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    1080 SLI vs Titan X Pascal

    Dude. I'm running a 770gtx SLI and its a good system for my usage. I play at 1080p and this setup has lasted me a couple of years. Not as long as I'd have liked to be perfectly honest. I built this system with a 5 year plan and after watching trends at the time SLI was taking off. But as soon as...
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    Why You Will Never See Half-Life 3

    This doesn't make sense to me. Eli was basically a supporting character that ended up having a major role in the second game and the episodes. But to me the Half Life games were always about the G-man and what about this for a theory (albeit similar to existing theories). Gordon Freeman is the...
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    Windows 10 Build 14385 Now Available

    I just want them to fix the whole 'screen rotation locked' bullshit on tablets. It annoys me so much. I'd assume it was a driver issue if it didn't happen 90% of the time. But I have 2 tablets with different accelerometers and have the same issue with each. So annoying.
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    SOMA - SciFi Horror

    It's a really good game. I've picked it up and although I'm only about 3 hours in I'm really enjoying it. But then I really enjoy games like this Amnesia was amazing and Alien: Isolation was simply insane. SOMA is just as good as those in my opinion. This video really sold it to me...
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    DiRT Rally

    A pal of mine recommended this to me and I have to say its incredible. I've not had a game feel so 'real' to me. The physics are right on the mark. However as a fan of the dirt series I was massively shocked as to how radically different the handling actually is. I always thought Dirt 3 was more...
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    RROD on my 360 Elite :(

    A lot of people forget about are the gpu's memory. They are just as susceptible to heat as the cpu and gpu. But it is such an easy fix.Check YouTube for the penny trick. I have a core system from 2006 which rrod'd back in 09 after a particularly long session on Guitar Hero. Being out of...
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    4770K 90C with H100i @ stock speeds?

    I have the H90 and had the same issue at stock with my new build. I was running 88c at stock and couldnt understand why. After a couple of remounts I realised that I had managed to put the pump power cable (3 pin) across the wrong pins on the motherboard header (4 pin). Moved it over one pin and...
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    Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    After some testing I decided to skip the 460 and keep my sound card. It just sounds better to me than the mobo solution. Or at least sounds different. So I'm keeping the 770's in SLI. The framerate difference is minimal anyway. Like 2-5fps loss which varies between runs anyway (using arkham city...
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    Thief Video Card Performance Preview @ [H]

    I still have my old Diamond Aureal Vortex 2 somewhere. A3D is (imho) FAR superior to anything we have nowadays. I loved the realistic occlusion effects and material based reverb and the positional audio was spot on. I regret having to move to EAX and creative cards until I got a little closer...
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    Thief Reboot (coming 2014)

    I can't really see what is so bad with this game. I'm a rabid fan of the Thief series and while I didn't like the previews of this new game that much it was still an interesting game to me. So when I saw a pre-order deal for £15 I took it. Watched the totalbiscuit review and it actually looks...
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    What card to get when running 780s?

    I'll run a few tests when my parts arrive next week. It just seems a waste having the 460 sitting in a box. I'll run a few benches with and without and see if its worth it :)
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    What card to get when running 780s?

    Serious question. But what about a dual 770 with a 460 for physx? pointless or worth it? (my new build is 2x 770 sli and have my old 460 for physx if need be)
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    Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Planning on buying this board for a new build. I want to have 2x 770s in SLI and use my old 460 for physx in the 3rd pciex slot. I also have a Xonar D2X sound card which is pciex1. Will having the 460 in the last slot disable ALL the other pciex1 slots? I'm rather fond of the xonar and would...
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    Grand Theft Auto On Google Glass

    Wait so this guy couldn't make the app for GTA V,so tried GTA IV and failed but managed to get GTA 3 working? Sounds like how I pick up women in a bar I got to a bar and try my luck with the hot young girl and fail. So I move to the slightly older woman, she's been about a bit and still looks...
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    I am freaking loving this game. However i have a major bugbear that really grips my shit. I've been using the tranq rifle (assumed the stun gun was a stun gun, not a tranq dart gun. Bit annoyed at that) and it really pisses me off that a massive dart full of sedatives can be conquered by walking...
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    Games you were looking forward to but were cancelled.

    True Fantasy Live for Xbox. One of the only MMORPG's i've actually been hugely interested in. But the main one was Babylon 5: Into the Fire for pc. I was totally psyched for that game. I even got hold of promotional material . Gutted it never came out. :( Trailer...
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    Who else uses 3D Vision?

    I don't have proper 3D but use anaglyph for certain games and it looks fantastic. With the exception of shitty colour and massive crosstalk issues. Anyway here are my recommendations. 1. DEFINITELY try Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. Its as if this game was made for 3D. It looks amazing. The sense...
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    External hard drive for use on 360 and PC?

    Partition the drive. Create a 16gig partition and format it fat32, the remainder you can format ntfs. The xbox will see the 16gig partition and use that fine.
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    GamerLive.TV Bringing E3 News in 3D

    WOOT! Shaky cam footage in glorious 3D. Where do i sign up?
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    renaming or moving mkv files bring system to knees

    You got Divx installed? Because if you have then thats more than likely the problem. I had all sorts of problems with it. I installed it so wmp could see mkv files and stream them to my tv in another room. Worked fine for a few minutes but after that it caused my pc to crawl whenever i even...
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    Software That Tells Dirty Jokes

    Wow. Jimmy Carr is really branching out these days
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    Playstation Network possibly hacked.

    Ripped from a post on Reddit. "Ok, I've seen a bunch of speculation of why people think PSN is down, and I thought I should just post what the community knows in comparison to what Sony is telling everyone. The truth is, there was a new CFW (custom firmware) released known as Rebug...
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    Splinter Cell pack on Steam weekend sale - $25.98

    Totally agree. Love the game. Played through it numerous times wereas the other games i only played through once.
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    Original Xbox Games

    Dont forget Panzer Dragoon Orta and Rallisport Challenge 2 :D
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    Upgrading Hard Drive on a 4gb Xbox 360??

    No idea m8. I'm just going by the cost of them which seems to be about a little more expensive than the caddy for $7.50( and hard drive for $47...
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    Upgrading Hard Drive on a 4gb Xbox 360??

    I highly doubt those 'used' drives are official. I'd suspect they are modified WD drives in the caddy you can get on ebay. Still. Wouldnt stop me buying one.
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    Computers and Tech Gadgets Robbing Us of Sleep

    Not gonna lie. When it comes to going to bed at night the first thing i do is check reddit for something i may have missed in the 10 minutes since i stopped looking. This usually lasts a good half hour until i'm satisfied and then i check my email which usually ends up with me wasting another...
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    San Franciscans Angry Over Video Game Balloon Stunt

    You have to realise that video games make normally sane people KILL PEOPLE and that anything even remotely related to video games makes normally sane people KILL PEOPLE TOO. Therefore these balloons are just time bombs just waiting to go off because think of the horror that would happen if a...
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    How Long To Beat. A certain game!!

    So i was cruising Reddit today and came across this little beauty of a site, didnt find it in search here so decided to post. Basically its a user fed site that collates game completion times and adds them to the database with highest times, lowest times...
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    Space sim games?

    DEFINITELY get Terran Conflict. I picked up X3-Reunion a couple of years ago and found it overwhelming. It was very difficult for me to make money EVEN with guides. I still put around 60 hours in but eventually gave up. However. I will definitely be going back to it after having bought Terran...
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    Bulletstorm, anyone interested?

    I picked this game up yesterday morning. I literally sat and played the game start to finish in one sitting. I enjoyed it that much. Took me around 8 hours to finish altogether. But i enjoyed every single moment of it. As for the people saying its a bad console port. Dont see why. It looks...
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    Dragon Age II Demo - Feb. 22nd

    Not in DX9. The demo artificially cripples dx9 and dx10 to make dx11 look better imho. DX9 defaults to medium details and cannot be set any higher which makes textures look terrible. Comparisons here...
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    Logical first upgrade steps for gaming?

    the 6970 is a good card. but i'm confused as to why you want 8gb of ram since you basically want a gaming machine. I run a machine with 4gb ram and while gaming AND watching movies at the same time i barely hit 3gb. I only really use more than 4gb when messing around in Blender. Before going...
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    Dragon Age II Demo - Feb. 22nd

    Yeah the dx11 ran at like 6fps for me. Ran like crap. Switched to dx9 and got 90+fps at medium settings. THEN went back to DX11 at medium and got 60fps solid. Switched to high DX11 and got ~30fps.Visually i noticed practically ZERO difference. Even after taking a screenshot in dx9 and dx11 i...
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    So I guess 59.99 is finally the new price point for PC games..

    Hate to say it but i used to pay this sort of price for Atari ST and Amiga games back in the late 80 early 90's. I remember paying £30 for Operation Thunderbolt. Badass game back then. £30 for Midwinter too. Awesome. I paid £60 for Street Fighter 2 on megadrive. Game prices dropped for a few...
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    Activision closes another developer - Bizarre Creations

    Always the case with developer aquisitions. Developer makes kickass game after game for years, gets bought by publisher who expects miracles and forces developer to churn out games with stupid time constraints. Developer makes average game year after year. Gets canned. Fuck Activision.
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    Nvidia Tegra 3 aka Kal-El Quad Core SoC

    Exactly. Look how long it took for games and apps to go multi-threaded on pc's, Its gonna be at least 2 years before we see widespread multi-threaded phone apps. Till then its mostly a waste of time.
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    Bulletstorm leake... ahhhhh whats the point.

    Does anyone really care. Seriously. Its a given that piracy is rife and is inevitable so why bother pointing it out for every game lately.. Discuss.
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    Popular Facebook Users 'Feel More Stress'

    There'a a lot more stress being popular on facebook if you have hundreds of 'friends' chatting at the same time and trying to keep up with it all. Only to be hit with numerous unfriends every so often because i cant keep up with the 30 or so conversations every fooking night. Been there, done...
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    Dragon Age 2 receives 94% score from PC Gamer

    Saw the reviews and read the forums on Hardocp about how awesome the first game was. Bought it. Fooking hated it. Utter generic bore-fest. Was suprised as i LOVED Mass Effect 2. Will i buy DA2? no chance. Not until the Steam sale in a couple of years time