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    Anyone know the difference with these leopold keyboards?

    If I were to guess... the first one and last one are both using brown cherry switches, the top one has english keys, the bottom one has english w/ korean keys. The "click" model has blue cherry switches and the "linear" model has black cherry switches.
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    the dock is "HTC Desktop Cradle" model "CR G300" p/n "79H10027-00M"

    the dock is "HTC Desktop Cradle" model "CR G300" p/n "79H10027-00M"
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    Post your workstations 2011

    HTC Hero Steelseries Siberia and Etymotic Research hf2
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    Post your workstations 2011

    Too much noise, I really need a tripod. Close Up Much better than my headphones
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    X-Fi, Headphones & Virtualization

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like I got my work cut out for me, now I just gotta see if I can find a good price.
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    X-Fi, Headphones & Virtualization

    Currently I have onboard sound with the ALC889a chipset and I primarily use my headphones for 90% of the time I'm at the computer. The onboard sound will downmix surround sound sources (quad, 5.1, 7.1) to stereo, but the virtualization is non-existent (can't tell the difference between front...
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    TFT Display Problem

    Sounds like input lag. Essentially when a monitor displays an image from the video card there is an intermediary step where the signal is processed. On CRTs this step is near-instantaneous on LCDs not quite as fast. This website suggests that the input lag for your display is quite good though...
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    Samsung 2343BWX or 2494SW which to get? $200

    I bought myself the 2343BWX on boxing day and I really do like it. The screen size and resolution work out to be about 100DPI yet the screen is extremely easy to read. Everything I've tried so far supports the resolution (Valve Orange Box, Dragon Age, DiRT 2, Modern Warfare 2, Supreme Commander...
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    Static/interference with front panel onboard HD audio

    I've recently encountered the same problem on the GA-P35-DS3R, my theory is that its noise from the PCI bus or EMI as atleast in my situation the Azalia codec is placed directly beside the PCI-E 16x slot. I found one way to improve the problem is changing the output from "Headphone" to "Front...
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Didn't like how bright the LEDs were on the Sonata III so I rerouted them behind the front air intake. Looks a lot nicer imo.
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    Quad Overclocking Club

    My system wouldn't boot at 3.6GHz but I managed to boot into windows at 3.4GHz but didn't stress test it. Currently doing 3.0GHz
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    Problem with any video file

    If you aren't dead set on using WMP, I'd suggest trying out VLC Player, it plays virtually everything under the sun and requires no special codec packs. It also has a nice minimal interface.
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    Any advice on new build? 1100~$

    oh well, can't win 'em all.
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    Any advice on new build? 1100~$

    Instead of the G80 GTS I'd go for the G92 GTS, less ram, but faster overall and $10 cheaper. Also the onboard sound is probably better than that card you got chosen. As for the Hard drive, I'd go a lot bigger than 160GB, newegg...
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    Odd Problem

    seems to be the IDE cable being stretched to be at fault. So weird....
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    Odd Problem

    Yeah it does seem to be stable, its just really bugging me that the display goes black along with the burner locking up. Scared me at first, last thing I want to do is have to RMA something. Oh well, its better to replace something cheap than something expensive so I'm gonna try another IDE...
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    Odd Problem

    To begin, I've had the same problem occur in both windows and while attempting to install linux so I believe this to either be a firmware or hardware problem. Now as to the problem itself. Nothing to the system has been modified since I built it two months ago and this problem just appeared...
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    Are Bose Computer Speakers over rated?

    Bose relies on its marketing rather than its innovations to sell its products. There's been plenty of internet detectives quick to point out Bose using cheap hardware, like $5 drivers in $1000 products, etc. They're probably better than the cheapest thing on the shelf, but they are in no way...
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    Zune Replacement Earbuds/Canal?

    Not as far as you'd probably stick a q-tip into your ear. Where as earbuds rest just outside the ear canal, these form a seal around the ear canal, which offers nice sound isolation and imo a very comfortable listening experience. As you can see, there's no way these would go deep enough to...