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    Microsoft Virtual PC2004 is now FREE I guess they're trying to one up Vmware. I still like VMware workstation better, but you really can't beat free. <EDIT> Oops, I was too excited. This probably should have went in the free forum. My bad.
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    how to re-enable 640x480 resolution

    Once I load any video driver, the 640x480 disappears and my lowest becomes 800x600. Is there a way to re-enable the 640x480 without removing my video driver?
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    ? 4proc system w/ 1failed

    Ok, I got handed a retired server. Its a quad 550Mhz so its isn't insanely grand, but I can now play with SMP. The problem is one of them is failed. The POST screen asks me if I want to continue. It will boot my install CD, but I powered it off cause I wanted to ask a couple questions. 1...
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    Can ASP execute a WshScript

    I have a script coded for WSH (Windows Scripting Host) which is essentially VB. I can not seem to run it from inside of a webpage. I know php has the ability to run system commands, but I need that type of feature for ASP. All attempts and code snip-its online have failed miserably. If...
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    A * beside my 2nd CPU

    I just bought my first dual processor system and it boots fine. My question is this: Why does CPU1 have an asterisk beside it? Is this normal? My board is an asus A7v266-d with two Athlon XPs modded to MP processors. I can't find anything on Asus's website or in the motherboard manual...
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    how do I set chapters into a DVD I burn

    I have Roxio DVD builder and I can't find the function to allow me to set chapter markers. If someone knows how to, or knows what software I need to use to do this, please let me know. I'm hoping that I'm not missing something obvious when I'm using Roxio, but it has happened before. <edit>...
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    ? Safely remove heatspreader

    I have a 512MB stick of Crucial DDR that no longer passes memtest. I tried to remove the heat spreader, but the two-sided thermal tape is pretty powerful. Does anyone have an idea of how to get it apart so I can RMA the memory back to Crucial?? Thanks
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    is my router powerful enough?

    Verizon will be activating their (FIOS) fiber service for home users next week. I currently have a pentium 75Mhz, 128MB ram machine setup as a firewall/router with DSL. My question is since my service is going to jump from a 3Mb downstream to 15Mb downstream, is my current router going to...
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    Virtual Server 2003. Will RDP be accessable?

    I have a linux file and print server at home. I was wondering if I install VMware and create a Windows 2003 Server virtual machine if I would be able to use the Remote Desktop Connection/Protocol to access it. I don't know if being Virtual, it would goof up that ability. The 2003 server would...
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    Does an ATX -> AT adapter exist?

    I am having trouble finding an adapter to make my ATX power supply connect to an AT motherboard. Does anyone know if this type of adapter exists?
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    3com 24port Switch $12.99

    $12.99 = 3Com 24 Port SuperStack II Switch 1000 (3C16900A)
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    $99 PVR250MCE (oem) has the Hauppauge PVR 250mce for $99 It says to call for price, but just add it to your cart. Shipping was only $6 for me for standard UPS. And yes, we all know...
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    which should have better performance (Laptop)

    I'm buying a bigger hard drive for my laptop. I run VMware on it in case anyone thinks that could impact which would be a better choice 80GB Hitachi 4200RPM 16MB cache 80GB Hitachi 5400RPM 8MB cache. It seems odd that the faster rpm drive had less cache, but I don't generally...
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    Staples ad (12/26 - 12/31)

    Got it from the store I used to work at. Six digit number is the item's number. Some of this may not seem hot, but its a preview of the ad most people won't get. There are other items like cameras and printers I didn't list. If you want them, post or email me. Items without Rebates...
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    warm? Hauppauge WinTV USB $39.99 $79 - $40mir = 39.99
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    Netgear Wireless G @ BB $29.99AR

    All rebates expire on the 27th. Here's the breakdown. Router WGR614 $79.99 - 50mir Laptop card WG511 $59.99 - 30mir PCI card WG311 $49.99 - 20mir USB WG111 $69.99 - 40mir They also have A/G and Double G products, but I haven't priced around to consider them HOT, and "G" is...
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    Noob questions and a little confirmation plz

    I've got the specs in mind for this project, but some things are unanswered, and 1 question sort of got answered in my last search. 1. Which tv service does it work with? (Non-digital cable, digital cable, satellite tv)? -- I assume non-digital since the tuner cards generally say 125...
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    Cheap dell Gb switches (ends 10/20/04) This is the cheapest I've seen these go for. 8port Gb switch $99 - 50mir = $49 16port Gb switch 134 - $50 mir = 84 24port Gb + 1fiber port switch 219 - 50mir = 169
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    Folding newbie questions

    Ok, I read the stuff but didn't quite understand it all. My home network server (runs 24/7) is a 1ghz athlon. I just set folding@home to use 30% figuring that I probably can give it more, but its my initial configuration. Is this going to fold a decent amount? I thought I read that it...
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    Can you clear up Cat5 vs Cat6

    Here is what I've gathered from some sites Cat5e operates at 350Mhz Cat6 operates at 200MHz Cat5e and cat6 can acheive 1000Mbs. I'm failing to see why someone would use cat6 cable. I'm planning on wiring my new home for networking and I am going to buy bulk cable, testers...
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    Crucial 512MB PC3200 89- 20MIR BB

    Either online or at the store bestbuy has crucial 512mb stick PC3200 (DDR400) for 89.99 - 20 mail in rebate. 69.99 aint bad in my mind so I went and got one. just a week ago I bought it from for 94 and right now crucial's web price is 113.
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    Water question what is OD/ID

    I am looking into buying a water cooling kit for a AMD64 system I'm putting together. Its just to make the PC quiet, I don't intend to overclock it for at least a year. My question is what is OD and ID? Some vendors actually tell you that a waterblock is one of the two, some just say...
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    Any tried sound dampening spray

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried one of these so called sound dampening sprays and if they have much effect in helping quiet a computer. If I don't get a responce within a couple days, I'll buy one and post back wether or not I think it makes a difference. If you'd like to look at the...
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    Nano-cooling!? Interesting News Intel is looking into nanotechnology tubing to see if it can help cool at computer. More at the link. I'm not sure if this will get frowned upon, but I thought it was interesting