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    How much does it worth? 360 question

    Thinking of selling my 360 i never use. How much you think its worth? Manufactured 10-27-08 XBOX 360 PRO FALCON w/ 20gb HD Includes * Xbox 360 SYSTEM PRO w/ Component and SD connections * 1x Xbox 360 controller * 20 gig Harddrive * MS Xbox 360 Headphones w/mic...
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    What Consoles/Portables Do you Own?

    Ill start nintendo NES SNES N64 Gamecube nintendo-DSI Sega Genesis 1st edition Genesis 2nd Edition Microsoft XBOX w/ EX 3 mod chip Xbox 360 Sony PS2 SLIM PS3 PSP ATARI Woody 2600 Darth VADER 2600 EDIT- To be clear, i currently own the above.
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    Preorder Empire:Total War ONLY 39$/£23.96 @ Amazon!

    Just wanted to let you guys know, Empire is only 39$ (£23.96 UK) now on amazon (i originally preordered @ 46$). Here is the direct link US ($39.97 & eligible for free shipping)...
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    i7 core w/ Freezer 7 pro

    Question, I just received my i7 proc, and was ignorant and didn't realize its a new socket. Will my Arctic cooler Freezer 7 pro work with a i7. The mounting holes appear to all line up but i want to make sure.
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    Need Computer Desk-HELP

    Ok, so am finally getting rid of my crappy computer desk. This is what am looking for Flat top- big enough to handle at lest a 28in Monitor (LCD), speakers (think logitech z2200s) and nice good size keybaord tray that can handle a newer logitech (one row G keys) gaming keyboard and a...
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    Xbox 360- Your Top 5 Games

    Ok so i just recently bought a xbox 360 off of a forum member, and am looking for some great games for it that have been released souly for this console (not pc/ps3 ). Can you please post your top 5-10 games. BTW the console came with GTA4 (which i already own for ps3, and Halo 3)
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    Madden 09 users Help!

    So I looked very where but how do i show my receivers routes visually before the snap like i could do in madden 08, i got ps3 madden 09 and i cant find how to show routes. For example here is how it looks in madden 08
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    [H]ard Fantasy Football @ ESPN!

    ALL SLots filled, LIVE Draft has ENDED! BRING ON THE SEASON! Summary of settings-
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    [H]OT Xbox360 $169! NO REBATE!- Refurb
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    Monitor Clone on 4 Monitors???

    Ok, i got a question from work on a potential job. I want to see what you all think. Take this as the hypothetical situation. Here is the system that will be used Gigabyte P35 1gig DDR2 (2) Radeon x1550s (both cards for 1vga/1dvi output so total of 4) My question is will i...
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    4850 Question -heat or Something Else?

    Well my setup was fine except now i sometimes get a micro stutter ,with fraps on its show it going from 91fps to 40-50 very fast so fast you cant see the 2nd number and it results into jerky gameplay. Then it stabilizes and goes back to 91, this takes about 10-20seconds on COd4 once every...
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    4850s CrossFIRED w/ S1 -BEWARE PICS!-

    So my VRM heatsinks came today, so I was able to install the s1s onto my 4850s. Here is my test/work bench the monitor i have the system hooked up to is a 20.1in Samsung @ 1600x1200, FYI I game on a Hanns_G 28.1 @ 1920x1200 Monitor. PICS- Heat Pipes Kick ASS! The...
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    4850 VRM Question

    After looking at this card, where are the VRMs at is it the grey chips (which is what i was thinking) or is it the small black ones. I got heatsinks coming so i can put my 2xs1 on my xfired setup but i want to make sure i put them on the correct chips. I looked on thermal rights website but they...
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    4850 CrossFIRE w/ S1 Questions!

    First off this is the first time ive installed a 3rd party cooler to a video card. So please bear with me I got 2 power colors 4850 coming UPS today and i plan on crossfirein them on a GIGA-X38 mobo. My plan is to hopefully have Accelero S1 Coolers on both of them. Here are my questions-...
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    ATI 4870s @ EGG!

    Get em while they are hot, all are 310$ So far base models from HIS, Sapphire and power color.
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    NEW 8800gts 512mb @1xPCIE!!?

    Ok, so i sold my 8800gt, ran great no problems. So last night i put in the new card (evga 8800gts 512mb). Fired it up installed the latest drivers. And started up Cod4, 1920x1200 res- 20fps max gaphics. So am like hmm this is odd i was getting 50ffps on the 8800gt. So i tired good ol mtw2. Only...
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    New 8800GTS 512mb- MTW2 Issues

    Ok, so i sold my 8800gt(which ran mtw2 perfectly), and bought a evga 8800gts 512mb. I installed the card, installed the drivers. Ran a few of my games. Ut3 did fine avg 60fps on 1920x1200 res. So then i decided to continue my mtw2 saved game. I opened the game load campaign, and now in the...