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    PETITION: iPhone 5 RECALL - Power Button Defect

    Never had an issue with the power buttons on either my wife's 4S or my 4S. She also has a 5S for work and there is no issue there either. My issues have been with that shitty home button. It is starting to go out on mine. Sometimes I need to press it a few times to close apps. I hope they do...
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    Woman Is Live-Tweeting Her Father's Death

    According to you. Death fucks people up in different ways. Don't read it if you find it disgusting, but don't shit on others for how they cope with death.
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    Are Angry Fanboys Bad for Games?

    I always thought the worst thing was all the bullshit they try to stuff down your throat. The same could be said for gaming...
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    OUYA Now 33% Off Plus $25 Game Credit

    Never understood the hate. It plays any emulated games up-to and including N64 and PS1, works as a great XBMC box, and has some decent selection of native indie games. The Ouya controller is nothing to write home about, but it works with the DS3 and 360 controllers. For the price, its pretty...
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    Snowden Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

    I could see it happening. Who ever thought they'd use Angry Birds to collect data?
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    How This Guy Lost A $50,000 Twitter Username

    Agreed. It's amazing where value is placed these days. Good thing I weaned myself off of social networks a long time ago. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are huge time sinks when I have better things to do such as post on HardForum or browse Newegg. :cool: :p
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    Steam down for anyone else?

    What a dick. I'm still on the fence about streaming for a living. While it would be cool as hell to do that for a job, I think an actual job would stimulate my brain a little more. Plus there are only so many hours I can play games before my eyes turn into jelly.
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    Steam down for anyone else?

    I would love to know too. But whatever the reason is, it's probably stupid.
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    Steam down for anyone else? Games are serious business apparently. What ever happened to just playing and not getting your panties in a bunch enough to try and ruin it for everyone else?
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    Chromebooks Outsold Apple's MacBooks In 2013

    lol This fits quite nicely.
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    Best hassle-free way to get a Mint system up and running for Steam gaming...

    So I recently dropped Windows 8.1 on my gaming comp for Mint 16. After some trial and error I found a way to get the newest beta drivers up and running correctly for my setup and I thought I'd share. While I could go and fix the drivers to actually work, I followed these steps in order to just...
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    The highly rated HP Pavilion Slimline PC thread

    Retired my Slimline yesterday. Needed more room with buying a Radeon R7 240. Ended up being a dual slot card and my mATX board is just too big. Amazingly the power supply could handle it being a 210w. Moved everything into a Rosewill R379-M case w/ 300w PSU. Will be moving up to Kaveri when it...
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    Free: Battlefield 3 Key

    EDIT: Gone to ihmcguinness.
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    IT Hiring Strongest Since June 1998

    I knew a few who were laid off in my degree program a couple years ago. Sad times. Probably got their jobs with Associates and when the lay offs hit, they had to go back to school just to get back into things again. Of course I'm not finding much myself. I've got 4+ years experience and a...
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    IT Hiring Strongest Since June 1998

    lol Micron is headquartered here and HP employs a few thousand. It's not all potato farms and public land...
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    IT Hiring Strongest Since June 1998

    Of course I also realize that being a new college grad, I haven't exactly been put in the best position when it comes to the job market anyway. Regardless if it is improving, it still sucks ass out there. My buddy has been looking for another IT position longer than I have and still has had no...
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    IT Hiring Strongest Since June 1998

    Hiring frenzy? Not from what I've seen in Boise, ID. The good jobs are more competitive than ever so all you have left are the call centers for HP, Micron, Xerox, and some of the government contract ones. Not my idea of where I want to start a career. I've done call center work for a managed...
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    Crashplan Unlimited Online Backup 1 Year Free

    Seems dead.
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    What iPhone 5 cases are you guys using?

    I 2nd this. I have one for the 4S and it works really well.
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    Just got an Apple TV...worth using?

    Here is how I use it: Netflix and Hulu iTunes Match so I have all my music, alternatively you can just share your library if you leave a computer on...which brings me to my next point. I have a little Zotac AD10 that I use as an iTunes server. I mounted my NAS as a drive and then pointed my...
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    The PS4 Announcement In Three and a Half Minutes

    There was a dude off to the side of the stage playing the Killzone demo if you noticed the light bar on the controller showing a green color when the lights dimmed before it started. He was pretty horrible at it, sometimes shooting at nothing. Probably because he was using a controller.....
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    Bungie: 'Nobody Plays Shooters With A Mouse And Keyboard'

    Fuck Bungie. I went back to PC gaming after having a PS3 for 4 years. Something about playing FPS with a controller....oh yeah I remember, it fuckin sucks.
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    Microsoft Raises Price of Office for Mac By 17%

    The program itself is a loss. Mac Office will never be as good as the Windows version (for obvious reasons). LibreOffice is free and is probably as close to Office as you're going to get compared to the Mac version.
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    Video Game Violence Research Uses Hot Sauce

    Did they figure the probability of trolling into their research?
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    President To Issue Order On Cyber Attack Defense?

    How dare you use critical thinking skills on the internet. Don't you ever do that again.
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    Does Chase mobile app work with a jailbroken iphone?

    Works for me. Jailbroken iPhone 4S on 6.1. I had it installed previously before I jailbroke. I dunno if that helps at all. Skype bitched at me about it but it still ran just fine. They just don't support it.
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    Apple Warns Against Jailbreaking

    I did it when the jailbreak came out. I don't have any intention of pirating apps. I've bought enough to fill up my phone and will continue to do so. But the UI is stale. So far I've changed fonts, added some needed shortcuts to the notification center, removed the carrier logo, and some other...
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    MS Office 2013 Professional Plus for $9.95!

    Definitely worked for me. Have an unused employee email address at my university.
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    Anyone figure out how to change the Calendar app icons in Mountain Lion?

    I've been posting around on different forums looking for the answer and getting no dice yet. Hoping someone has been able to do it and can help me out. Added the icons manually, along with the docktileplugin folder. All I get is a blank icon with the month and day still. Even tried with CandyBar...
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    Experience with Win8/Server 2012 on Mac?

    I gave up trying to run Server 2012 on mine. Lots of issues with getting things to work. Ended up taking a Zotac AMD Fusion HTPC I had laying around and threw it on there. I just remote into it now from my Mac. I didn't realize how well it would run on such a low powered machine. Probably a...
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    iPad 4 Hard To Fix And Wastes Space

    How do I need a citation? The majority of consumer electronics aren't meant to be taken apart by the consumers themselves anymore. Is that not the truth? That was the larger point I was making.
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    iPad 4 Hard To Fix And Wastes Space

    Why are we bitching about products that aren't technically supposed to be opened anyway? It's one thing to complain about a Macbook Air and barely having room to service components on the bottom (where you can OPEN it), but a tablet that is glued together? Like every other tablet? Or most phones...
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    Experience with Win8/Server 2012 on Mac?

    Anyone try these out on their Macs yet? I probably wouldn't bother if I wasn't a tech. Kind of have to learn it for the sake of others. Boot Camp drivers are shoddy. Some work, some don't. Gonna guess we won't see an update to Boot Camp for some time...
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    Who plans on going to Windows 8 and who's sticking with Windows 7?

    Doing that now. Waiting for students at my university to start bringing in questions with their new laptops or upgrades...ugh
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    Issue with Win Server 2012 on an iMac with 6750M

    Unsure where to post this so I'll post it here. Installed Windows Server 2012 Standard on my iMac today through Boot Camp so I can mess with Metro for the time being and find out if things actually work. My goal is to use it as a workstation OS and not mess with any of the server-side stuff...
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    Who plans on going to Windows 8 and who's sticking with Windows 7?

    True, but seems pretty silly that Windows 8 essentially has 2 photo viewers. One is crippled, the other isn't. I can understand opening the Metro viewer while in Metro, but if one is in Desktop mode, Metro apps shouldn't be opening by default. It would be like opening IE in Desktop...
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    Who plans on going to Windows 8 and who's sticking with Windows 7?

    Without reading the previous posts, I'm just gonna post my opinion. I work as an IT tech for a university and we handle the whole range of faculty, staff and student issues. The biggest thing I am worried about right now is the whole range of PCs with Win 8 installed and the problems that...
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    10/23 Apple media event discussion

    Jesus H Christ... Buy an Apple product or don't. Buy a Microsoft product or don't. Buy a Google product or don't. Read the reviews and decide for yourself, but for fuck sake, don't trust a Gizmodo review. Just my $0.02. :D I knew what I was getting into when I made the switch. I invested...