCs. The volume of Mac threats increased year-over-year by more than 400...
  5. Monkey34

    Windows 10 Warning: Anger At Microsoft Rises With Serious New Failure

    Whelp.....another item broke (no big surprise), but here's the interesting tidbit: Windows 10 search for local files wasn't working when they suffered a server-side problem. MS: "We are aware of a temporary server-side issue causing Windows search to show a blank box." "In an open letter to...
  6. Monkey34

    Philips Hue vulnerability lets hacker control bulbs, could escalate to network

    "Check Point security researchers discovered a way to escalate the attack from the control of a single bulb to take over the entire network. " You should make sure the Philips Hue Hub that controls your bulbs is updated to firmware version 1935144040...
  7. Monkey34

    Serious Nix' flaw in sudo hands over root privileges

    Sudo, a utility found in dozens of Unix-like operating systems, has received a patch for a potentially serious bug that allows unprivileged users to easily obtain unfettered root privileges on vulnerable systems. It can be triggered only when either an administrator or a downstream OS, such as...
  8. Monkey34

    Routers running Tomato firmware under attack

    If this happens to anyone at [H], I'm putting in to have their account here banned. "The exploits use already infected devices to scan the Internet for Tomato routers and, when found, to check if they use the default username and password of “admin:admin” or “root:admin” for remote...
  9. Monkey34

    MS update Tuesday: to fix an extraordinarily serious security risk

    Don't skip or block this one folks...... "It appears that there could be what one leading investigative reporter has called "an extraordinarily serious security vulnerability" in a core cryptographic component that is present in Windows 10. Before you take a deep breath and relax because you're...
  10. Monkey34

    Memory stick configuration..

    This might be a dumb question (seeing how long I've been around), but motherboards with 4 slots don't care weather you max the memory in two or four sticks do they? This is assuming they aren't as finicky as some boards were years ago....but is there even any advantage in running 2x16's vs 4x8...
  11. Monkey34

    [GOG] Tower of Time

    Free for another 18+ hrs.
  12. Monkey34

    Sprint Magic Box: Kill it with fire?

    Got this offer today: Correct me if I'm wrong, but looks like all this does is use MY electricity to enable some other Jamoke to get better data speeds. AFAIK, this does nothing for text or cell calls....just data. Well, I've got WIFI (like 95% of people) so I can't see why I might need this...
  13. Monkey34

    Bypass discovered to allow Windows 7 Extended Security Updates on all systems

    "Similar to how modders have bypassed Windows OS installation key checks for the past decades, the community at My Digital Life created a tool that circumvents the ESU key check operation and enables the installation of the test ESU. As the crew at Deskmdoder pointed out over the weekend...
  14. Monkey34

    Can't Delete a File >:(

    I created a .tif image using the latest build of GIMP. For some reason I can't delete it now. Restarted the rig......can't delete (nothing happens; no dialogue box/etc.....either with the DEL key or right-click - delete) Restarted in safe mode......can't delete. Checked
  15. Monkey34

    Microsoft issues new Windows 10 update warning

    "It seems Microsoft has once again released a dodgy patch for Windows 10, with a recent fix – which was supposed to address the issues of Cortana and the search bar causing spikes in CPU usage – actually causing more problems, with reports emerging that search in both the Start menu and Taskbar...
  16. Monkey34

    Good way to control case fans

    My main issue is I'd love for the case fans to power down when the rig goes to sleep. I'm not really interested in controlling the speeds or anything....just sick of hearing them spin when they don't need to. Right now the only way would be to shut down or hibernate. Would a fan hub be the...
  17. Monkey34

    Free: Unofficial Day of the Tentacle sequel "Return of the Tentacle - Prologue" is a fan project and the unofficial sequel to the iconic adventure game "Day of the Tentacle". Purple Tentacle is back and tries to conquer the world and enslave humanity once more. Get it before it gets taken...
  18. Monkey34

    Free: Unofficial Day of the Tentacle Sequel "Return of the Tentacle - Prologue" is a fan project and the unofficial sequel to the iconic adventure game "Day of the Tentacle". Purple Tentacle is back and tries to conquer the world and enslave humanity once more. Get it before it gets taken...
  19. Monkey34

    More Cisco critical vulnerabilities.....for DNA center

    Rated 10 out of 10 A backdoor, and two bypasses for DNA center authentication:
  20. Monkey34

    Half Life 3 Proof found on Reddit!

  21. Monkey34

    Cisco VPN vulnerability....bug worse than originally thought
  22. Monkey34

    Outlast and Whistleblower DLC free on Humble Bundle
  23. Monkey34

    Any way to get Icloud to work like Google Photos?

    My android works nice. Photos backup to google photos online....I can delete them on the phone, and they are still there in google; still accessible, but not taking up space on my phone. My wife's Iphone....she has Icloud set to back everything up, but if she tries to delete a photo on the...
  24. Monkey34

    Links in posts

    Don't work the same? Clicking link gives a box...I can add the url, but I can't seem to change the way it displays. Should be able to put (ie), and make it display as something else like "search is your friend".
  25. Monkey34

    Stuck against a brick wall with IE

    Background; have a Sony Vaio that I tried to upgrade to W10. It didn't like 10....was locking up bad. I'm pretty sure it's the POS switchable graphics.......the other 10 rigs I've done worked fine.....and many had worse than this I7/ 8gigs ram............... so I went to load the disk image, and...
  26. Monkey34

    Google Nik photo editing software now free

    Google’s $149 Nik Collection photo editing software is now available for free Google Nik Collection Worth trying for free...if you paid for it in the last year you can request a refund.
  27. Monkey34

    Google Nik software free

    Google’s $149 Nik Collection photo editing software is now available for free Google Nik Collection Worth trying for free...if you paid for it in the last year you can request a refund.
  28. Monkey34

    Software to encrypt USB; access only from certain computers

    I know various scenarios for encrypting drives and restricting USB access, but this is a different situation... I am looking for software to install on windows computers (and the usb drive) that will restrict the drive from being accessed from any other computer except those two....assumedly...
  29. Monkey34

    Coming in 2018....Psychonauts 2! They crowdfunded 3.4mil of the budget, and now it's happening. Definitely a title I will be getting!
  30. Monkey34

    Walking Dead, No Man's Land

    Anyone playing? I'm having fun with doesn't nag you constantly to buy stuff, and there's a good amount of loot to keep you going without paying. I'm wondering about the players though....if I should bother maxing their levels, or replace them before they top out.
  31. Monkey34

    Windows 10 "versions" ....any news?

    Anyone seen how many flavors they will do (IE: Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, etc)? I know they will give 7 and 8 users a free up to 10, but I'm wondering about differences in say... Windows 7 starter and 7 Home premium going to 10. I'm GUESSING it will be apples to apples (7 pro will go...
  32. Monkey34

    Nice tip for Firefox users - Do Not Track setting for ALL sites

    Firefox helps you cover your assets with latest Tracking Protection feature Yea....they (browsers) all have a "do not track" button, but they don't work for sites that ignore it. "Tracking Protection allows you to take control of your privacy online. While Firefox has a Do Not Track feature...
  33. Monkey34

    Debating a Checkpoint 640 ngtp

    but it would be my first time with any of their products. Any opinions? Small business with one server and about a dozen users (but should grow some in the near future).
  34. Monkey34

    Strange issue - rig doesn't see external HDD

    Yesterday I plugged it in and transferred about 2gigs of files to the external (it has always worked fine) from this Xp pro rig.After it was done, I tried to "safely remove" and it said it was busy to try later, so I gave it a min and tried again. Still busy. I gave it another couple of mins...
  35. Monkey34

    Odd issue trying to read external drive file system

    I have a known good external usb drive formatted NTFS with data on it. I can access it fine through any number of computers in XP, Vista, 7, and 8 except for one particular XP computer. I went through the trouble of copying the data off temporarily, and re-formatting the drive, and then putting...
  36. Monkey34

    Genmay Access

    Are Subs still locked - only available through folding......and why? Wouldn't you want to sell as many as you could? It's literally going to take me like 4 years to fold my way there.
  37. Monkey34

    Need Industrial flashdrive recommended

    I'm sick of cheap flashdrive cases breaking, or the plug coming loose from plugging it in and out so many times. I'm looking for a sturdy replacement. Throw me some ideas.
  38. Monkey34

    [H]ardocp down?? - Nope, just turn off Adblock

    I can't get any pages to load. The forum (obviously) is fine.
  39. Monkey34

    Jumped back in

    I started out a few years back, but had to stop almost right away due to some extenuating circumstances. I just got the bug to start up again, so I'm here to start over. I'm sure I can't push big numbers like some here, but I figure every little bit helps.
  40. Monkey34

    Recommended SAS drives/sources ?

    I was hoping to hold out until drive prices bounced back, but I've got to replace some SAS drives in a SBS box. I haven't picked any up in a while, so I was looking for some input for recommended drives and vendors......or at least ones I might want to stay away from.