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    Supermicro IPMI Password Disclosure

    Many of you may already be aware, but since so many of us use SuperMicro boards - this is important information!
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Check cables, PSU and memory. I suspect nothing is wrong with the disks. ECC? How old is the PSU? Change cables! :)
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    The repository "" has a lot of pre-packaged download managers.
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    The perfect ZFS home server motherboard.

    Too bad - with that amount of trouble this looks like this is a dead end for a cheap portable NAS :(
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    The perfect ZFS home server motherboard.

    Anyone got more success stories with this mainboard?
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    zrep modified for speed

    For anyone using this I have patched the latest release of zrep (1.0.1). Just follow instructions in my previous post to use the following patch 684a685,694 > > portnumber=0 > while [ "$portnumber" -le 10000 ] > do > portnumber=$RANDOM > let...
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    what do you keep on HDDs?

    You guys are funny! I just have a copy of the internet laying around, in case it goes down.
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    Best medium to store backups for 5-10 years?

    It all depends on a lot of factors. To me, a tape drive solution requires a lot of stuff - a working tape-reader, a server which accepts the tape drive interface (SCSI?), the correct software and knowing what software was used, not easy to verify that the media is working each year etc. etc. In...
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    Buying NAS : do I make a good choice ?

    Everyone would view this subject differently I guess. It all depends on how important the data is, what capacity you need, and how bad a disaster scenario would play out. Offsite backups is a must whatever you choose. I have a solution that is far beyond most companies storing much more...
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    Buying NAS : do I make a good choice ?

    No RAID-5 without ECC ram is not safe for me. Google "raid 5 write hole". And the fact that everything is lost if another drive dies during recovery situations should worry you (I've been there recently, where two drives died in a raid!) The components required to build a NAS with server grade...
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    Buying NAS : do I make a good choice ?

    A lot of people need more storage than a off-the-shelf NAS would provide. I've got 50TB worth of raw diskspace now, but running out of space all the time. My question is - how do people get by with 6-bay NAS boxes without ECC or any good way of knowing if their data is safe...? :)
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    Help! SSD died with ESXi/zfs setup.

    Problem is that a lot of people don't backup their VMs since it actually is a bit of a pain to set up. I tend to opt for backing up the filesystem of my OS (zfs replication to my main storage) instead of backing up the VM itself.
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    How many 8087-SATA cable types are there?

    If you were to create a JBOD case yourself I think you need another type of cable (reverse breakout) and certanly if you want to connect a backplane to induvidual sata connectors on a motherboard. I agree that this is a confusing subject! However I seem to fail most on the length of the cables...
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    Should I switch?

    I have a bike and a car - should i just swap them for a motorcycle and a hybrid? Sorry - couldn't resist. :)
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    Anyone using ST4000VN000 ?

    Ah :) Probably the reason I ended up with 10-disk arrays in the first place :) 3 years goes by so fast!
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    ZFS Scrub - many checksum errors towards end. Where should I look?

    Keep in mind that scrubs does "first in first check" sort of - so your theory about it beeing the latest data is probably correct.
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    ZFS Scrub - many checksum errors towards end. Where should I look?

    I would suspect PSU, memory (even ECC ram can get bad), cables (both IO and power) and the expander. Try to locate the fault using dummy data on other drives before messing around with your real data (get some old ones or spares to test with).
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    Anyone using ST4000VN000 ?

    Do you have any reference to this. I based my thinking on what sub.mesa said around the time I configured my 2TB drives (3 yrs ago) so things might have changed. "128KiB for 10-disk RAID-Z2 = 128KiB / 8 = 16KiB. Ideally you...
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    Anyone using ST4000VN000 ?

    Any issues regarding noise or vibration compared to others?
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    The nice thing about using a cheap IBM 1015 adapter is that it's easy to move to another system if needed (say you need two adapters in a system for a short time). I have at least 7 of them... BTW: I've bricked HBA adapters in the past so be thorough when flashing...
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    Anyone using ST4000VN000 ?

    Great guys, I'll try to aquire 8 of them. I'm leaning towards 8+8+8 raidz2 arrays instead of 10 disk since the rebuild times should be faster, might be a bit faster than 10 disks, possible to get a whole array on one controller, and it suits a possible 24-disk case better for the future.
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    Anyone using ST4000VN000 ?

    My 2TB HDDs are dying... One died while replacing another one here now in one of my 10 disk RAIDZ2 configurations, and I really have to do something with my setup (as well as cross my fingers for the next 8hrs or so - 10% done of 16TB...) Anyone using or planing on installing ST4000VN000 yet...
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    Seagate 4TB Vs WD 3TB Red (can't decide)

    Using a brand you trust can often be irrational but is understandable. It really doesn't make anyone an idiot. I think it's just a matter of trying to beat the odds - using raidz2, getting drives that "support" NAS usage etc. But what is really crucial is the ability to detect and act on...
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    HighPoint Launches First 40-Port SATA 6 Gb/s HBA

    Looking at the picture of it, it looks great, but also like a cable nightmare with connectors so close to motherboard and back of case.
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    ZFS pool errors under Napp-it and OI

    IMHO even ECC memory could corrupt data. I would MD5 all your files and compare them to your (oldest) backup. Some types of files have internal checksums you can check as well (FLAC, RAR etc) If your data was corrupt when when writing them to ZFS, they will of course be corrupt on disk as well -...
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    Help with Poor ZFS Performance

    Are you running in a native or virtual environment ?
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    Ideal solution for storing large music archive

    This is a good idea. I did a lot of FLAC ripping a few years back, and seem to recall that there is a checksum/CRC that was created at encode-time, and can be checked for detecting corrupted FLAC files. Keep in mind that a MD5 would change if you edit any tags in the file. An internal...
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    X9SCM-F Issues (network, memory, latency)

    Are you refering to a firmware fix or is this just on OpenIndiana? I plan to either use OpenIndiana barebone, or package it in ESXi like my other servers. As i don't even plan on using both network cards, those $40 extra is better spent on RAM :) I'm buying and picking up directly from a...
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    X9SCM-F Issues (network, memory, latency)

    I am about to buy another X9SCM-F for a build using a Ivy Bridge CPU. Anyone still having huge problems with this combination?
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    Backup for 5-10TB+ Systems

    I wrote my own script that backs up based on the MD5 on the file. I have a database of what files (MD5) relatives have and don't backup those. If your data is "common" or if you share with friends or relatives this could reduce your offsite backup-requirements quite a lot.
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    Zrep incompatibility problem with OpenIndiana

    To bad the licence isn't GPL, or we could get a fork going on this focusing on OI :) Please submit a patch here if you manage to solve some of the issues!
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    Zrep incompatibility problem with OpenIndiana

    Sorry - yes I get the same problem with volumes. I don't use them though, why would you? (still using iscsi?)
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    Zrep incompatibility problem with OpenIndiana

    I have ZFS v28 on all my servers - donno if that counts. root@marty:/root# uname -a SunOS marty 5.11 oi_151a5 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris root@marty:/root# zfs create bowl/test root@marty:/root# zrep -i bowl/test future backup/test Setting properties on bowl/test Ancient local version of ZFS...
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    New Toshiba Drives DT01ABA300 - info / stats

    What is the difference between DT01ACA and DT01ABA? Edit: Nevermind I found the specs :)
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    Problem flashing m1015

    I'm not 100% sure, but seem to recall that when modified the m1015 doesn't blink any more... :)
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    Problem flashing m1015

    Flash the card without mptsas2.rom if you can't disable the rom for add-on cards in bios (can't remember exactly what the option is called). You might also want to try setting "legacy rom" to "EFI compatible rom" in your bios if you have that.
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    Zrep incompatibility problem with OpenIndiana

    zrep works great for me in OpenIndiana
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    DVD Rom SATA power connector caught fire - should I be concerned?

    I've seen a lot of different junk adapters, that's why I build my own cables now. Some are AWG20, some have the black cables (ground) mixed (I don't know if this is a problem though). But this still makes me a tiny bit worried...
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    zrep modified for speed

    Hi! I don't know how many who use zrep ( but it is a great way to replicate stuff between ZFS boxes. Problem is that it uses SSH and that means performance suffers (atleast for me - I only get like 30MB/s). That's fine for small transfers but not for initial...
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    Filling 2TB HD to the max = Failure?

    Chill! I didn't want to start a big debate here, just suggesting that the evidence isn't clear as to if temperature impacts failures. As I always use RaidZ-2 I don't really care to much about a disk-failure - but then again I've had about (rough estimate) 25 2TB drives, 7 1,5 TB drives, 10...