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    Norton Internet Security 2014 3 user $19.99 on Amazon

    Looks like a great deal. I use it and it works good.
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    BF4 just doesn't feel right

    I am a big fan of BF3. It was simple and easy to play and get a hang of. Been playing the BF series since BF1942. I have been "trying" to play BF4 for the last couple of days. Sure, the graphics look pretty but man, it just doesn't feel right. Game seems so unbalanced for me. I am having a very...
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    EVGA 770 SC is pumping out some heat!

    Just got my EVGA 770 SC 2GB with ACX cooler in the mail today to replace my 670 which was starting to flake out. Plugged it in, installed the latest 326.80 Beta drivers and in Precision, I have it set at +75 GPU offset and +200 mem offset with 106% power and 85C temp target. Got into Skyrim and...
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    Skyrim Legendary Edition - $32

    From Slickdeals: Gamefly has the digital version of Skyrim Legendary Edition for $39 and you get 20% with code GFDJUL20. Total is $31.99. You get the code and download via Steam. Great...
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    nVidia with 3 displays and gaming on center screen

    I have a GTX 670 and 3 Dell 23" monitors. I play mostly WoW and tried the Surround setup but WoW does not scale well with 3 displays so I went back to playing only on the center screen. My question is, sometimes, when I log into the game, my 2 side screens stay on the desktop which is nice if I...
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    Goodbye ATI, I'm coming over boys and girls

    I've been using ATI/AMD video cards for as long as I can remember. Currently, I use 2 6850's in xfire and I am so fed up with the driver issues that it seems like I spend more time troubleshooting my games than actually playing them. The latest drivers broke WoW for me to the point that I get...
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    Got my 1950Pro AGP...Where is the Overdrive option in Cat 6.11?

    I went to Best Buy last night and they had the Visiontek 1950Pro for $299 and I had a 12% Rewardzone coupon so I bought it for $263 which I thought it was a decent deal. Brought it home, opened the box and damn... the card weighs like 5 pounds with huge copper heatsinks on the front and back of...
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    What is a good web content filtering software package for a corporate environment?

    I work in an office of approx. 150 PC's and we are trying to implement a web content filtering software package and having a hard time choosing one that is reasonable in price and also offers the ability to filter streaming media, adult sites, etc. I looked into WebSense but they cost way...