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    Has anyone ever stretched a case?

    I want to fit an EVGA 762 4X Classified in the Silverstone FT-02/Raven RV02 cases. Stretching means cutting the chassis and adding approximately two inches of depth to accommodate these monster sized boards. The cut would have to be right below the bottom most expansion slot obviously and...
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    Asus 16 phase vs. EVGA 10 phase

    Asus has a 16 phase VRM for LGA1366 whereas the Classified is 10 phase. Is 16 just overkill in this case as the latter board is supposed to be super stable when overclocked to "blood from turnip" levels!
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    2560x1600 in Need for Speed Most Wanted

    Patched the game to 1.3. Selection is not available! I see reviews of the game show benchmarks at this resolution. What needs to be modified in order for it to work? Other games (COD2, Serious Sam2) work perfectly at that rez.
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    Stacker 830 begs for water cooling!

    That 120mm fan in the top would be perfect for a radiator. Thoughts?
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    Enermax Liberty 620 Adjustments

    Is this supply worth opening to fine tune the outputs? Oops let me clarify. Is there a set of potentiometers in there to adjust?
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    Anyone using an X-Fi with XP64?

    Do you have crackling that comes and goes? It's not an incompatibility issue between the nForce4 chipset (A8N32SLI) either as 32 bit Windows works PERFECT. I really want to keep 64bit Win as it can use all 4GB of RAM. XP32 sees 2.98GB and can only use 2GB per process as most know. There...
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    Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe Memory Errors

    I NEVER have stability issues with this board. Yet when I run Memtest it produces a ton of errors always on test six. I've tried different modules, over volting the ram, underclocking the ram with no changes. The CPU is a FX60, PS Liberty 620, Memory is Corsair TWINX20480-4400PRO Kit x2...
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    Stacker 830 Front Panel LED replacement

    Has anyone attempted to do this? I'm tired of blue everything! I want to replace the blue LED's with a GREEN for power, RED for HDD activity, etc. Is it possible to remove this part housing the LED's and switches without breaking anything (or drilling rivets hehe)?