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    Apple announces over the ear headphones called the Apple AirPods Max...Price? $549 My first [H] News post so be nice guys! Apple is out of their mind yet people will probably pay it I'm sure.
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    Amazon Echo (New, not Refurbished) for $74.99
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    $200 Target Gift Card for Trade in of ANY iPad Yep, even 1st generation iPads are eligible. Only caveat is no cracked screen and it has to power on. The gift card can be used for anything and it's not required to turn back...
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    I'm in love...

    With my Lumia 920. Got it this week and what an awesome phone it is. Takes the best pictures I've ever seen on a phone, WP8 is fast, fluid, stable and extremely easy to use, and, it's just darn sexy to look at. I've had an original iPhone, Droid OG, Droid X, Palm Pre 2, and currently...
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    Just a heads up, Nokia Lumia 920 is free at MS Store right now

    Just a heads up for those of you considering a 920. MS store has them free right now (with 2 year agreement of course). All colors available too. See here: Linky to MS store with all the colors...
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    Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel $19.99 from Amazon (Lightning Deal, Hurry)

    Ripped from SD. Good deal for sure but I think it may be a lightning deal so you better hurry!
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    HTC Incredible 4G is now Official

    4.0" qHd screen, Sense 4.0, ICS 4.0, 4G LTE, S4 Processor. I see what they did there. Supposedly, it's going to go for $149 which means it's exactly what I thought it...