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    Shopping for new gaming monitor technology

    Now that CES is over I'm hoping to find a gaming monitor. I'm looking for something in the 22-24 inch 300-500$ price range. Anyone see any decent new monitors show up, or is old technology still popular?
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    Has anyone seen any new announcement about gaming monitors at CES?

    So far I've seen energy saving, small screen, and TVs, but no gaming monitor announcements. Post here if you find any, and I'll do the same!
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    OCZ Unveils many new badass SSD's Looks like cool new stuff comming from OCZ. I'd really like to see the next gen MLC internals coming out. Might be time to retire the 80gb intel G2, and move it into my PS3 or Macbook! That USB...
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    HTPC using Voice Recognition software, Am I crazy?

    I have a dream, that I could build a htpc, that uses voice recognition software. Essentially I'd like to be able to awaken, sleep, navigate the pc with voice, open files with voice, and make the movie file I opened fullscreen with voice. I want to be able to sit on my couch and say a sequence...
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    NEC's New IPS Panels unveiled at CES, 2-5ms?

    I'm interested in buying a new monitor. I think IPS panels sound the most appealing. As a gamer, I can't buy the current IPS monitors because they usually have 8-15ms response time. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on new monitor technology in January/February. If I buy now, I'd go...
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    Best Gaming 24 Inch for 300-400?

    I've seen recommendations for cheaper, and more expensive monitors, but nothing for gamers in this price range. I find monitor technology to be very confusing as theres so many, with so few good reviews. Is there anything hot and new in gaming monitors, or am I looking at something that probably...
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    new batch of 5800 series lower quality because of 5900s?

    I think I read somewhere that they were using up the good 5870s for 5970s and that the retail 5870s now, or soon, will be lower quality?
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    Overclocking 860 core i7 questions

    Hi. I've got a Gigabyte UD3 motherboard, an 860 2.8 ghz, and 4 gb of ddr3 2000 g. skill ram. I currently have it running at 3.7 ghz and the ram at 2000 mhz, but the multiplier is at 22x, the highest it can go. If I raise my blck speed it also raises my ram speed. I think I could get faster times...
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    After OC 860 microtears on screen and ddr1333=>2000

    Hi. I've got the new gigabyte ud3 board, an 860 core i7, and 4 gigs of ddr2000 gkill ram. I overclocked and then went back to normal settings and now i get mini-micro tears on my screen. I see them horizontally, and last only a fraction of a second. They seem to show up more during cpu heavy...
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    I can't get subwoofer to work with my pc/receiver

    I've got GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L motherboard with optical audio out. I used optical cable and plugged it into my Pioneer 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver VSX-519V-K, I plugged my Polk Audio PSW10 Black 10-inch subwoofer into the receiver's presub out using a subwoofer cable, and a RCA to 3.5mm, neither...
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    It's the hot new sata 6, usb 3 board. I just ordered one. Anyone have experiences to share with this board? I want to OC a lynnfield core i7 on it.
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    GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD3 / i7-860 / G.SKILL Trident 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR

    I'm going to be overclocking this setup soon for the first time. What have your experiences been with a setup like this? I'll be using air cooling using the heat sink in my signature. How much different would thermal paste make? I think a lot of people will use a setup similar to mine so...
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    Core i7 930 Discussion

    Hi. I'm thinking of building some new computer guts in the near future. I heard there might be a Bloomfield 930 coming out? It sounds like by then USB 3.0 and SATA 6 will be standard. How do you think the 930 prices, and 920 prices will be, when the 930 drops?
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    UD3 Sata 6/USB 3 Qs

    Hey. I'm considering a 860 Lynnfield, GB UD3 motherboard, 4 GB Ripjaw DDR3 1600 ram. I'm intrigued by this new SATA 6 and USB 3 feature. I know it's essentially the same thing, just newer and more bandwidth. Can any new technology benefit from these standards? Will my Intel G2 80 gb SSD work...
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    What is the difference between the 920 and 860?

    The only noticeable change I can see if they are different sockets. Does the 860 support ECC, and have higher clockspeed than the 920 at the same price? I cant see a reason to build a 920 rig when a 860 rig would be cheaper, and faster?
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    Audio CD, PQLS, PS3, 7.1 surround sound

    Hi, I'm considering buying the new pioneer VSX-919AH-K receiver and it supports PQLS. I was wondering if my PS3 can take advantage of the PQLS. Does it only work if you have a 2 channel speaker setup? Will it only work on audio CDs? I know its supposed to reduce jitter but I'm not sure if it's...
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    PS3 and PQLS

    Hi, I'm considering buying the new pioneer VSX-919AH-K receiver and it supports PQLS. I was wondering if my PS3 can take advantage of the PQLS. Does it only work if you have a 2 channel speaker setup? Will it only work on audio CDs? I know its supposed to reduce jitter but I'm not sure if it's...
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    Can anyone help me with info about netflix/ps3 ?

    Hi, I have a PS3 and my friend has netflix. If I assign my PS3 to his account what will happen if I rent a movie on the PS3. I really don't want to interrupt my friends' service at all. Anyone have any experience with this service yet and could help me out. I'm afraid I'm gunna wreck my friends'...
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    How to keep TV output on when macbook shut

    Hi, I've got a new macbook with snowleopard and im wanting to watching movies and stuff on my tv without having my macbook open. I couldnt find any option for this.
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    Geforce 300 series discussion Looks like it might blow away the 5800 and 5900 series from ATI. 6gb of memory seems like a ton. Think any of the 300s that come out will be under 400 bucks?
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    Any info about 59x0 series of ATI?

    Title says it all. What info is out there about the next line of ati cards?
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    Can I install Snow Leopard, Bootcamp Win7?

    I have last years Macbook with 10.5.8 MacOS. I'm a n00b with Apple stuff. My idea was to put my small, 80gb Intel G2 SSD in my Macbook. I wanted to be able to run all of the windows programs on my mac also. My idea was to use snow leopard, and bootcamp Win7. Is this a rational idea or what would...
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    4GB DDR800 to 8GB DDR1066 - Win7 Realworld Difference?-

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these standards. I currently have the 4 GB of DDR800, and was thinking of upgrading to 8 GB of DDR1066 to coincide with my installation of Win7. I normally play typical games, have Facebook running, and maybe a bit torrent. What types of...
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    When will core 2 quads be useful?

    I currently have the E6750 and I am very happy with it. My idea was to one day upgrade to the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Yorkfield 2.83GHz 12MB L2 Cache. Do you think that the extra cores will actually be useful in real world applications soon, or will the new processors in the future have new...
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    Time running out on Intel G2 TRIM Win7 support

    I'm shopping for a SSD and I want to buy the Intel 80gb g2. I also want to be able to install Windows 7 simultaneously, and have TRIM support. It is true Intel has said they want to have TRIM support with the release of Win7. I think a lot of people are in my shoes, and are waiting to buy. This...
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    SSD Price Speculation

    Hello all, this is my first thread. I was shopping for a SSD and thought maybe I should wait until black friday or another time for a deal. I'm interested in something in the 300-500 range and I only need about 64-80 gigs. I've read SLC is better, but what are your thoughts on how much real...