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    Far Cry 3 Trailer

    Looks good!
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    Duke Nukem Forever review

    Well I think I'll be waiting a bit longer till the price drops.
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    HTC Thunderbolt

    You will want to turn off and turn the phone back on. Sounds like the number is coming from the sim card and not your phone #. A simple power cycle should fix it.
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    The Big Debate: Verizon Upgrade Now or Later?

    Yeah I'm returning my Thunderbolt phone today and think I'll wait for the incredible 2. Just can't handle the battery life.
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    Thunderbolt or Droid Charge?

    Funny I'm actually taking my TB back to Verizon today to get something else. The battery life just doesn't work for me. Turning off features that drew me to the phone in the first place isn't an acceptable solution. I may get a Droid X since they can easily be found free with extended contract...
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    Hulu Plus Going 50% Off This Week?

    Nope, I still wouldn't in spite of NBC not allowing the iPad to stream on their website. Hulu Plus is great for really die-hard TV show watchers.
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    Renewing 2-year w/ verizon... get phone now or hold off?

    And of course this looks very interesting too...
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    Renewing 2-year w/ verizon... get phone now or hold off?

    Awesome thanks for the thoughts.... anyone else?
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    Renewing 2-year w/ verizon... get phone now or hold off?

    Hey all... I'll keep this post fairly simple (and probably a tad bit trite) but, next weekend I'll have the option to upgrade my phone with Verizon's "new every two". I like the Droid and my wife likes the Eris, but with the talk of an iPhone coming around at some point to Verizon and with who...
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    Black Friday Deals

    Pretty much done w/ all my shopping. Won't be shopping tomorrow.
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    DirecTV or Dish Network or Comcast...?

    Thanks for the replys. I too am nervous about how the HD programming will look through Comcast, but it could be worth a shot for sure.
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    DirecTV or Dish Network or Comcast...?

    Hey ladies and gents... looking to get some opinions here. My 2 years with DirecTV is up tomorrow and I'm looking to possibly make a switch. I would consider moving to Dish Network or even do some sort of double-play with Comcast. Here are couple things I'm considering. 1) I haven't had any...
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    Microsoft Launches Windows 7

    Been using it for a couple of months. Glad it is finally out... maybe PC sales will start picking up.
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    FCC Questions in Google Voice App Fiasco Get Answers

    I've been using and enjoying this site for quite a few years, and I happen to have both PC and Mac... while I use [H] primarily for my PC news, I have no problem or care if they post other tech related news. I use other sites for more Apple news, but [H] is a site that will post relevant tech...
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    Apple Snow Leopard – What’s Coming?

    For $29 I'll be sure to pick up a copy.
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    Happy Windows 7! How'd your install go?

    Running Win 7 Ultimate on my Macbook, had a blazing fast installation on a new partition I made through bootcamp.... I love the ability to switch between the two OS's, and Win7 is extremely snappy, very nice!
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    Happy Windows 7! How'd your install go?

    Got mine last night... just installed it and it runs perfectly.
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    Dell’s Earnings Drop 63%

    Bottom line is if you want to speak to someone in the US, be able to schedule appointments with your tech, and have your phone answered quickly, then you pay for the premium service above and beyond what is offered in the "standard" parts / labor / tech warranty... ie., you get what you pay...
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    Dell’s Earnings Drop 63%

    I do stand corrected as I mis-read your initial statement about them being "solid", my apologies. However, I will say that unless you are building your own system, nearly every computer company out there has outsourced a portion of its business. I used to build my own systems, but buy with large...
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    Dell’s Earnings Drop 63%

    not sure how people's nationalities relates to whether or not a computer is "solid"... also funny how they were one of the last computer companies to outsource (following HP and others) may want to re-think your statement. p.s., they do offer support in the U.S. for an additional cost if...
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    File Sharing Has Become the New Normal in Canada

    Who is to decide what is fair and what isn't? So what you are saying then is it is OK for the consumer to decide whether or not the contracts between the artist and label is OK or not? Being a consumer myself I certainly will decide whether or not I feel like something is worth the cost. If it...
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    File Sharing Has Become the New Normal in Canada

    No one forces anyone to give up publishing.
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    File Sharing Has Become the New Normal in Canada

    Remember that Artists and Labels both agree about how much / whom and when both parties get paid. Both sides have sets of lawyers who take care of that. To say that the artists don't agree to this at contract signing is naive...(And this is coming from an artists' perspective). Just like if...
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    File Sharing Has Become the New Normal in Canada

    Steve, I'm pretty surprised to think your opinions of the music industry reflect the sentiments of your viewership. I work in the industry and no matter how you look at it, if you are allowing others to take and freely distribute copyrighted works you can replace the word "sharing" with...
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    First Windows 7 Upgrade Deal Offered

    Yes it is... but it certainly isn't a news flash that companies will always be coming out with newer more updated products based (hopefully) off customer feedback. I got windows vista because I was getting a new computer. I don't feel "burned" by Microsoft, I just won't be upgrading until I need...
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    CoD: World at War Gameplay Performance and IQ @ [H]

    Great Review, thanks for the data.
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    $MOKING - 46 inch 1080p Sceptre lcd - ~$770 shipped at costco

    Has some decent reviews on Costco's website...
  28. P Becomes Santa Sweatshop

    Yeah its rough working in Retail during the holidays... but it usually pays off in January when that check comes in!
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    XPS 730 or XPS 730X

    Easy.. 730 isn't available anymore...which brings u the 730x.
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    odd question

    I'm also considering these as well any thoughts would be great!: Klipsch high end RPW10- Subwoofer rc-62 - center RF-62 Floorstands (x2) RS-52 Surrounds (x2) OR Lower end RB-10 bookshelf x2 RC-10 center RPW-10 sub RS-10 surrounds x2
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    odd question

    Well.. I guess I should just box up the system and sell it as is... then start from scratch. The satellite speakers are actually ok.. but I suppose it would be easier to sell everything, because yes I would have to cut the speaker wire going into the back of the sub... I was looking at the Sony...
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    odd question

    Hey everyone... I'm looking to get a receiver for my current audio setup at home. I currently have a Philips "all-in-one" setup where all the speakers plug into the subwoofer and then the sub connects to the receiver. This question may be kind of silly and I apoligize for my lack of home theatre...
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    Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Product Manager Interview

    I think you are missing the point of the product. This is a $350 product.... you can't compare it to one you just spent $1500 on. Kudos to your purchase, but "tiny" drives aren't the "big" deal on this system. Look at the target audience.
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    Comcast To Make Monthly Internet Use Cap Official

    Comcast first...who's next?
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    XFX 9800 X2 or the new 280 GTX

    Am looking to get a new card as well.. so it sounds like the GTX280 is beter than the 9800gx2. What makes these different? Can you SLI the GTX280? I've been a little out of the building for a while...
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    Best way to sell a cell

    Cool... I'll check that out too
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    Best way to sell a cell

    Ladies / Gents - I'm going to sell a couple of phones on craigslist... I have a Razr and have cleared the memory sucessfully and have the phone number off of it as well... but I have an AX275 by LG and can't figure out how to clear the number or (NAM) I think its called off of it. Any thoughts...
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    Apple Unveils Faster iPhone, Chops Price

    It has the shinier "H" on the front! =)