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    Bitcasa (unlimited storage) invites

    I got invites to bitcasa.
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    Post your workstations 2011

    With me moving in on January 1st, I thought it was necessary to post up my new workstation. Pics uploaded in a bit!
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    Free Google Netbook! (cr-48) check it out!
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    Need headphone/amp selection help

    Eyeing up a few headphones to replace home theater. Currently looking at : Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Premium 32 OHM Headphones Sennheiser HD595 Dynamic High Grade Performance Premiere Headphones Im not sure if i want/need an amp for these. Im big into bluray's, technical metal and some...
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    Remove built-in fan LEDs

    I have a Antec 902 as my spare i7 rig and want to kill all that damn light the fans put off. When I bought the case I didnt look into it (got it real cheap from micro center as an impulse buy) and now it is bothering me. I'm not into the ooo-cool gaming OMG HAXor case look, but am now stuck with...
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    i7 920 OC newb

    So I've never OCed a intel before, and never an expensive one. Just got a 920 and wanna bump up the power. I am going to pick up a new heatsink today at microcenter I was looking at the Cogage True Spirit. HAF 932 Cogage True Spirt EVGA X58 SLI LE 6gb (3x2) Patriot Viper DDR3 I...
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    1300-1500 dollar build

    A co-worker is asking me to help with a new build. He's got a massive 1300-1500 dollar budget....I've never had this much to start with to build a new rig so have no idea where to start....what you guys think? 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc...
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    Where to buy bulk hard drives

    Im looking to buy a bulk set of hard drives (1tb) maybe about 5+ Where is a good place to look, or does everyone just use the usual sources (newegg, ect)
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    I need a full case. Any ideas?

    So my Antec 902 is getting a bit cramped now with all the HDDs and the 4850x2. Im looking to go full tower but am horrible at picking out cases. Any ideas? also looking into the "ridiculously clean" look budget at ~200
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    Case on the ground?

    I have my current i7 rig on my desk where all of my computers have always been. Due to me upgrading to triple 24"monitors (soon to quad) the desk ran out of space. Question is....what are the cons of putting your case on the ground?
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    4850x2 vs 9800GTX+

    I already got the 9800GTX+ and just got a 4850x2. I got the 4850x2 for the quad DVI because I have only 1 PCIe slot and 4 monitors (ahhh!). I was wondering what the gaming difference will be on the new card.
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    Desktop Splitter software?

    Is there any software that creates mini desktops on one screen?
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    Programming/Touch Typist Keyboard

    I'm currently looking for a very very good programming keyboard (I say this because I need a keyboard for ALOT of typing). I am currently using a generic membrane style keyboard (no rollover) and am looking to replace it with a mechanical keyboard. I was currently looking at: Cherry...
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    Programming Keyboard

    I'm currently looking for a very very good programming keyboard (I say this because I need a keyboard for ALOT of typing). I am currently using a generic membrane style keyboard (no rollover) and am looking to replace it with a mechanical keyboard. I was currently looking at: Cherry...
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    Visual Basic simple question

    I am writing a program to launch other programs I need to launch VNC and enter in information using sendkeys or somthing similar. \ How can you open a .wsf from a VB form?
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    Your Favorite Souce Code Editor

    What do you guys like for an all around source code editor? I'm currently using Notepad++ and have been for awhile, but am looking for something a bit more powerful. Any suggestions? (I also do use alot of nano/vim/vi for on the fly editing)
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    Dual GPU Quad monitor NON-SLI

    I have a problem....I want to add 2 more monitors to my rig but am stuck at the moment. I have a mobo that does not support SLI and I have a 9800GTX+. I was thinking about adding the spare ATI card I have or adding a cheapo 9800GT/GT240. Is that possible? SPECS EVGA P55LE mobo Patriot...
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    Unused Xbox360 Elite!!! What can I do with it!

    I purchased a 360 elite just to play Forza 2+3 (following up my buying the regular Xbox just for forza 1). After I was done with those games I realized I just let the Xbox sit there. I sometimes stream netflix to it but I have my HTPC hooked up to the same TV so no gain there over the HTPC...
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    how do I setup 4 core folding properly?

    I have just built a dedicated (well mostly dedicated) folding box and would like to setup a dedicated client 1 per core. Is there a way to do that?
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    Moved cases now i7 not turning on HELP!

    I just moved my working i7 build from one case to another and now it does not want to turn on. when i press the power all the fans turn on and the LEDs but then it turns off. It just keeps cycling like its going to power on but then stops. It does not post. nothing shows up on the...
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    Little brothers build

    My little brother needs to upgrade from his current netbook to something useful for his needs. I do understand and explained to him his budget is VERY tight for what he wants but I guess I will do the best I can. Budget ~$400 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web...
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    New build....WEIRD errors

    ok well i just built a AMD Phenom II X2 system. all seemed well for the first day.... The errors Every download is corrupt, but says downloaded fine Mildly slow....sometimes Long downloads Tempatures read at -128C 12C 24C....ftw! etc etc
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    Free quad NIC? BSD/Unix-like support?

    I just pulled a quad NIC from an old NetApp shows up as eth0-3 on my desktop under Ubuntu 10.04 but I wasnt about to take down my pFsense router to "try" out a new nic
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    $186 Quad Core Phenom II X4 System!

    Just bought a whole system to build for 186 bucks!!.....from a brick and motar store!!! Case 17$ OCZ Gold 2gb DDR3 10666 44$ MSI 785G P45 Mobo 0$ PSU 14$ AMD Phenom II X2 555 black 99$ (will be unlocked right away) total $186.96!!!! (will be building it at work on my lunch break)...
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    APB.....repetitive much?

    After buy APB and playing for 9 straight hours I realized it kinda sucks. Its got craptastic missions and REALLY small worlds. Plus it is boring as hell...
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    High idle temps? Slightly concerned

    Well I'm new to the world of i7s and such and I was wondering if these temps look normal at idle.
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    posting from my freshly built rig!

    posting from my freshly built rig! (the second windows loaded I posted here!!) its friggen AWESOME! from core2duo laptop to i7 desktop! :D
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    9800 GTX+

    XFX Just got a 9800 GTX+, could it do this Play CS:S @ 1440x900 on 1 monitor and play 1080p video on a 32" TV? System i7 860 4gb Patriot 1333mhz 500gb 7200rpm XFX 9800 GTX+
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    Heatsinks breaking videocards/mobos?

    I had a question....with all these huge heavy CPU coolers, and GPU cools hanging off the PCB doesnt that make it possible for them to just crack the boards??? Just seems like alot of weight on a delicate (expensive) piece. New to this huge cooler stuff
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    HIS Radeon 5670? Should i get it ????

    Looking at the HIS Radeon 5670....Need to get a kinda cheap video card for my new i7 build. Just need to play some Steam games (1440x900 max) (CSS,HL2, Dirt1/2, Portal, DODS). cards on Amazon for 89.99 + free ship...
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    is there any cheap alternitives to the corsair 800/700D?

    is there any cheap alternitives to the corsair 800/700D? im looking for around sub 100 but can be a bit flexible.
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    Atom Vs Xeon

    how much can a Dual-Core Atom server (4gb) handel?? I currently am comparing / replacing a dualcore dual processor Xeon 2.6gh 4gb (poweredge 2500) can it handel some kinda heavy duty work or no...\ already have too damn much power/heat from current setup need to scale down this...
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    Just long does it take?

    I decided to help out with the bills and donate. Just wondering when will i get mayhem access?
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    Need some computer speakers. Any suggestions?

    Im looking to replace my (very crappy) Dell 2.1 setup with some real speakers I need a bit of bass "punch" response but dont want to kill the people down the street. I was looking at getting Studio Monitors (SV40s or similar). If i was to get monitors i would kinda want optical in but not...
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    Why do people fold@home

    I just was wondering why people fold at home? I understand what its about (i think) and idk why people fold when they arent even on their computers.
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    Steam is the way of the future. Lets hope others can follow

    I think that the way you by/download games off steam is the way ALL games should work. I love how that when I buy games (some a long time ago) and i look at steam i see them and can play them, even if i lost the CD, ect. I do understand that some things are following suite but on steam there are...
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    Home network setup pics

    In the middle of revamping my home(semi-small enterprise) network from the ground up. Going to upload some pics of it when I get off of work. Lets see what other people got for home network setups (pics!)
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    Wardriving ((( i )))

    What kinda wardriving setups do you guys run? Just wondering. Ill post up some stats and pics of mine later.
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    Current Wallpaper

    Post up your current wallpaper(s)!
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    Need to replace all my headphones with 1 mega pair

    Im looking for something under 100 or a tiny bit over that can handle a TON of bass while still not being boomy. Also i already own all the Skull Candy phones (and dont really like em that much at all) i was thinking Grodo but idk cause idk if they can handle the bass i want... (i will...