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    screen monitoring

    So I run a computer lab at a university, and I need a way to visually see what the user is seeing on their screen from my computer. The problem I have here, is that people tend to look at inappropriate stuff and by the time I am able to walk around and see it, they have already closed/minimized...
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    Text Size increase/decrease problem in IE

    Throughout my sites design, I checked to see if the text would resize every once in a while. Now all of a sudden text resize doesn't work in IE, but it still functions correctly in FF/Opera. I made a good amount of changes to the css before I came across this problem... My question is if...
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    Creative X-Fi

    Just saw this on creatives page with a 9 day countdown. Anyone know anything about this?
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    Chaintech ZNF3-150 post problem

    I got a Chaintech ZNF3-150 and a socket 754 3000+ from a guy off anand forums. My problem is that whenever I try and boot I get a long beep every 5 seconds. Starting from the beginning. I tried to put the cpu in and it wouldn't drop in like it normally does, two pins were bent a little and I...
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    Need help finding a sound sample

    Hey all, I need to get my hands on a sample of some audience noise in say, a stadium for a football game. I've searched for the last 20 minutes on google and couldn't find anything. Any help appreciated!
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    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum $100 after MIR

    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum 168.99 - 70MIR = 98.99 The lowest I saw on pricegrabber was 160 or 150. Pretty good deal if u wanna wait for the rebate.
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    Do I need a new psu?

    So im getting a 6800gt in a few days and currently in my comp are the items listed below. Currently I have the Enermax EG465P-VE. It's a 431watter with a 20A +12v line and a 44A +5v line. I have noticed some stability issues currently when clocking my 2500+ to a 3200+ @ 1.75V I have the...
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    My Fry's dealing

    At about 3pm today I finally bit the bullet and gave up on finding a good deal for a BFG 6800GT and decided to buy one for 400 bucks. I called fry's and asked the person, very specifically, 'do you have any bfg 6800gt's in stock?'. The person responded yes, and even said he was holding one in...