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    GTX 580 VS r9 270x

    Same price on these models, I do have I lower (500)watt psu but will upgrade it if I go the 580 . what about performance difference. this is a present for my brother prize his first pc is slow
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    Novice needs a little advice on formatting/raid0

    Yea im getting 2 caviar black 1Tb drives in a few days and what's the best method to format a drive properly , Ill have a drive with an operating system on my current pc so I can do it in windows that way. thanks ahead of time , is raid 0 pretty simple I have a rIve mobo
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    Who's Getting A 900D?

    I got one myself ordered from amazon, looking like its going to be May. Anyone get lucky and get one of the 10 yesterday?
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    Razer Hydra

    Anyone have any experiance with these I have one on order
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    Hi speed external hard drive

    Hi there new to this forum, I have an important question. I used to dj a little bit with a program called serato. I'm about to get back into it but after errors on pc's etc I've lost my song lists. I need to find an external drive that is very high speed. Now my laptop I'll be using is limited...
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    new to watercooling and want some opinions

    Well first off I'm venturing into watercooling with the release of the 900d. I'll have to get it part by part do to funds but I would like a quite system. Im kind of dead set on using NF-F12 noctuas . One question I'm looking at the thick rads from xspc and ekwb , curious about fin per inch and...