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    Triple display output

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    DVDs, CDs, Books, Games $5 Off 10 Exp. 12/21/2006

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    SPDIF question

    Ok, so my current HTPC setup is this: Athlon XP 2500 NF7-S (mmmm, Soundstorm) Receiver --> 5.1 speakers etc. Obviously, I use the optical out on the board and everything has worked great for me. Now, my question is this: I want to get a little more speed into this system. I have...
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    AMD serial number

    I need to RMA my Athlon64 to AMD, and they want the serial number. Which of the numbers on the top of the processor is it? Thanks in advance.
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    Can you use a P-M with the 910 chipset?

    I have a laptop currently running a celeron M chip using the Intel 910GML chipset. Is it possible to drop a Pentium M chip in there? Intel's site doesn't list it as supported, but we all know that doesn't necessarily mean it's not *possible* Just looking for experiences before I buy a chip...
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    Vista please!

    So I just installed my shiney new Vista Beta 2 yesterday, but I have some problems cropping up already, mainly with audio. I simply can't get any to work. First, I tried to install the drivers for my Audigy. DL, try to good. Something about the file being corrupted or not...
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    Help me prep my computer for Oblivion

    Hey guys, like the thread title says I need to upgrade my computer as much as possible to get it ready for Oblivion. The catch is that I'm in college, so I don't have a whole lot of funding to play with, so we need to keep the cash spent to a minimum. Here's my current specs: Athlon64 3200+...
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    Where to get replacement battery?

    Hey guys, my laptop battery has gotten to the point where it needs replacing. Can you reccomend a good place to shop for a battery? Buying direct from Hewlett-Packard is a little pricey. Oh, it's a replacement for a Pavilion ze4200. Thanks in advance!
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    754 mobo with AGP and PCIe both?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my motherboard since mine isn't behaving, but I'm stuck with AGP for the time being since I don't see a need to upgrade my X800 XT nor do I have the money, being a college student. My question is does anyone know of a socket 754 board with legitimate AGP as...
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    Weird problem with K8N neo platinum

    I'm having a wierd problem with my MSI K8N Neo Platinum: it won't run any RAM at DDR400. This includes RAM that runs just fine on other boards at that speed. This happens at any RAM timings. The only way I can get it to boot successfully to windows is to drop my RAM speed to 333. Does anyone...
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    Adding wifi via mini PCI

    Ok, so I have an older laptop (an HP Pavilion ze4200 with the Athlon mobile). I have a cheap PCMCIA card right now and it sucks, so I figure I might as well add an internal card via the (empty) mini pci slot. However, I've heard it mentioned in passing that HP's like this can only take...
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    What type of HD output to use on this TV?

    Hey guys, I have just built my first HTPC. Everything is great except that the video flickers using the s-video connection built into my video card, so I went and got the component adapter for my ATI card. I have this TV, which has component inputs. Now, I know it can support 480i...
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    Picture Slideshows on DVD?

    I have been tasked with providing a slideshow for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary as I am really the only tech-savvy person in the family. The problem is, they have nothing other than a plain home-type DVD player to show this on (I won't be going, since it's 1000 miles from here and I...
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    What happened to my Firefox?

    So I just upgraded to FireFox 1.07 when this weird grey bar appeared at the bottom of the browser. It appears to just be blank space and I can't resize the window to get rid of it...any ideas?
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    Recover unsaved MS word file

    So I just spent the last two hours working on a paper for class when I went to minimize the word document and accidentally hit close instead. To my horror, this is when i realize that I have not saved the document!!! Ever!!! Is there any kind of temporary file I can recover or am I SOL...
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    Hauppage PVR 150MCE: "Device Cannot Start"

    I just got a shiny new hauppage PVR 150MCE today, and I install it in my HTPC. It pulls the drivers off the CD, but then comes up with this error: "Code 10, Device Cannot Start." What's wrong with it? XP Media Center Edition 2005 Athlon XP 2500 Abit NF7-S v2.0 512 megs of RAM Radeon...
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    Doom 3 for 24.86 @ Wal-mart BM

    For both of you guys that haven't played it, I just got back from Wal-mart and they have Doom 3 on sale for $24.86. Looks like it's $29.99 online. Buy it if you want it!
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    MCE 2005 + Radeon 9500? Yes?

    Hey all. I was looking to put MCE 2005 on my already-built HTPC and was wondering if the venerable 9500 will work with MCE 2005. It's not on ATI's "official" support list, but it is DirectX 9, so I assume yes. And if so, should I use the MCE drivers or the WinXP ones? Or what about the...
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    Help with BSOD on Dell laptop

    Hi all, my friend has been having BSODs of late on her Dell laptop for no apparent reason that I can determine. I have here the minidump for the most recent. Can anyone help? She has: Dell Inspiron 1150 Windows XP Home SP2 P4 2.4 GHz, 512 RAM etc.
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    Is my friend getting screwed?

    I just was playing around with my friends new laptop, when I noticed the following rather interesting information in CPU-Z: Sorry about the quality of the red circles; I'm terrible with a touchpad. But do you see what I mean? A Celeron-M is not supposed to run at 1.8 whatever GHz. Oh...
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    Media Portal and Windows 2000?

    This may be something everyone knows, but I am an HTPC noobie and anyway I did a search and nothing came up. On MediaPortal's website it says that Windows XP with SP2 is required, but I was wondering if anyone has tried to run it with Windows 2000, since that is what I have a license for...
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    32 bit Apps cannot access internet on XP64 Trial

    Ok, as the title says. I have the most recent (v.1433) version of the XP-64 trial and I cannot get any 32-bit applications to access the internet. This includes the 32 bit version of internet explorer, although the 64-bit works fine. Anything else (instant messenger, Outlook, etc) just will...
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    How bad would it be...

    If my desktop froze while installing XP service pack 2? Because it's definitely not doing anything, and it's been an hour. Doesn't respond to ctl-alt-delete or anything. What will happen if I press the reset button? Thanks.
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    Athlon64 and DDR333

    Ok, so I just purchased a nice shiny new athlon 64 mobo and processor, with the intention of just moving everything in the current computer over onto it rather than buying all new parts. Then, to my horror, I realized that my gig-o-ram was only rated to DDR333/PC2700 and to make matters worse...
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    Editing startup files on Win 2k

    So I installed windows 2000 on my parents computer last summer, since they were still running 98SE. That obviously couldn't stand. So when I go home for a few days this christmas, I notice that the computer takes 3-4 times as long to boot as before, because my father installed all sorts of...
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    Not a paper launch!

    I would just like to applaud nVidia for actually having 6600GT cards available in AGP the day they launch them. I defintitely bought mine today!
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    Help-computer randomly shuts off

    Ok, so my computer keeps shutting itself off. It gets as far as the Windows welcome screen, then I count to four, and it turns itself off. It will not boot into safe mode either. I had this problem last week, and I thought the PSU might be bad, so I ordered a new one, and still the same...
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    Random hard crashes

    Hi all. So my computer (desktop, on the lappy) tonight just started randomly hard crashing. I'll just be plugging along, and all the sudden it turns itself off. There is no set activity that does this and no set time after it's been on. I know that the CPU is cool enough, since I've been...
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    Vid card hangs with SW Battlefront

    I just installed Star Wars Battlefront on my system, and every time I try to play, the game hangs about 10 seconds after I get into an actual mission and I get the famous "VPU recovery error." Any ideas? My specs follow: Athlon XP 2500+ Abit NF7-S rev 2 Radeon 9500 softmod to 9700...
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    New to Linux. What's a good learner distro?

    Ok, so I want to try installing Linux as a dual boot with my Windows XP (off a seperate hard disk, so I can wipe it when I screw up). I've never tried Linux before, so what is a good (read: easy to use) distro for me to start with? Also, where can I get linux drivers and such? I have an ATI...
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    PSU for mATX system

    Can I get away with a 250 Watt mATX power supply for the following? Athlon 64 2800+ 512 MB RAM 1 Optical drive 1 Harddrive 2 80 mm case fans Matrox vid card
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    Triple display help

    From what I've heard, there are two ways to do triple display out, and I have questions about each: 1. Using a Matrox card. Which of these is the cheapest I can get away with, given there will be NO gaming whatsoever happening on this machine. 2. I've also heard that you can combine an ATI...
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    Triple display output

    From what I've heard, there are two ways to do triple display out, and I have questions about each: 1. Using a Matrox card. Which of these is the cheapest I can get away with, given there will be NO gaming whatsoever happening on this machine. 2. I've also heard that you can combine an...
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    Administrator Password and Recovery install

    So I'm trying to fix my friend's Dell Inspiron 1100 lappy, and this thing has MAJOR problems. So I'm just going to do a repair install of windows (XP pro). All is well and good, until it asks for the Administrator password. She didn't put it on there and has no idea what it is, so it must be...
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    Morrowwind laggy on my machine?

    So, I just bought the Morrowind GOTY edition, and it barely runs on my machine, even at 800x600 with AA and AF off and the drivers set to "performance". This should not be. Can anyone help? Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 Athlon XP 2500+ @ 3000+ (multiunlocked) Abit NF7-S rev. 2...
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    NOT a Doom 3 thread!

    You're surprised, I know, but now that I have your attention: I am a longtime console RPG fan, especially of the Final Fantasy series, but the only thing I have played on the PC that even approaches the quality of FF is Knights of the Old Republic, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So can anyone...
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    Problem getting USB 2.0 on NF7-S 2.0

    I am having trouble getting windows to recognize USB 2.0 on my Abit NF7-S rev. 2. It doesn't say anything about USB 2 controllers in the device manager and when I plug in a USB 2.0 device, it says "Warning: you have plugged a Hi-speed USB device into a low-speed hub" and that performance will...
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    Best NF7-S HSF

    So I just got an Abit Nf7-S, which led to the discovery that my Barton 2500 is factory unlocked :D (I've had it for awhile). So the question now becomes, what is the best HSF combo to max this thing out? Thanks in advance.
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    Best vid card on the cheap

    I want to get a new video card for my brother's birthday, but I'm on a tight budget. What's the best card I could get for ~$60? Thanks in advance!