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    Pentium 2 help

    Yes.. you read that right- I need help with an intel pentium 2 CPU. Ive installed and removed hundreds of slot 1 cpus over the years, but ive never had to remove a cooler. Im attaching a picture- the CPU with the cooler is a p3-500 hopefully the donor cooler on the left is the P2 350- i need...
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    Help with ESX issues! SOLVED

    Hey folks, I need a little help. Installed ESXi 6.5 on my ryzen system, and im trying to update it with some drivers for my onboard network card, and I get this error and I dont know whats wrong [root@localhost:~] esxcli software vib update -d /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/net55-...
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    What are people running for low power virtualization hosts now?

    Im mainly interested to know hardware wise, but software too. I can install and run Vmware esxi (Who cant?) and thats fine, ive had trouble figureing out other hypervisor replacements. I need low power, ideally an ok thread count for cpus, and good ammount of ram. any ideas that wont break...
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    Supermicro Server questions

    Its not possible to run a standard atx motherboard in a 2u supermicro chassis is it? I was hoping to replace the server motherboard with an Ryzen system and use the case since it has the drive bays in front... Seems possible so far with an adapter cable for the front panel pins, but theres...
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    Vmware CPU Issues

    Im running a supermicro server, its got dual E5-2650's 8c/16t This is the version im running 6.5.0 Update 3 (Build 17477841) The issue im having is I cannot add more than 1 cpu per VM. it allows me to add 1cpu socket the selector for core count is greyed out at 1 I cannot figure out how to...
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    new FS/FT rule?

    Kyle can we make a mandatory rule that for items priced above 100$ that pictures of the item along with serial number must be provided? or something like that? Also maybe require like written time stamp with account name or something? I know some memebers used to do that.
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    Waterblock for RTX 2060 Super?

    Do such blocks exist? also How big of a radiator do you think the card needs on its own?
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    Brother wants to trade cards- help

    I have a Radeon 6700XT i bought during the shortage from a friend My oldest brother has an RTX 2060 Super He has been mining on his card, mine has been mined on some, but much less than his. What do the rest of you think on trading? my big thing is I was never a radeon fan, just got a better...
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    SuperMicro Server

    Does anyone around here have good knowledge of Supermicro 2u servers? My virtualization host is showing a higher temperature on cpu2, and I feel like its because warm air from cpu1 is flowing into it, but I want to see if I am right and also what I can do about it
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    Freebie thread

    Would it be possible to have the perpetual freebie thread like, locked to the top of the FS/FT forum? Would be nice to always have it in one place rather than having to search for it or sit and scroll the pages to find it.
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    ABC Mouse computer

    I am setting up a computer for my son to use for ABC Mouse (its a kids learning site) Basically- I need advice on a simple way to control what he can do so he logs on the computer and cant do anything but what hes supposed to. Any thoughts?
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    Need help with gaming rig

    So to make a long story short. a while back i got a Ryzen 2700X 8c/16t great gaming cpu. running it in a gigabyte aorus m w/ b450 chipset. I hate this board. lots of random blue screen crashed when gaming. I need advice on a new mobo, case and video card maybe PSU as well. I need to make this...
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    methods for cleaning out older WC equipment?

    i got new tubing, and new XSPC coolant for a build im doing. the old coolant was some nasty thermaltake glycol crap. how do i best clean out and prep the pump and everything for new coolant? The colors will be drastically different sdo I dont want any green left over to mess up my new stuff...
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    Where to buy parts from?

    Ill keep this as simple as i can. I am liquid cooling an old socket 478 Pentium 4 build. I am trying to reuse as much as i can from an old Thermaltake big water 735 kit. pump/res in good shape, currently using them to clean out water block and rad. rad is in poor shape. lots of bent fins not...
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    Which PCIe for video card?

    Can i put my video card in my 2nd PCIe slot and a sound card in the one closes to the CPU? would like to feed sold air directly to my video card but my sound card is getting in the way!
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    Athlon 64 x2 bottlenecking?

    Running an Athlon 64 x2 with the following config Athlon 64 x2 3800+ 2gb (4x512mb) DDR400 ram (Kingston hyper x i think) GTX465 1gb graphics card 120gb SSD OS drive 240gb SSD Games/programs drive Having a weird issue where im getting graphical slowdowns and a loss of FPS playing Diablo 2...
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    Show your Athlon 64 rigs!

    Im bored. Show me pictures of your older Athlon 64 rigs! I am going to be building out an athlon 64 gaming rig in my Thermaltake Xaser III case. I feel like having a cool nostalgic build from my earlier gaming days! I want to see what set ups people had and find some cool things I can do with...
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    Advice on 80mm fans?

    Need to find some good 80mm fans that move a lot of air. No noctuas, the price is just outrageous
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    Plex: Tell me about your VM setup

    Tell me about your PLEX VM setups, also, any tips tricks or things I should add? Currently my VM is: 4x CPU 4GB ram OS like 60gb on SSD datastore Media storage is being set as a 3tb VHD on a 7.2tb setup (4x 2tb 6gb/sec i think raid 0) OS is Windows 2008 R2 Standard I should add that this is...
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    Server 08 on Dell R710

    I feel dumb asking, but simply I need help. I have never had issues installing windows on systems before, but when I tried to install Server 2008 R2 on my poweredge R710 it kept saying something like it couldn't install on a selected disk, I tried making an ISO with drivers for my H700 but it...
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    How to tell my server to shutdown when on ups power

    Tripplite sucks, most companies offer a pre-made VM i can deploy but they apparently dont. How do I tell my VM server to shutdown when the power fails? Tripplite gives a serial and a usb connection, was hoping to use serial for VM server as usb will be set to my synology nas to tell it to shut...
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    So it finally happened...

    After years I finally snagged a Thermaltake Xaser III off eBay! so tell me folks, is it possible to run a more modern system in these older cases? I currently run an i7-4790 thats liquid cooled, long story short I have been planning to dump the liquid cooler and go back to air fro a long time...
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    New lab switch

    Need a new switch, must be gigabit, rackmount, and managed. quiet and non power hungry is a plus, Needs SFp's I want to do fiber for my media server, 10gb is a possibility if someone can help me figure it out cheap. Thoughts?
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    New server rack

    Found this deal on Facebook. thinking it would be nice to replace the short depth rack I have currently. I cant seem to get the link to work nice. its a startech 36u 4 post open rack, 3 4u rackmount cases, dell 15" console, and a rackmount pdu all for 250 bucks I would be adding a Poweredge...
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    Recommend TV tuner card?

    Want to add a tv tuner card to my pc, needs to be low profile, will be connected to digital cable via coax. Just want to be able to watch a channel or two. Recording would be nice but not required Must be 30 bucks or less as I gotta fly under the wifes radar on this.
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    How to limit wifi speeds?

    I have a Ubiquiti Unifi AP-AC lite, the cheap 50$ edgerouter, and a 3com 4500g switch. I want to limit how much internet bandwith the wifi can use at a time (Im lagging out when gaming) How do I do this?
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    How do you clean a motherboard?

    This is sort of an odd case, This machine was laying on its side with an open case at my dads, it was a system my brother was going to put up for working on cars. long story short, dad spilled a large cup of coffee that was just right with creamer and sugar all over the motherboard. Nobody...
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    HP DL380 to R610 swap?

    Currently own an HP DL380 G6, 2x 6core xeons and 32gb of ram A good server dont get me wrong. but I am stuck because it is out of warranty and locked down by HP. My thought was to pick up a Dell R610 and swap in CPU and ram (May have to change disks not sure) Is it possible? am I out of line...
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    either Im dumb, OR freenas killed two of my thumb drives

    I made installation thumb drives for freenas, now no matter what computer I put them in they cause it to crash. Windows PC the drive causes instant BSOD and a reset ok i thought put it in a linux box to kill it, setup a ubuntu box, it cant mount it. Am I dumb? How do I erase these drives back...
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    Anyone else use Seagate Ironwolf drives?

    Had bought two 4tb ironwolf drives for my synology, worked great for 8 months, then one of the drives all the sudden started reallocating sectors like crazy. Thoughts? Happen to anyone else? I cant afford WD reds or I would have done that to begin with.
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    Whats the equivalent of an old R9 270x?

    Have a Toxic edition R9 270x. Wont fit in my new Fractal Node 804 chassis. Need help finding a short replacement, something the same era, I dont want a new expensive card. just something nvidia flavor that will fit in my case nicely and play Battlefield 4
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    Memory help? PleasE?

    I just picked up an Asus Q87M-E board off newegg to rebuild my gaming rig into a smaller footprint. Cannot get it to post. Talked to asus support they think my ram is the issue as its not in the supported list. I was feeding it a 16gig kit of Gskill Trident X DDR3-2400 and I get No video/no...
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    Need advice on an 1155 build

    So i bought one of jbort1984's i3 combos, and honestly for an i3 im impressed, its a quick little motherboard. I made a mistake when I ordered a Fractal 804 case for my gaming rig as my motherboard wont fit. So I want to upgrade the CPU in the i3 combo to an i5 or i7 so I can do some light...
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    Thermaltake Xaser III

    Anyone still have one laying around? have wanted one for many years and have never been able to find them. I found one listing on ebay.. but that wont go well im sure. anyways, anyone got eyes?
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    How do I undervolt an R9 270x?

    I have posted about this card before. seemed like the consensus at the time was that the card was starting to die a slow death. It was recommended that I undervolt it to make it more stable. How would I go about this?
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    Replacing R9 270x with 2x GTS 450 cards

    I hate this card with a passion, I am so tired of driver crashed playing battlefield 4 I am going to try swapping for dual GTS 450 cards I have lying around. Why? Because Im broke and annoyed! Anyone got thoughts on this?
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    I hate my Z97-AR... now what?

    This thing is a pile of crap. asus drivers suck. half the time they dont install properly and now everytime I restart windows I get 7 screens popping up telling me asus lost setup log files... so whats a better but not super expensiv e mobo for the 1150 socket?
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    Run programs from a server

    I want to have the ability to run things like microsoft office, and other office related work- but the catch is I do NOT want these programs on my gaming PC. I want to run them from a 2008 R2 server. If I want do do this, what do I need? a domain controller? DNS? I would like to be able to...
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    Help me decide on a new server this tax season!

    So as tax season is here. I am looking at options for a new server to replace my HP. a little info on my current vm server. HP DL380 G6 2x Xeon X5650 cpus (Six cores each/12 w/ HT) (24 cores total) 32gb of ram this is the 8x 2.5" drive version In all, this is an OK server. it runs what I...
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    Am I killing my SSD?

    I have a small esx host here the host OS runs on an SSD, and a linux vm and 1 windows VM. If I defragment that windows VM, amd I killing the ssd? i know ur not supposed to defrag an ssd. but this is a file within that right?