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    VHB tape to attach fan?

    I'm looking to add 1 maybe 2 more fans to the mesh metal side door on my case and was thinking of using small 1/16" 3M vhb tape to secure them. The mesh pattern doesn't line up with the hole pattern on my 120mm fans and I have a bunch of this tape laying around. Thought it might help with...
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    PS3 Headset Recommendations Please.

    I'm finally taking the plunge and getting a PS3, a friend of mine was trying to tell me that I had to use a headset that was made for the PS3. I told him I thought he was full of *@($ and that it should take any USB/Bluetooth headset. But before I run out and drop some cash on a good one I...
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    Best cooling for my rig?

    I've been pulling a few pieces together for my new @ home gaming build and would like some advice on CPU cooling and fan setup. My wife bought me this case for christmas last year (with no input from me). It's not exactly what I would have picked but I'm modding it and making due...
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    Clipping off AC'97 wires = hazard??

    I'm sleeving all my wires while I'm saving money for the rest of my new build. The Audio header HD connector has a AC'97 hanging off of it which looks awful, is their any reason I can't clip it off? I'll only be using this case for new comps, nothing old.
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    Tip for sleeving non molex wires

    I've been reading write ups for sleeving a power supply using staples, tweezers, modified screw drivers and everything else you can imagine, none of which was working for me. I finally found something I thought I'd post here for everyone else, using the staple method to depress the pins but...
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    Thanks [H] Contributers

    This might be the wrong place for this but I'll give it a shot anyway Wanted to give a little shout back to the people that took time out of their day to help me out. Just finished putting together a i7 920 photoshop build for work and it came out even better than I thought. Thanks for...
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    Thermal Paste question (new i7 build)

    I'm working on a new core i7 build for my boss and put a bit too much AS5 on so I cleaned it off and I'm about to give it another go. I used 99% iso alcohol with a few qtips. I didnt completely remove it from the cpu because I'm just gonna put more on. Note: this machine hasn't been turned on...
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    3k Budget Design Comp - Feedback please

    I've been away from PC building for a few years and I'm about to get back into it for my job. We're looking to replace our two design computers and have about a 3k budget (per computer). The budget basically just needs to cover the computer itself, no peripherals or monitors. Obviously if I...
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    SLK900-A fit a A7N8X-X?

    I have a A7N8X-X obviously...and I'm wanting ot upgrade the HSF to the SLK900-A so I can safely OC up to 3500+ I'm at 180 FSB right now and temps jumped a little bit but not bad. I noticed a line of caps just below the socket and I was wondering if this HS will fit correctly w/o having to bend...
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    Norton Internet Security 2004

    Girl I know is wondering if this is a decent program to use, she is having serious problems with pop ups and virus'. I personally use Kerio and dont really have problems with anything but shes doing this for her dad and wants something that he can do easily. If anyone has this, or has used it...
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    IP addy ranges

    Its been away since I studied these but does anyone remember what type of network coordinates with the address ranges. I've been getting ping flooded from ip address all starting in 12 half from a mchsi address and the other half from insightBB I was thinking an addy starting in 12 was...
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    Being ping flooded

    Ok so my computer started wigging out early last night. Turns out it was that blaster crap..well I got the update for it and scanned my pc for infected files..found 3 different I fixed all of them but I still get ping flooded from an IP address that my firewall is picking up. When I...
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    Horrible 3dmark03 results

    Just ran 3dmark03 for the first time this evening and my score came out at 800, the first game demo that it runs was cruising between 150-200 FPS most of the time seecond through fourth were no higher than 15 and usually less than 10. Not sure what the problem is. System specs are: Athlon XP...