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    New Peripherals List & The Gaming FAQ - Please Read Posted here courtesy of: Credits: Guide Compilation and Author: Rich Tate Contributors: magnetik, michealo, Dew and Chunk316. [H]ard|Forum FAQ Writers: _Korruption_, Carnival Forces, AtomicMoose, BobSutan, cornelious0_0...
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    Post your Holiday Greetings to one another here.

    ok that's over.. :cool:
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    Congrats to Moose the Mod

    You'll be a great Mod. Congratulations. :D
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    Got BillR On the Run

    And Gaining fast! ;) Papa-Ming Donator Rank 67619 of 447499 BillR Donator Overall rank (if points are combined) 125 of 447499 Ok, he’s got me on a technicality. “(if points are combined)” Ha! Combined with what, mayonnaise? Combined with scotch? Combined with Relics farm...
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    Anti-Piracy Software Royalties Cut After Complaints:

    Following-up on Sony: Anti-Piracy Software Royalties Cut After Complaints:;jsessionid=3CWN1MXFW1NYWCRBAEKSFEY?type=technologyNews&storyID=8167532 Sony Says Open to Avoiding DVD Format War...
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    Microsoft Warns of 5 New Software Security Flaws;jsessionid=DPHSRQ0YH5XEOCRBAELCFFA?type=topNews&storyID=8160108
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    To Scorpionjwp

    Do you have use for a 20gig Maxtor HDD? Also, Video Card and other assorted goodies? Anyone who drives 62mph from Columbus, with 62 Miles to go for Cincinnati, just to pick-up computer parts to Fold with.......... And well, does that in: "Ohio" :p ....I'd like the parts to...
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    Tommorrow, not a Perfect Storm

    That sinking feeling at this November's nationally devastating Gale Force Winds...... The wind in the wires made a tattletale sound And a wave broke over the railing And every man knew, as the Captain did too, T'was the witch of November come steeling The dawn came late and the...
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    An Extra Hour To Fold

    A reminder to turn back your clocks. I'll still forget. :eek: Do they do this for dairy cows and the milking process? Enjoy the extra sleep in the morning everyone. :cool: Unless you're a dairy farmer. :(
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    On Flying Home

    Posting silly things from Airports / on a plane / and back at home / in a hospital/ to this forum ; the last few days. Like usual I guess. My younger sister took our Mother to the hospital in an ambulance on Saturday. I wasn't home. I brought my mother to live with my family this past...
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    Who Did That ?

    A question coming to you from a borrowed laptop somewhere in America: I have *6* processes running under my name according to Folding& Home. And my points have gone up by about 300 in 18 hrs. Humm? I'm not even at home and I only have the one computer there. Trick or Treat? How...
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    BillR Speakinese

    Just wondering what your favorite *BillR -Speak* word is? Can collectively be called, BillR Speakinese. My favorite new word is... " Winky." ;) ;) ;) :D P.S. Please don't include definitions, just the word. And let peoples' imagination take care of the rest.
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    So Quiet in here....
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    Does The Money?

    I gather from reading here that the subsciption fees for General Mayham go toward upgrading hardware needed to keep this forum up. Is that correct? I also imagine that I would never need to "actually post" in the that forum even if I paid for say, a lifetime subsciption. (A blessing...
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    A Covert Action

    In that: A) Relic has gone and blown my covert identity, and all here now know that I'm Irish. B) succeeded in doing so while making my pale Irish complexion turn a fine shade of red, a rather disconcerting moment for a person of my advanced age. Therefor, be it known to all persons...
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    SP2 and Iraqi Blogs

    I received my SP2 disk today, 1 week after I ordered! I use dial-up now so. Installed without problem, as I disabled system restore, did a full updated adaware scan, spybot, updated virus, disabled all proggies running etc. etc. then Installed SP2 when ready. Seems to have gone fine...
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    First Baby Picture

    Here she is??? :confused: I fully intend to frame this and give it to my 77 year-old mother. And dammit she better be proud! P.S. Put it this way; my son and I built her a PC for her 75th birthday. She didn't talk to us for a...
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    Folding Question

    Does the box have to be connected 24/7 ? Can one "resume" a protein they were folding the day before?
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    Whoa Fan Whoa !!

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    Pics of Neo480 Guts

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    Generic PSU Zaps hands/ can't type!

    It would be the worst case scenerio if that's what happened to IceCzar. He could have been testing unknown, questionable, PSU's in an attempt to save the many! Alone in his test lab, a malfunction, an incident, something gone amuck. We pray that, at the very least , he's...
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    Sub-forums for the Sub-forums for the Sub-forums

    Just that. How about 22 Sub-forums , for each Sub-forum, in every forum. Dealing mainly with the ideas, already addressed , already considered, and already in effect, 22 times in every sub-forum, to every sub-forum, in every forum, by every Admin , and every Mod. Then they can re-name...
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    We Got Another One, Help

    Mod Please, what the heck????
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    Mad Spin

    Since I installed The Neo 480 PSU my HDD spins horribly at boot and does not calm down for a full two or three minutes, or longer, after XP loads. Little 40 gig 7200rpm Maxtor. It did not do this prior to Neo install, the PSU before was Antec 400 no True, Smart, just 400. The good news is...
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    Aw! How the Heck

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    What the Engineer said

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    Tumwater for Xeon dual
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    This falls under Cooling