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  1. Carouselambra

    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    5800x sold out on newegg while it was in my cart. Can anyone suggest another cpu for gaming because I need to build a machine and can't wait any longer than I already have?
  2. Carouselambra

    Switching back to Android from Windows. What phone?

    I really appreciate the input. I need to mull this over a bit. I was thinking about the 3t a while ago but if it's not supported long it seems like that's a waste of money. I'd like to get 2-3 years out of my phone. The only reason I'm getting rid of this Lumia after 2 years is because of the...
  3. Carouselambra

    Switching back to Android from Windows. What phone?

    That's a rough outlook :/ Are my worries about OS updates and bloatware valid? Or is it not that bad in the android world at this point. I really don't want to spend a lot on a phone. The prices are getting out of hand and I can't justify paying that much for a phone just so that I don't get...
  4. Carouselambra

    Switching back to Android from Windows. What phone?

    Like the title says. I have a Lumia 950 that I love. However it's gotten to the point where the app store is my breaking point. I use my phone for Calling, Texting, Pictures, and Instagram. I don't use the internet much and I don't play games on it. However, recently I've run into things I...
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    Windows 10 Mobile Needs to Be Put out of Its Misery

    Blizzard authenticator is installed on my Lumia 950 btw.
  6. Carouselambra

    Do Games Cause Sexism and Violence In The Real World?

    I clicked on the comments just for posts like this. lol
  7. Carouselambra

    DIY Hidden Retractable Ceiling TV

    That noise!! AHHHHH
  8. Carouselambra

    Raspberry Pi NES Classic Console Nintendo Should Have Made

    That is pretty impressive. I'm going to have to get into this at some point
  9. Carouselambra

    Japan Making Its Last VCR This Month

    I still own one but it isn't hooked up
  10. Carouselambra

    Do I Really Need 1Gbps Internet?

    I just want more upload. Max available to me is 5MB !!!
  11. Carouselambra

    Amazon Prime Day 2016 Was The “Biggest Day In The History Of Amazon”

    I didn't see anything that great. /shrug
  12. Carouselambra

    Boiling Water Inside A 10,000W Light Bulb

    Is it me or is this one of the creepiest sounding people you've ever heard?
  13. Carouselambra

    Evolve Going Free-To-Play

    Well it looked like the F2P worked, at least for now. Evolve Stage 2 - Steam Charts
  14. Carouselambra

    Evolve Going Free-To-Play

    most non-mainstream games don't get the millions like their counter parts. 30K is a decent start
  15. Carouselambra

    Evolve Going Free-To-Play

    Yes. Evolve - Steam Charts I played it for a total of 120 hours and loved the game. But their price model was absolutely horrible and that coupled with a steep learning curve pushed people away. They pretty much ignored the issues and killed the community. It came out Feb '15. No one cares...
  16. Carouselambra

    YouTube Gamers Caught In Gambling Row

    I didn't like this guy at first but he grows on you. It's actually quite entertaining
  17. Carouselambra

    Should Autonomous Vehicles Kill Pedestrians Or Passengers?

    I feel like asking someone what they would do in a situation and the person's actions in that same situation are not the same. When your life is in danger, most people would not be the martyr. People like to think they are the hero of their own story but when it comes down to it, we have an...
  18. Carouselambra

    How Much Does Kyle Hate AMD?

    This site is now Oatmeal Cream Pie to me.
  19. Carouselambra

    Female Teenage Overwatch Pro Forced To Prove She Isn’t Cheating

    It's a reload animation cancel trick that saves 1/5 of a second on the reload so you can start shooting faster.
  20. Carouselambra

    Female Teenage Overwatch Pro Forced To Prove She Isn’t Cheating

    I play a lot of Overwatch and I don't really see what she was doing that would make you think she was cheating. She has a dedicated healer on her and Zarya can shield herself so killing her may be nearly impossible. For those who don't know the game or the hero. Zarya can shield herself or...
  21. Carouselambra

    Overwatch Hits 10 Million Players Read the blue post. A lot more content will be added for no additional cost.
  22. Carouselambra

    Can Abstaining From Pre-Orders Really Lead To Better Games?

    I've adopted a policy of not buying a game from a company that has put out a shit product for at least 3 months after release and thorough reviews are out. No matter how good it looks, I follow this and it has been pretty good to me. I'm looking at you EA and Ubisoft. Too many games fail to...
  23. Carouselambra

    Gearbox Software Adding Microtransactions To Battleborn

    The game was horrible to begin with and now they do this? I used to love 2k games but in the last year or so they have made some shit decisions.
  24. Carouselambra

    Overwatch Hits 10 Million Players

    The game is an arcade shooter and is heavily centered on team play. More than 6v6 would literally break the game and certain characters. As much as people compare this to TF2 it just isn't. More game modes, maps and heroes will eventually come but what Blizzard has stated is that they never want...
  25. Carouselambra

    Xbox 2016 E3 Event Live

    Did anyone catch the design labs url for the customizable xbox one controller?
  26. Carouselambra

    Artificial Intelligence Produces Realistic Sounds That Fool Humans

    I love that someone gets paid to hit things with a stick all day
  27. Carouselambra

    Google Tracks The Most Misspelled Words By State

    I love that Massachusetts can't spell their own state and that Alaskan's can't spell Hawaii.
  28. Carouselambra

    Music Piracy Triggers Significant Losses

    This is pretty accurate. I have over 40K songs on my computer yet I just use spotify. My friend is a DJ and gives me all of his music but I can't be bothered to organize it. However, I will say that if spotify continues to add more adverts, I'll find another service. With all that said. If I...
  29. Carouselambra

    Chinese Users Criticize Microsoft's Push For Windows 10 Upgrade

    When did the upgrade become mandatory?
  30. Carouselambra

    Overwatch Is Blizzard’s Biggest Open Beta Ever

    I Closed beta tested and then logged about 20 hours into the open beta. I think Overwatch is an excellent game. Very well polished and loads of fun.
  31. Carouselambra

    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex thread

    It worked. I'm at 1511 now and I didn't lose any programs or files as far as I can tell. Downloading Forza now..
  32. Carouselambra

    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex thread

    Well I'll let you know what happens with the above link I posted..
  33. Carouselambra

    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex thread

    I don't understand why one is LTSB and the other is on 1511. I upgraded 2 machines the same way..
  34. Carouselambra

    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex thread

    I upgraded back in October or whenever it was made available.. MS knowledgebase says to use this: Windows 10 Hopefully it works and doesn't wipe my machine..
  35. Carouselambra

    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex thread

    I had enterprise 8.1 and upgraded to 10. I'm up to date on everything but the store is saying that I need to upgrade to 10. I'm not at my machine right now but the version number is a lot longer than just 4 numbers.
  36. Carouselambra

    Forza Motorsport 6: Apex thread

    Anyone else having the issue of getting the game with Enterprise 10?
  37. Carouselambra

    Must See 360º Tornado Video of the Day

    It took me a full minute into the video to realize I had to turn the camera around.. lol
  38. Carouselambra

    Windows 8 Users Must Upgrade To Windows 10 Now

    I enjoyed 8.1 more than 10. 10 is alright but at this point I've given up caring.