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  1. AngeloBJ

    Microsoft Criticizes FCC Broadband Report

    I can't speak for the rest of the country, but I work for a rural ISP in East Texas and I can tell you that people there are gettin nowhere NEAR 25mb and the providers that 'advertise' 25mb are full of CRAP
  2. AngeloBJ

    Project: Fu*k Cancer

    Swapped out the black LL120s today for white ones. I like this look MUCH better!
  3. AngeloBJ

    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    Finally joined the club right before christmas! Pics in my Build Log Got her up to 2070mhz and 8000mhz on the memory. (TimeSpy) I guess it's not a bad score. I don't have much of a point of reference. It's one hell of an upgrade from my 970FTW though!
  4. AngeloBJ

    Project: Fu*k Cancer

    So I started working on planning the water cooling loop today. I want to do something silly with 2 resos and a standalone pump. I'm still playing with ideas but built this in SketchUp this week. It's still a work in progress...mainly because my Sketchup skills progress. But...
  5. AngeloBJ

    Activision Is Selling a Single Dot in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for $1

    You get a dot! You get a dot! YOU get a dot! You defiantly get a dot! Dots for everybody!
  6. AngeloBJ

    Activision Is Selling a Single Dot in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for $1

    Remember when you had to put 2 quarters into the videogame to play....we've finally come full circle. :P
  7. AngeloBJ

    So is overclocking a 9600K as easy just needing to fiddle with two settings ?

    That's basically it. Now there are, depending on your motherboard, TOND of things you can do to ensure that the processor runs as efficient and stable as possible with the clocking information you request of it. Load Line, cash voltages, etc. But those are really advanced topics. For newcomers...
  8. AngeloBJ

    Project: Fu*k Cancer

    More work today! Got the layout for the cable on the backside of the case done. I'm going to sleeve and re-run all of this when I install the custom power cables but this is how it it will look. And the vertical GPU bracket came in: I also did some overclocking on the AIO. I got the...
  9. AngeloBJ

    i5 8600K issues, questions, and request for recommendations

    I'm sorry. I went back a I'm sorry I went back and looked at my notes and I actually was at. 1.37v. But... I switched to an Asus Z390 Prime board and started over. I'm Currently at 4.8 on 1.22v. I'm hitting max temps now so it seems like I don't have a terribly shitty chip after all!
  10. AngeloBJ

    i5 8600K issues, questions, and request for recommendations

    Issues: I have an 8600K that I picked up this past summer. It ran stock until about a month ago when I decided to try to get an OC out of it. I started with a Mugen 5 Rev. B cooler. I was able to get it up to 5ghz before hitting hitting 80c but I had to push 1.135v to it. But at that speed I...
  11. AngeloBJ

    Project: Fu*k Cancer

    Oops /fixt
  12. AngeloBJ

    Project: Fu*k Cancer

    Here are some photos from Phase 1. The 011 Dynamic straight out of the box: Naked and afraid: With the PSU installed. I was a little pissed at the shade of white on the RM850....If it pisses me off too bad I may have to paint it. I ordered a second glass door for the back's...
  13. AngeloBJ

    Project: Fu*k Cancer

    Sooooo much has happened since the end of October and NOTHING related to building myself a showpiece. Long story wife lost her battle with breast cancer the week before Christmas so as you all can imagine...the last month has been hectic. But...Since I need something to keep me busy I...
  14. AngeloBJ

    Volkswagen Toolmaking Tests the World's First 3D Printed Titanium Brake Caliper

    My favorite part....besides the fact that the wheel was HAULING ASS...was this: "increased construction rate has made it cheaper than traditional manufacturing and other 3D metal printing technologies" Yet we all know it will be 10x the cost. :P
  15. AngeloBJ

    011 Dynamic Second Side Panel

    Does anyone know where one might purchase a second glass side panel for the 011 Dynamic? Most of the retailers I've contacted offer no help. I've also emailed Lian Li directly, but I thought some of you might have more info.
  16. AngeloBJ

    FCC Panel Suggests Taxing Business Internet Usage to Pay for Rural Broadband

    Complete garbage! I work at an ISP that specializes in fixed wireless to extreme rural areas...We pay for our infrastructure out of pocket! Every tower, every router, every switch, every antenna, every mile of cable. But the BIG BAD AT&T wants it for free? F'uck that....
  17. AngeloBJ

    Innodisk Launches 4K M.2 Graphics Card

    As long at it's not $1400 dollars it will do well I think! :P
  18. AngeloBJ

    Bethesda Support Ticket System Leaked Customer Information

    Just when you thought they couldn't f'ck it up anymore...
  19. AngeloBJ

    Cryptocurrency Prices Plummet Even More

    Maybe now normal people will be able to buy video cards again soon.
  20. AngeloBJ

    Robots Replace Waiters at the 'Robot.He' Restaurant in Shanghai

    Lemme get this straight....they took a $2.14 an hour job and replaced it with a $5000 robot, but yet I still cant get the jackass at McDonalds to learn the difference between diet Coke and regular Coke...
  21. AngeloBJ

    Destiny 2 on PC = Free

    Winner Winner
  22. AngeloBJ

    Destiny 2 on PC = Free

    Which is about $30 more than it's actually worth but news is news.... It's for PC only and only available through November 18. Read the full article here: If you already have the launcher you'll see a gift box...
  23. AngeloBJ

    Does the 1000D really not support 2x140 exhaust fans?

    I see what you did there! Good luck! Take a pic when you get her all mocked up!
  24. AngeloBJ

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App Files Hint at PC Version

    YES! There is hope! I really didn't want to buy another console!
  25. AngeloBJ

    No Man Sky Goes Underwater with Abyss Update

    I love how the article sais... I mean...that's one way of putting it. I guess I'll check it out. I mean, I gotta get my money out of that title SOMEHOW
  26. AngeloBJ

    Creative Launches Super X-Fi Amp

    Is anyone else distracted by the way they say SXFI (Sexfi) in their iPhone video? Also....I didn't get my email either......
  27. AngeloBJ

    Smart Sam's Club Store Opening in Dallas Next Week

    This is it! Computers are taking over! Eh...It's in Dallas. No one works up there anyway. (NOTE: Just a little Houston/Dallas $h!t talk. No one get your panties in a wad)
  28. AngeloBJ

    Does the 1000D really not support 2x140 exhaust fans?

    Ya after seeing your measurement (Ruler Pic) This might be your best option. You only have to take 3-4mm off 2mm from each fan. Your redesign will work too, I just personally don't like using exhaust air for radiators.
  29. AngeloBJ

    Cases - New Build - Phanteks, Lian Li, Corsair.

    Ok. Ok...that's fair. But surely not the norm. Given the recent update, I changed my vote as well. I'm glad to see you've seen the light. :p
  30. AngeloBJ

    Cases - New Build - Phanteks, Lian Li, Corsair.

    Oh common now....when was the last time you used a reset button. Hold the power for 5 seconds.....Bob's your uncle. :p
  31. AngeloBJ

    China Is Hijacking the US Internet Backbone

    As long as they don't redirect my pr0n....
  32. AngeloBJ

    2080ti 2080 Ownership Club

    I don't know you...but I hate you so hard right now....
  33. AngeloBJ

    Does the 1000D really not support 2x140 exhaust fans?

    Here's the best part: They say it does!
  34. AngeloBJ

    Does the 1000D really not support 2x140 exhaust fans?

    Maybe some good feedback for Corsair. That big ass case and it doesn't fit 2 140's The other solution...if you don't want to sand the fans, is to Dremel the slots on the case and make them longer.
  35. AngeloBJ

    Why does this happen when my monitor goes to sleep on higher refresh rates then 60Hz ?

    I'm a dumbass....Could this be the problem?
  36. AngeloBJ

    Cases - New Build - Phanteks, Lian Li, Corsair.

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the 011 Dynamic. I don't care for that...thing...they put on the front of the air though. The Enthoo pro...I mean...who uses 5 1/4 bays now days? And if you remove them, you're still stuck with the covers. Now if I wanted to put an LCD in there...or a reservoir them...
  37. AngeloBJ

    So, you should always measure....

    What! Looks fine to me! :P Put a towel over it. No one will notice.
  38. AngeloBJ

    Does the 1000D really not support 2x140 exhaust fans?

    Take the faces of the fans that touch, and hit them with some 300 grit sand paper till they fit. Tape the sand paper to a flat surface and rub the fans across it, that way they wear evenly.