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    Best hassle-free way to get a Mint system up and running for Steam gaming...

    So I recently dropped Windows 8.1 on my gaming comp for Mint 16. After some trial and error I found a way to get the newest beta drivers up and running correctly for my setup and I thought I'd share. While I could go and fix the drivers to actually work, I followed these steps in order to just...
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    Free: Battlefield 3 Key

    EDIT: Gone to ihmcguinness.
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    Anyone figure out how to change the Calendar app icons in Mountain Lion?

    I've been posting around on different forums looking for the answer and getting no dice yet. Hoping someone has been able to do it and can help me out. Added the icons manually, along with the docktileplugin folder. All I get is a blank icon with the month and day still. Even tried with CandyBar...
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    Experience with Win8/Server 2012 on Mac?

    Anyone try these out on their Macs yet? I probably wouldn't bother if I wasn't a tech. Kind of have to learn it for the sake of others. Boot Camp drivers are shoddy. Some work, some don't. Gonna guess we won't see an update to Boot Camp for some time...
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    Issue with Win Server 2012 on an iMac with 6750M

    Unsure where to post this so I'll post it here. Installed Windows Server 2012 Standard on my iMac today through Boot Camp so I can mess with Metro for the time being and find out if things actually work. My goal is to use it as a workstation OS and not mess with any of the server-side stuff...
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    New PSU for an HP Slimline s5510y?

    I'm looking at upgrading the mobo for this PC and have settled on MSI 890GXM-G65. Are there any PSUs that fit that would supply plenty of watts for say, the X4 965 and an HD 57xx? Currently it's stock with an Athlon II X2 240 and I added a 1GB HD 5450 to it. Anyone put something nicer in there...
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    DSiWare Games

    Anyone enjoying any of these? Real Soccer 2009 seems decent, for a DS soccer game anyway. The Art Style Series seems to be the real winners though. I have both Aquia and got PiCTOBiTS today. Both are interesting and pretty challenging. I saw that there are a ton of these Art Style games out...
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    No pre-load for Empire Total War on Steam?

    WTF? Thanks Valve... :rolleyes:
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    Free Warhammer Online 10-Day Guest Passes

    Figured I'd start a thread for these since we don't have one and I'm hoping some other subscribers pop in with theirs. Information we need from you is a name and email address. I currently have 2 invites left and I will update this post as they go. :) EDIT: Hope all those that got...
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    Shuttle X27D

    Just bought one of these today along with a 2GB stick of RAM: Its going to be used with a 200GB Seagate 7200rpm laptop drive that I pulled out of my Gateway. Basically going to be used as a NAS. Anyone buy one and have some...
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    Steam: Spore for $22.49???

    Deal is dead and prolly never was alive. :(
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    After using a smartphone/PDA phone, could you ever go back to a regular cell phone?

    I was thinking about this earlier today and also just now while setting up ALL of my email accounts on my treo. I could never go back. After having all the bells and whistles for awhile now, I doubt I could live without a smartphone. In fact if I could find a portable keyboard for it, I'd...
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    Firefox 3.0.4 = garbage

    Never have I seen a minor update crash constantly on sites I go to everyday. Hotmail, Facebook, THIS FORUM all make it crash on a consistant but random basis. I could be going from Hotmail to Newegg and it will crash, or Facebook to here and it will crash. Is this happening for anyone else...
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    World of Goo

    ...Is frickin awesome. Highly recommend you guys pick it up off Steam. Frustration level can get high...especially on the last level of Ch. 1. One wrong move and the whole thing goes kaput. And thats what the time bugs are for. :)
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    Would like to go into Computer Security

    I've been weighing my options lately and this is something I'd really like to get into. Guess a little background would help... - I'm 22 (23 in Sept) - Transferred to a 4 yr university this year and will be most likely going for a general CS degree. Have 2-3 years left total (as long as...
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    Backyard Baseball 09 for DS

    so i'm 22. not exactly the target age range for the Backyard games but i don't care. its fun stuff and really easy to pick up and play. anyone else play this or any of the other ones for other consoles? i'm still sorta disappointed at the lack of newer sports games but i've been out of the...
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    Mario Kart DS Friend Codes Thread

    looking to play with some people from the forums if anyone still plays. posted my code in my other thread but this will be more organized Code: 137592201224 see you in game hopefully :)
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    Broke down and bought a DS with Mario Kart...

    been playing it basically non stop for the past few days. already finished all 4 classes with gold cups...(for some reason the 150 Mirror Banana Cup was the hardest shit ever and took me so many tries to get a gold). now i suppose i should finish with the missions. dunno what to pick up...
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    XP SP3 on Torrents

    comments that its legit....thinkin about downloading it........................hmmmmmmmm lol and if you're wondering, yes its english-only. EDIT: Download at your own risk since its an unofficial source. link removed -odoe
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    XP SP3 RTM on MSDN yet?

    kinda surprised it hasn't been leaked by now if it has been released. been searching around for awhile and still can't find anything on it. guess we'll have to wait some more.... UPDATE: just as i post that i see it has gone RTM YAY
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    Classics that HAVE to be played/replayed

    since I have an EeePC (and will have one for awhile), i've gone back to playing the classics. mainly because they'll run better ;) anyway, i'm about to finish Doom and start on Doom 2. was thinking about playing Quake as well...hell ALL the id shooters are a good place to start. then we...
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    Comodo Firewall 3.0 for Vista 32 and 64bit

    didn't see this posted anywhere. its finally out of beta apparently. did i mention its free? :)
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    Anyone give up overclocking for silence?

    I decided to last night after I stuck my VF700 on my 8800GT. hooked up my two case fans to the 5v connectors and hooked the vid card fan up to the 12v. cools nicely actually. i then toned down the C2D overclock to 2.33 and put the fan down to 50%. i'm in silence heaven and can still play...
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    Thinkin about giving up gaming for awhile...

    Prolly gonna sell the rig in my sig eventually, but I figured I'd ask around for some opinions. I've found some decent old ultraportables for the same price of the EeePC on ebay. Problem is of course, no warranty of any kind with them, and they're used as well. With an Eee PC i'd be able to...
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    Been reduced to konqueror for web browsing

    on openSUSE 10.3. I've narrowed it down to flash player being the cause but even after removing it and firefox for a reinstall, it still crashes. Opera has been a little better as the player just crashes and not the browser. pain in the ass. why can't adobe get their shit together? i...
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    Pre-purchase ETQW on Steam

    i think i'm gonna get the boxed version.
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    Games Explorer in Vista

    Anyone actually use it? lol
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    Anyone still play it online?
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    Must flush dns cache every so often to view the forums

    it looks like some have mentioned timeouts. the solution is to flush the dns cache. but it seems you have to do this every hour or so. if you do it close enough to the time it resets, you can see there is barely anyone on the boards. just wanted to let you guys know if you didn't already.
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    Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms on Aug 28th

    Really tired of the BioShock threads so here is somethin different :p Looks like Steam will be getting it on the 28th which is good for me since I bought M2 off of it. Which btw, comes with a warning: With regards to what is in the expansion: anyone else excited for this too? Just...
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    Smallest nLite Install of Win2k

    so i had a win2k sitting around collecting dust and I have MS Virtual PC 07 installed, I figured i'd try and make a really small install and test it out with VPC. right now i'm patching it up (original disc was SP3) but the previous try I made always got stuck on the Saving Settings portion of...
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    Latest Round of Updates Killed Custom Visual Styles

    So I'm pretty much dumbfounded right now over this. I'm not quite sure with update did it but when Windows Update ran on Tues and I rebooted, it killed the custom visual styles I had. Now I can only use the default stuff. I've patched, repatched, restored the originals and patched again the...
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    Virtual PC 2007, Win2k SP4, Vista and Networking

    So i have VPC2k7 on my Vista x64 install. It recognizes the Network Card in both the VPC options and in Win2K. It just can't get an IP at all... Mind you last time i used VPC was on a 1st gen Mac mini and it worked fine with an XP install. But obviously, this is newer hardware. My...
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    nTune PCIE Question

    edit: nvm found it...
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    Vista and OpenGL...D3D too!

    Interesting article I caught over at TweakGuides that I'm not sure ppl noticed. It tries to get across 3 points: ^^^ In reference to apps that don't go full screen (i.e. Photoshop CS2). That can be rectified by just disabling visual...
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    ET:QW Beta Codes

    Ok so I just received an email regarding beta ET:QW beta keys. It has about 10 listed. Problem is, there is no link to download the beta. Does anyone who signed up for the beta have the link?? Otherwise these are useless.
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    So we're past mid-April...

    WHERE IS MY QUAKE WARS OPEN BETA?!!?! I don't want this damn FilePlanet membership I paid for to be a waste...errrrr
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    VT Remembrance Logo

    Is there a way we could get that put up for a week or two on the front page maybe under the latest headlines part on the right side? I think it would be a cool thing to do for awhile. If not thats ok. You could prolly photoshop it to get rid of the white and allow it to blend in more with the...
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    Cursor Patch is out!

    I have to say that was pretty quick. Popped up in Windows Update soon as I turned on my comp. Info here:
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    MP CoD2 doesn't work in Vista but SP does?

    Yeah I'm pissed. MP just crashes back to the desktop no matter what. I've tried running as admin, making sure it was unblocked in the firewall, running it in and OUT of compatibility mode in XP. I dunno what else to try. Anyone else having the same problem? What I don't understand is why SP...