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  1. J

    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    I visit to check out the [H]ot Deals and Free Stuff's pages.
  2. J

    Free 2gb drive From Trend Micro

    i don't think a minute is an accurate description of the minuscule amount of time that it lasted.
  3. J

    HDCP Issues (Blu-Ray/3007FPW/8800GTX)

    I don't understand why the 8600 works with dual head, but the 8800 does not. Seems like that $600 for a 8800 should at least let you use its full capabilities.
  4. J

    so hot i nearly burned myself!

    decent deals, picked up the wireless one myself.
  5. J

    Dell 3007WFP-HC 30in LCD Monitor $1269 Shipped

    does this only have dvi-d in? no s-video or composite?
  6. J

    X-Fi Elite Pro $70 rebate @ Fry's &

    i bit too. now i just need to sell my audigy 2....
  7. J

    3 sata drives in 2 5.25 bays: $49.99

    i picked up a couple of these - just couldn't resist lian li in a lian li.
  8. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    this woot-off has been going on for something like 45 hours now... i wonder if we will have a full 72 hours of crap to look at during this one?
  9. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    heh, now we have wrist walkie talkies. guess it wouldn't be hard to loose - you would remember exactly when and where you threw it away, :)
  10. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    i think i'll take one of these, i've been waiting for a portable dvd player for a while now. can't be too bad? hopefully or maybe not. i'm not always a fan of refurbished
  11. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    They are going quick now. Hard to keep up (my laptop keeps beeping at me and pulling me away from Scrubs) :p
  12. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

  13. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    when will something I can actually use come up?
  14. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    down to 19% . . . . . and the wait continues
  15. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    nice one - now i just wait for the weird sound to play . . . . .
  16. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    alright I'm back - did I miss anything good?
  17. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    think i'll have to wait till the next one that comes up.
  18. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    i think i'll get one of these though.
  19. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    0% bought 1 0% bought 2 0% bought 3 sold out before it even started (on the earphones) wonder how long this gps will stay up.
  20. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    certainly seems like more than 20 minutes each to me.
  21. J

    WOOT OFF!!!!

    ahh, wootoffs so much for bed by 2 am
  22. J

    Hot!!! Seagate Perp 320GB - $79.99 shipped

    Just picked up a couple - deal only works for one of them though, the rest are still $85 each.
  23. J

    Ultra Wizard Black Mid Tower Case Free AR + Free Shipping

    just picked one up. can't complain about free.
  24. J

    [H]ard to locate 1800 Numbers

    thanks Killermac, very useful find.
  25. J

    Free 512 MB USB Drive

    likewise - I just go the free toothpaste that was posted here sometime in April.....
  26. J

    Aqua Fresh White and Shine

    indeed. cheers
  27. J


    Heh, I hope the shirt actually comes, :p
  28. J

    [DEAD] Free Pen

    shame, it was a decent looking pen:
  29. J

    Warm: WD SATAII 500GB 234.98 shipped AR

    cool. looks pretty good. does anyone know if this comes with a sata cable or not? cheers
  30. J

    Free Cap or T-Shirt from AMD (3,000)

    Cool. Just ordered one. Cheers!
  31. J

    Free 3D Cad program for the first 100,000 to register

    Very good, number 37490 Wonder if they will actually ship?
  32. J

    Razer Diamondback Plasma $40.95 + $5.86 Shipping

    Hmm, looks like it is out of stock. Anyone remember how long the deal was for, and if we can still get it when back in stock?
  33. J

    Free Fingerprint Scanner (requires some creativity)

    Same here. No word at all, not even an email saying it was rejected. All I hear is silence . . .
  34. J

    Free LED key chain

    Lets hope it comes. I am using one of those free *.info domains that was up here a while ago for all my spam email, quite nice, because in a year the domain will be gone, heh. thanks TTP
  35. J

    Up From Zero dvd update

    sweet. I must have missed it first time around. See if it will take another year to ship it now. it reminds me of the one treat started on 11 Sep, that got the 68k views maxed out in like 4 days.
  36. J

    Free LED Flashlight from Epson

    excellent. I wonder how long it will take to get here?
  37. J

    The Only Gmail Thread and It All Goes Here!!

    and, once more, i too have 6 more invite to give away. PM at will.
  38. J

    $ 10 visa card

    could be quite nice actually. just use paypal to transfer the money off, then have about $9.50 spending cash. thanks TTP
  39. J

    Nice Anti Key Logger

    Well, I value my information quite a bit. The only problem is, is that I am currently living abroad, with all my US banks back home (not any US banks over here). I work for an organization that (currently) doesn't allow one to purchase or keep a computer with them. Since I am in the office...