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    warm - LG 34UM95-P 34" 5ms GTG QHD UltraWide IPS Panel w/*Free TLoU PS4 bundle $900

    Yeah you don't HAVE to play it on this. You are buying a PC monitor and you are getting a couch gamer as an added bonus.
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    warm - LG 34UM95-P 34" 5ms GTG QHD UltraWide IPS Panel w/*Free TLoU PS4 bundle $900 *So Newegg has this, though keep in mind currently this monitor can be found online for $750 so you're looking at...
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    Tom Clancy Humble Bundle

    Caveat emptor for at most $10 and at minimum a buck or 2?!? It is an old ass game, always research old ass games!
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    Humble Bundle - Borderlands

    Yes they do in fact usually suck. Borderlands has been out for quite a while now so given the price if you don't own the games this is a fantastic deal and yes that includes the season pass.
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    (2) EVGA Classified 780's with backplates

    Buy it now is definitely not an auction.
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    Crucial M4 128GB SSD (Refurb) - $29 + FreeShip

    Its due to the overwhelming amount of response the sale got. Once it hit slickdeals it blew up. They don't have the stock to fill all the refurb orders. At the price any sane person should have expected the order to be cancelled or an extended wait time or hell even both.
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    Crucial M4 128GB SSD (Refurb) - $29 + FreeShip

    According to my email it was 323am when I ordered.
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    Crucial M4 128GB SSD (Refurb) - $29 + FreeShip

    I got in fairly early on the deal and as of 140pm CST it is still in process.
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    Crucial M4 128GB SSD (Refurb) - $29 + FreeShip

    Yeah I'm there with you! Hopefully it doesn't change!
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    Beware of using 6-pin to 8-pin PCI-E adapters.

    Yeah, yeah you are completely wrong. You did shit completely half ass and now you are trying to "warn" people that the sky is falling! Use the correct components and you won't have any problems.
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    Nexus 9 Tablet $50 off! $349.99

    Check Amazon warehouse deals. I got a brand new Nexus 9 with a scratched but UNOPENED box for $288 a couple weeks ago.
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    "Invalid product key entered" for Win7 key I've been using for years

    I just built a new PC and was trying to download an official ISO from MS using my product key(Win 7 Ultimate that I won from MS) it denied me repeatedly saying that the language choosen (english) was incorrect. Huh? Incorrect? How? I finally gave up and 3rd partied it as I was trying to get...
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    Microcenter:Free MSI Z97 Gaming 5 after $10 rebate with purchase of intel CPU!!

    According to my sales invoice from the other day, Westmont IL had 92 in stock.
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    Need help choosing which distro to go with for a NAS setup

    Currently my gaming and HTPC are doing double duty and both hosting files all willy nilly! I just upgraded my gaming rig(long over-do) so I have enough parts to setup a NAS server. Requirements: Be accessible to Win 7 and rasperry PI's Able to be controlled remotely whether it involves a...
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    Microcenter:Free MSI Z97 Gaming 5 after $10 rebate with purchase of intel CPU!!

    Went to MC for a Raspberry Pi 2 to play with, came home with all sorts of parts! Bastard OP for posting this! My checkbook hates you!
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    is this legit?

    They have a feedback of 6, you tell me if it's legit? If it's too good to be true, it usually is.
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    Best Buy Deal of the Day: BluRays

    But it's the princess bride and it's semi-often referred to on various sites and memes. I know when I find something I'm out of the loop on that every finds hilarious I try to figure out why.
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    Free Game Time 48hrs Titanfall

    So I managed to play 1 hour, 3 rounds of gameplay, before my HDD gave up the ghost. That sucked. Though not my cup of tea I would have liked to spend a little more than 3 rounds before I made a decision on it. Those that haven't bought it, it seems like the type of game that if you like no...
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    Nexus 7 (2013) 16GB - $169.99 Brand New

    Ive found if you use it a lot,especially if laying down, the weight of larger tablets gets to be quite annoying. Either your arms get tired or you have your chin touching your sternum.
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    Cannot write to DVD-R please insert a RE-Writable disc?

    They can only be re-burned X amount of times. Also I believe when creating a disc, depending on software used, it is possible to mark them as no longer burnable.
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    Sniper Elite V2 Free on Steam

    Click on play now it will ask to install it and then will be available.
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    HOT: Mass Effect Trilogy PC (Download) $9.89 at

    Dude, thats the entire point of the game. It isn't just a RPG nor is it a FPS. All of the conversations are meant to suck you into the game and eventually you start to care about the characters and the story that they build for you.
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    HOT: Mass Effect Trilogy PC (Download) $9.89 at

    It's PC, the whole reason for playing is better graphics and the use of a keyboard and mouse. I am a die hard fan and have the trilogy with all DLC on both Xbox and PC. I vastly prefer the PC version. If you suck at using a keyboard and mouse for game play then stick with the console version.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    And I am a dick for asking for proof that they wont hit and run by screen shotting their client or another site they belong to. Like others, I got my invite here but, I rarely hand any out now.
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    Any time there is a story line game, yes it helps to play the previous one but it is not a necessity.
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    After 7 attempts and 20 minutes I finally got the first Origin key to activate! woohoo! I love over-loaded servers! And the Sims 3 DLC disappeared due to technical difficulties so the little blurb says.
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    Grrr I bit as well. These bundles keep coming up with decent titles and somehow I need to find more hours in the day. I'm getting to be like some women and their shoe buying problem. It was on sale, had to buy it!
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    20 hours in, cant ger Crossfire to work

    Seen as there is a question about the legitimacy of the 40a 1200 watt power supply can you provide the brand and model number? Also as this was a working configuration in your friends PC and to AVOID spending any money can you ask your friend to pull his PSU and test it on your system? This...
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    Time for a replacement?

    What case are you using? It seems like you keep eating video cards and the only common denominator is the case. My guess is that it is an old case that isn't up to snuff with modern parts. EDIT: I see the power supply wasn't replaced either, though I still think it is a cooling issue, what...
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    GTX460 $50 refurb 1 yr warranty after rebate Tiger Direct

    ahh hahahaha hahaah Dick ;) Just in case it's lost, as print can often do, I am kidding with the dick comment. Just a major tease thats all.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Pm me a screenshot from other torrents(or your client) with current ratio(above 2:1) to prove you aren't a hit and quit it kind of guy(or gal) and include your email address so I can send an invite.
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    New Nexus 7 July 20..anyone?

    It needs an adapter for using the USB port. Im drawing a blank on the proper name of it right now. (slamming head against desk isn't rattling it loose)
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    Any cheap $50-$60 card comparable to a 9800GT

    I ended up having to checkout with my tablet using google payment but the code WALLET took the $15 off.
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    Any cheap $50-$60 card comparable to a 9800GT

    Nice find. I've been looking for a sub $100 card and this just totally won out! Thanks!
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    30% off Defiance coupon

    Through the 4th of July $32 for PC download at Gamestop using coupon code FIREWORKS-UYOK-ABRL-LSFO
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    Iptorrent Invites

    What dj_2004 said. As I already told another user, if you aren't a member of ANY torrent sites jumping into a private tracker most likely isn't for you. I am NOT asking for the impossible, a screen shot FROM IPT, I am asking just to prove you use torrents and have a good ratio. I honestly...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Either people don't read ANY of the other posts or are to damn lazy to take a screenshot and send a PM. Just an FYI to the people that can't/won't send a screenshot when we offer to send you an invite it is our account on the line if you decide to be a hit it and quit it user.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Pm me a screenshot with current ratio to prove you aren't a hit and quit it kind of guy(or gal) and include your email address so I can send an invite.
  39. S invite codes

    If you're going to ask for something at least follow the directions I posted that resulted in you asking me for an invite. Damn slackers! ;)
  40. S invite codes

    PM me a screen shot of your current ratio on your client and/or tracker and I will shoot you an invite(obviously provided you aren't a hit it and quit it kind of user)!