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    Change username?

    Possible to change username? Little did we know 15+ years ago that privacy would be as important as it is today. I would like to change my username to SadTelevision8558 Thanks!
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    HTPC / NAS Combo? Repurposing my existing NAS?

    I currently have a NAS running napp-it via ESXi. I set it up back in 2011 or so and I've let it run on its own. It also has a Windows 7 VM that's in charge of doing media downloads. However more recently I've been wondering if I can have an HTPC as well. Part of my desire is to have a Windows...
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    HDD NAS Dilemma - Mix drives?

    Long story: I wanted to build a 10 drive raidz2 NAS for home storage for a while. I had 5 Samsung F4s from earlier this year and I finally put together a system in September. I wanted to test all the setup and stuff, but with grad school and all I've been busy as hell. I placed another order for...
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    NZXT H2 Hard Drive Bays

    Is it me or I have the biggest trouble removing these suckers? I managed to jam the side pins into all 4 holes of my Raptor, and I wanted to take that aging drive the other day out and put it in my NAS as a boot drive. I ended up scratching the whole area next to the 4 screw holes where those...
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    Do Z68 boards support VT-d for ESXi?

    This has always been like a gray area. I heard some P67 boards having that option but not working... So far I see the ASRock and MSI boards having VT-d options in BIOS, but the Gigabyte, Asus boards don't. So what's the verdict?
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    ZFS Build: Mixing Z68 SATA ports with LSI SAS

    I know this is probably frowned upon but I want to build a 10 drive raidz2 setup. I read that 6 or 10 drives is good, but 6 feels too few because then 1/3 of your drives are used for redundancy, and to me it's not that big of a boost of capacity from my 3.5TB on my main rig already. So I'll go...
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    Building my NAS

    I already have a few things lying around. - 6x 2TB Samsung F4s - Core i5-2400 - 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws So in order to complete this system, I figure I'll get some Z68 board. I'm eyeing the Asus V-Pro or the ASRock Extreme4. It seems ASRock offers VT-d, but this could be like the whole P67...
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    Should I consider ESXi with my NAS?

    Ok, so I obviously built an overpowered system for a home NAS: - i3 2100 - 8GB RAM - 6x2TB Samsung F4s If I want ZFS, I'm told I should have VT-d, which unfortunately my processor lacks. Would it be worth considering getting rid of the i3 2100 and getting an i5 2400 instead? I'm not a...
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    6 disks... 2x raidz1 or 1x raidz2?

    title says it: 2 raidz1 vdevs or 1 raidz2 vdev? 6x Samsung F4 2TB drives.
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    ZFS Build Questions

    My build looks like this: LIAN LI PC-V354B Black Aluminum MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case ASUS P8H67-M PRO/CSM (REV 3.0) LGA 1155 Intel H67 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model...
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    P183 Graphics Card clearance

    I understand that a 10.5" card like a 5870 won't fit with the drive cage in place. What I guess this means is that the card hits the drive cage. But even if a shorter card doesn't hit the drive cage, won't a drive in the drive cage protrude meaning that you need an EVEN shorter card? How does...
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    New HD time!

    I have: - Raptor 74GB ADFD - Seagate 7200.10 320gb - WD AAKS 640gb - WD FALS 1TB OS on Raptor 74gb ATM. What do you think should go? The 7200.10 or the Raptor? I need storage though for photo editing because shooting in RAW + 15MP is a huge change from JPEG and 4MB images, so I'm eyeing: WD...
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    Text size/pixel pitch?

    Is there any comparison showing how standard size text would look on different LCD sizes? I'm primarily interested in 20", 24" and 27" and possibly 30". I'm contemplating throwing out my mom's Dell 2405FPW because she complains about it all the time and upgrading it to something better (I use a...
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    Dell 2707 Input Lag?

    I don't have a CRT monitor but I've tested two LCDs and input lag... Linky Well apparently my VP191b is slower, but if the 43ms input lag of the 2707 is what I googled correctly, then my Viewsonic is like 80ms input lag at least? Wow that blows?
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    Dell 2405 Issues... warranty?

    I bought a Dell 2405 for my parents 2.5 years ago. They hated it. Other than the fact that it was a lot larger than their previous 17" miniature screen, they didn't like how the colors were crap, the backlight bleeding, the fuzziness of the text.... blah blah blah. 2 years ago I borrowed it...