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    need a mic and possibly headset

    what's the best choice for gaming? I have speakers just need mic. USB/ analog. I had some realiabiltiy issue with usb in the past (that was few years ago). Creative FATAL1TY still the best choice? should i get usb or the analog one. major thx.
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    Looking for great speakers (compact)

    Looking for great speakers (compact) I need a kick-ass set of speakers preferably self-amplified like the m-audio types (although I would like to find another brand, something smaller maybe). Looking for either a 2.0 or 2.1 setup. Will be connecting to them from a laptop with HDMI output...
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    signout jack

    I've never written a sign-out cart but these error handlings of the checkout process on some sites really piss me off. Handing fields to incorrect fields on refresh of missing data you see. Have to scrim over all the crap to make sure their coding didn't refresh a field with wrong data. Hate...
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    80 dollar hdd bracket major???

    HP basic thing for my 2-bay laptop 517639-001 In stock Hard drive hardware kit - Includes mounting rails, e-SATA interface cable, and mounting screws Order subtotal 60.80 Shipping and Handling 11.25 Tax 6.84 Order total (USD) 78.89 aaaaaaaa :confused: :confused...
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    kindle for pc

    any way to organize the books into logical folders? files exist on hdd in drm. perhaps port to other app for organization? hate to see a global join on the main window with no way to organize by subject. hmm
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    iphone 4 can't find app

    Is there not a app for this pos device that will display PDFs with the following attributes ... 1) There is a picture of the page taken with a camera that is the background layer of the PDF 2) There is a transparent (sometimes called "clear") layer of text overlay on top of the image which...
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    efficient indexing possible?

    Is there a way for windows to display a list of hit results in a 'google' style fashion where it returns a line-item for each hit and a pulled section centering on the search term--like a search engine? I have had good results with indexing and getting file names then opening each document...
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    bot attacks? ssh telnet

    For some reason my router IP is getting a lot of unsolicited port 22/23 connection requests. These are being dropped by the firewall since there's no services running on those ports. Funny thing is these idiots are consistently attempting to connect every 3-5 minutes I'm guessing to bypass...
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    Synology quality?

    I remember when NASs first came out they were slow and iffy (thecus/buffalo). Now they seem more robust across the board. How is Synology in general? I am looking at the DS411+ or DS1010+ to replace my current jbod setup. I'll probably be investing in this during the fall/winter of this year...
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    DTS-HD MA 7.1 problems

    The brd of dark city is giving me issues for some reason. The audio track is all scratchy like when you jerk the needle on a LP. Picture is fine. Using a Sony set-top player (BDP-S470) over HDMI to a sony TV (I think it's a ex400 model lcd--forget), but new. Never had any issues with this setup...
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    iPhone tethering question

    What's your opinion on Tethering the iPhone over Bluetooth vs USB. Power consumption? Reliability? Thx.
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    sony commander

    hey did sony stop making those commander programmable remotes? I had one back in 2004.
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    Transfer video from iPhone to Win ?

    Hello. I have a beautiful new iPhone 3GS. Today I shot a video with the iPhone. This article describes the iPhone's inability to transfer these videos from the device to the computer. How can this be done easily? iTunes 9.1, Windows "7", iPhone 3.1.3. :o
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    samsung exclaim small issue

    anybody have this phone? it works great, but I can't seem to get it to go into 24 hour time (you know 1800 for 6 pm).
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    looking for job leads in WA state

    graduated in May with B.S. MIS. currently in the puget sound area. have tried to get into all of the entry-level dev positions, but M$ and most of the major local employers are not really hiring (and would rather hire guest workers ...). would like to try and get in with a data center...
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    domain time synchonization w/ odball os

    Is there a way to get this working with minimal fuxing? My Windows Server 2003 box is setup with this tutorial. Everything works fine and it pulls the correct time and also is able to push the time to the domain clients who authentication into the domain using this domain controller...
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    what os to try next?

    I have experience in Windows Host OS and Windows Server. Took at look at Server 2008, not much changed. Not too interested in Windows 7, but I'll check out the RC when it comes out. What would be another good OS to learn? I'm looking for something that might be seen in the business IT...
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    VB.NET database connectivity tutorials

    Hi. Are there any good references, examples, or walkthroughs that explain how VB connects to a microsoft database? There's the simple data wizard, but it ends up creating a few objects called DbDataSet, TableAdapterManager, and then ___TableAdapters and __BindingSource for each table...
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    enterprise sata or just plain

    do you think I should get some plain old sata drives or go for the more expensive enterprise ones (re2, re3). basically I'm running a win server 2003 box with a hardware raid controller. the box does run 24x7x356, but has a really low i/o load. can't see why some entry level WDs wouldn't work...
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    speedfan no login

    is this possible? to have it run without domain authentication? i want to run this on my server 2003 box. windows server in my exp has problems if a user is constantly logged into a desktop. it is best to leave it logged out to run. will speedfan configure for this method?
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    any of you ever get frowned upon for

    recommending cisco products? b/c price
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    The Undeniable Web 2.0 Conspiracy

    well i started it you might as well finish the argument here is the blog post agree? disagree? i'll try and keep silent unless somebody needs clarification. controversial. check out the citations.
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    show vista folder size

    how is this possible in details view? size column doesn't calculate folder size. in os x this is really simple ugh
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    is it too late to get into wow?

    btw is there a single box item you can buy to have the game plus all the expansions (new one)? i'm thinking of doing this to get some experience for a possible master's thesis on user behavior concerning heavily synchronous encounters.
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    my views on windows 6 after some time

    of use. well here it goes. let us know if you agree/disagree, or have similar/different experiences. loaded up vista business sp1 a while back and have been using it vista enhancements over win 5 + cd install is virtually unattended compared to windows 5 + aero is nice + fqdn and domain...
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    so the other day i was chatting with a

    local admin here. he was doing some configs in iis for a app our dept is writing. he mentioned that before they installed the firewall or made the settings more strict about 70% of their inbound traffic was intrusion attempts. 70 percent wow. it's a large .edu
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    is there a big performance drop using a

    pci-e 2.0 vc in a 1.0 slot? Currently using a 9600gt in a am2 mobo w/o pci-e 2.0. works good.
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    what's the costliest part of a bom for a

    lcd monitor? i ask b/c it seems like these non-tn panels that are 1920x1200 all float around the $500 price point if not more. it seems like that same dollar figure would buy a nice mobo and a nice proc for the same price. for some reason it seems like the price should have come down by now for...
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    core temp how low can you go

    let's see all those low numbers 2900 mhz 65nm here w/ whatever vista equiv. of cnq on
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    hey do you think that u320 and all the

    other server hdd techs like fiber chan and 80-pin scsi will go away once ssd is more out there? seems like the rotational factor is no longer a mainstream vs server issue (eg 7200 vs 15000) with ssd speeds. figuring the market will consolidate all the different connectors and such.
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    what's the common way to specify code ...

    ownership in a contract? link
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    tweaking aero so i can see

    so my motivation to ask this is b/c staring at white window backgrounds isn't good on my eyes. what's it's like now what i'd like if possible is there any way to do this on windows or 3rd party software? =)
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    dealing with unskilled/unmotivated developers

    how would you deal with this situation? i'm the dev. lead for a small project. completion date circa dec. 2008. currently there are 3 developers including myself. we've met with the project requesor a few times to define the project scope and refine the system requirements. the system is a...
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    my upgrade path

    well since this subforum hasn't seen many new posts lately though i'd share what my plan is. currently running 4000+ x2 @ 2.1 ghz on a asus am2 mobo. finally decided on moving to a 5600+ x2 @ 2.9 ghz (~100 shipped @ egg). motivation the newer 4___e models looked nice at 45w, but only run...
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    What is your IT department doing about

    planning for Vista adoption? Curious to ask b/c it seems this article and this article both say corporate IT adoption is slow. Do you really think that some shops will skip vista all-together and wait for the next os?
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    anyone remember that game

    barrack? do you remember playing maelstrom too bad there's not a port to a recent os
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    have any ideas on how to do a diy solar

    panel setup to help reduce energy costs? i've checked out some wiring at a recent install near me and it seems like it's a bunch of grounding and then some sort of junction box with a giant kill switch (handle). how do these systems work, are they expensive and is there a way to store the...
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    Any racing games for pc that are like ...

    ridge racer, mario kart, or f zero? You know, one button for gas, one for break, not a lot of thinking involved =)
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    who makes the major hardware for ...

    hollywood studios? thinking analog or digital editing, capture, cameras, making the films they send out to movie theaters, that kind of stuff So far I can only think of companies like panavision, arri, or mackie. But there has to be more.
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    should I upgrade?

    current psu: SeaSonic S12-430, I also have a pcpc Silencer 470 lying around but it needs some repair mobo: abit kn9s cpu: x2 5600+ oc'd ram: 2gb PC2-8500 vc: Evga 7900 GT KO pic: nic and sound card optical: dvd-rom, burner pump: ddc-12v hdd: 36gb raptor fans: 5 120mm, 2 92mm