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    Why no Ghz progress?

    The wikipedia page explains it pretty well. An actual example of when out-of-order execution is advantageous takes enough time that its OT for this thread. And to answer your second question, no, neither the software nor the compiler needs...
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    Why no Ghz progress?

    Here's the math for you... In a processor, P = ACV^2f + tAVIshortf +VIleak Where A is the activity factor, C is the capacitance of the project, V is the voltage, f, is the frequency, t is the non-ideal switching time, Ishort is the short-circuit current in the transistors, and Ileak is the...
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    AMD's 128bit Bulldozer is a potential game changer

    Hyperthreading is a way of increasing the IPC - all it does is utilize pipe stalls for doing something useful rather than burn them. Essentially, HT is always going to provide a positive gain in performance, so it is something that would be beneficial for them to look at. There are a lot of...
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    Computer Engineering

    The best way is to get an internship, preferably with a well known company. Most larger companies will give preference to someone who has worked for them in the past. IBM, for example, does hundreds of internships every year; since it costs them roughly $5000 to put someone into their system...
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    Heat Issues with Opty 165

    iirc, its a CCBWE. The problem appears to be solved. I pulled the cpu out and looked at it, and the lid isn't anywhere close to flat, so I applied a little more as5 on the low parts. Apparently, that's where core 1 was, because now core 1 stays the same as core 2, and they're both around...
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    Heat Issues with Opty 165

    Yes... the heatsink has been installed correctly, and the as5 has burned in... temps dropped about 1-2C since I first installed it about 2 weeks ago. I'm an old hat at overclocking, but this is my first time doing a dual core, so the core temps being up to 10C different at times kind of freaked...
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    Heat Issues with Opty 165

    I have an Opty 165 with an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 on a DFI Lanparty DR-SLI expert. I was using the paste that came with the freezer 64, and I couldn't get it past 2.6 ghz (9x289) because of heat issues (core 1 was 60C under prime95), so I decided to move to AS5. With it applied, my idle...
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    VIA VB8001 Motherboard; available now?

    So I was wrong... there is a dual-core version coming.
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    I've used 3 and always had good experiences with them.
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    Baby Destroyed Flash Drive -- Repairable?

    I had the exact same thing happen about a month ago to a flash drive. I just did what 450 suggested and soldered on a cable. It looks ugly as butt, but it works now. The electronics inside are pretty difficult to damage, so I would bet that they are safe.
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    Which computer is the fastest?

    That's why there's [H]:D
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    Asus laptops?

    The build quality is high. Asus is def a brand I recommend.
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    I have to choose between 2 systems

    Yah... my bad.
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    I have to choose between 2 systems

    EDIT: wow I misread that
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    TF2 and the cheapest upgrade path

    What settings are you currently playing at?
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    TF2 and the cheapest upgrade path

    hmm... Back when I had a single-core athlon and and the 8800 in sig, I was getting good fps at 1600x1200. I didn't ever measure them, but I never noticed any slowdowns. So I'd tend to say gpu would be the better upgrade. More ram would def be a good call too though. I regularly hit or exceeded...
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    Phenom 2 Launch Plans.

    Yeah... I just got an opteron. I'm glad to hear AMD's coming out with something good. I'll let ya'll know how it is in about three years when I can get it for uber cheap:rolleyes: When I graduate and roll in the dough, it will be a different story though:D If all of this is true, it will...
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    Best GPU I can get with 500watt psu?

    What he said.
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    tripple boot question

    Interesting. I've never gone that way, so I've never run into that problem. I've always had windows installed and then installed linux, and then used grub for everything, so I guess it took care of the mbr.
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    USB Issues on DFI Lanparty UT NF4 DR-SLI

    You were right ace... there was no jumper on there. But when I put the jumper on to set it to 5V and plug in the header for the front usb ports, it won't boot into windows unless I unplug and then replug a usb device attached to the system. If I either don't have the jumper on or don't have the...
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    tripple boot question

    boot into linux and use parted to shrink either your windows or linux partition. Then install xp on the blank space. After your done, go into /boot/grub/menu.lst (I think) and add something like title Windows Xp rootnoverify (hd0,0) makeactive chainloader +1 except change hd0,0 to...
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    430W PSU and 9800 GTX

    Very true. I was just posting that as an absolute maximum number.
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    USB Issues on DFI Lanparty UT NF4 DR-SLI

    Once I get into windows, the usb works fine (except for the front ports). I have it set to 1.1+2.0 in the bios. I'll def check the jumper for the headers though... that's a good call.
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    430W PSU and 9800 GTX

    "The GeForce 9800 GTX GPU itself is manufactured on a 65nm process and contains 754 million transistors, making it actually more complex than the G80. The video card as a whole is also rated at 156 watts TDP, which is 29 watts less than the GeForce 8800 GTX video card which weighs in at 185...
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    USB Issues on DFI Lanparty UT NF4 DR-SLI

    I just picked up a DFI Lanparty UT NF4 DR-SLI Expert and an Opty 165 to replace my aging 754 system. I'm having two issues with the usb on the board. First, I can't get the usb headers to work. No matter what I plug in, nothing is recognized. Is there some bios setting I'm missing, or did...
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    430W PSU and 9800 GTX

    Xclio is another decent company that I have found to produce reasonably priced, high quality psus. Even though yours is theoretically rated at high enough handle your system, low quality psus often exagerate their specified amperage so as to gain a higher wattage rating. Therefore, while...
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    Your MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Wishlist

    That sucks. I was enjoying imagining using a wireless usb mouse (cause I don't have bluetooth on it). Is anyone else producing chips?
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    'rugged' computer??

    I just bought one and I tend to agree. The only thing on the machine that doesn't feel rock solid is the plastic panel where the palmrests/touchpad are. You remove that panel to get to the ram and such, so it has to be easy to remove, but it feels a little flimsy to me. That is one minor...
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    430W PSU and 9800 GTX

    The energy efficiency relates to what percentage of the power coming from the wall is actually used to power stuff in the computer. What he is looking for is the large sticker on the side of most PSUs that says how many watts are available on each voltage rail. iirc, the power draw for a 9800...
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    430W PSU and 9800 GTX

    Honestly, it depends on the quality of the Rosewill, which is usually low. If it was a high quality psu, you'd be fine. If it is not, you may have problems. What's the 12V rail rated at? My guess would be that your system is pulling somewhere around 300W, so how well it will work will depend on...
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    VIA VB8001 Motherboard; available now?

    No it is not. However, there was a video of it playing crysis released by via a while ago, so it appears to be fast enough without that. I wouldn't expect to see a dual core version any time soon either, since via has never done that before, and they generally stick to the ultra-low power areas...
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    Your MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Wishlist

    Wireless usb is easy to do. Several laptops available now come with it standard (such as my thinkpad T61p. There's not much use for it now, but its good to have for forward-compatibility.
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    Intel Core i7 and Gaming @ [H]

    What he said! But still a good article. It makes me feel really outdated.
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    Ubuntu 8.10 Released

    I've had 0 problems with nVidia's drivers in 8.10. The only reason I upgraded though was because it included a bug fix for my adaptec scsi controller. Darn thing would randomly hard-lock my computer in 8.04.
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    Photoshop PC Build - Final words of wisdom

    I can think of and regularly use many programs that flat-out do not work in any 64-bit os. Most of the ones I use are related to embedded systems programming (such as most Xilinx product). There are also still device driver issues for older devices, such as my large-format scsi scanner. However...
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    Question about dual screening

    Wow doesn't put a lot fo stress on anything. And you'll be fine. I run games like that all the time and leave my second monitor up and running. Unless it actually causes problems, there's no reason to turn off or disable the second monitor. Like was said, very few games support multiple...
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    i have a new lcd but i have a minor problem

    I had that problem before when I was using a dedicated video card, but had the computer's video set to integrated in the bios. Have you checked that?
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    Case torn apart, OK to test parts on a workbench?

    Yup... I do it all the time. If your workbench is wood or glass, then you are generally fine running everything right on top of it. If you want to be extra safe, do what everyone suggested and put the mobo on cardboard. Also, like Elledan said, don't do or touch anything you wouldn't while...
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    Athlon64 3200+ vs Pentium D 3.4 GHz

    The Pentium D would be faster. I would do it just for the video card upgrade though. If you're a gamer, moving from a 68** to a 79** would help a lot more than the processor upgrade, although a 3200 is cutting it a little close for gaming. But then I'm one to talk, since I'm gaming on one right...
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!