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    Output from multiple sources?

    Hey guys, I have my ATI 4850 outputting audio over HDMI to my TV. Is there a way to get audio to also come out of my onboard Realtek computer speakers? I want to play games while watching a movie and hear the audio from both. In the sound tab I can switch from one source to the other and...
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    Madden 2007

    Anyone else looking forward to pulling some Madden allnighters!? Hope it's fully functional unlike last years Madden for Xbox 360. Between Xbox live (first time having it) and competition with friends I predict maaaany days of waking up tired the next morning.
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    Cheap tuner card that works with MCE?

    Hey guys I'm looking for a cheap TV tuner card that works with Windows Media Center Edition. My TV died and I'd rather save up for a HDTV than go right out and buy something I can afford right now. I dont need PVR capabilities or anything fancy, just basic TV watching with MCE.