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    McAfee Files Paperwork To Run For President

    If he wins, he can pardon himself ;)
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    Valve Is ‘Not Exhibiting’ At E3

    Sorry, couldn't resist
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    10% Of Americans Have Smartphone But No Broadband

    Someone needs to tell those people about FoxFi. Best $15 ever spent.
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    Amazon Introduces Home Services

    April 1st is a few days early I see..
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    Are We In Another Tech Bubble?

    I would be scared of owning Alibaba. Bubble all over this one. "The bigger concern is that, because China's government restricts foreign ownership of Chinese assets, Alibaba shareholders won't actually own the company. Instead, through a so-called variable interest entity (VIE), they will...
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    Amazon Eliminates Person-to-Person Payments

    In response to Apple Pay, Amazon has rebranded Amazon Payments to 'iAbandoned' ;)
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    Would You Use A Tablet To Make A Phone Call?

    You guys need to take the first world glasses off. People buying them are probably a poor family household where they can consolidate numerous devices to one: - Phone - PC - Books - TV Why choose when you can have them all? Hell doctors use video conferencing to diagnose patients from...
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    Netflix ISP Speed Index for July

    ATT Should be ashamed of themselves. A cellular provider beating a fiber one? lol thats rich
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    Blunder of the Day: News Thinks Video Game Screenshot Is Real

    5min 50sec into the video for the lazy
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    New Map Algorithm Finds The Most Beautiful Route

    Not sure if you were being sarcastic </Fry>
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    Microsoft's Kinect Is Now Guarding the Korean Border

    South Korea better keep that XBL subscription up otherwise Kim Jong-Un is gonna stroll on in there when the sub goes silver ;)
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    Xbox One Overtakes PS4 Hours After DRM Reversal

    I hear you brotha. Dreamcast never got a fair shake between the 'Holding out for PS2' Fanbois and the easy no mod chip needed pirating. :( I found it hilarious when the first gen PS2 games all were blurry meanwhile Soul Calibur was razor sharp and buttery smooth day one.
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    Analyst: Publishers Won't Block Used Games, Much

    Yes but this is the biggest contributor. May as well see to the insane profit they have been making directly, then pay the publishers a small percentage (for those who pay a higher publishing price of course).
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    Analyst: Publishers Won't Block Used Games, Much

    Call me crazy (it happens all the time), why don't the publishers & the big 3 (MS,Sony, Nintendo) just buy controlling stake in gamestop and demand they get compensated?... Market Cap Gamestop 4.23 Billion Sony 20.33 Billion MS 295.80 Billion (!) Nintendo 13.89 Billion
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    Zynga Lays Off More Than 500 Employees

    More like 7,8,9 'In February, Zynga shuttered its Baltimore-based offices and consolidated other locations, merging its Austin and McKinney-based studios with its Dallas location and centralizing various New York area studios. In December, Zynga closed its Japan office, two months after...
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    Why People Hate The Google Bus

    Someone call the Whambulance! Seriously. STFU, put down the 5 dollar latte & work smarter not harder.
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    Sears - Kmart Converting Empty Stores into Data Centers

    Shift my plans? Shift my plans and become a data center? You're kidding me!
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    Google Wallet Now Lets You Send Money Over Gmail

    IDK why they just don't call it Gmoney. People will adopt it in droves thinking they are gangsters :)
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    Senator Seeks to Expedite Online Sales Tax Bill

    Believe me I am NOT for those programs either. At least not with some sort of verification of need, sliding pay scale to get them off, shorter terms, drug test,etc. I have no prob with the govt helping someone get back on their feet. Its the ones that drag their feet and refuse to help...
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    Senator Seeks to Expedite Online Sales Tax Bill

    Har Har. Only casualties there are dollars not bodies. Jerk:rolleyes:
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    Senator Seeks to Expedite Online Sales Tax Bill

    Someone has to collect the money all the Republicans spent on two wars and tax rebates for all this last decade. The restaurant bill has come due and we're all washing dishes now yet the Republicans act like they didn't ring up the bill and only had a glass of water.;)
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    Xbox Always Online Controversy Gets Weirder

    Naa I'll just work through my backlog while these clowns get their heads out of their asses and realized they effed up. ;) At least with PC you have several choices (greenman, GOG, Amazon, Steam, Origin, Uplay, hell even GameStop) which tends to keep some competition in check. I dont have...
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    Xbox Always Online Controversy Gets Weirder

    You will not just combat used sales/piracy. You will combat new sales as I won't buy a console that won't let me freely exchange games. What if I want to use a Gamefly subscription? Not all of us wipe our bums with $100 bills. I like to try before I buy. :)
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    iPads May Hinder Children's Communication Skills

    Kid doesn't need an ipad. He needs an I-Paddle ;)
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    Wal-Mart To Test Online Delivery Lockers in Stores

    Maybe they should work on getting the stock on shelves before trying this locker business...
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    ADATA SX900 128GB SSD Review @ [H]

    Remember buying a 256MB SD card from them back in the day. Weren't reliable then so I avoided them from there on. Good to see it still holding true today. Shocked to see them still in business though:eek:
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    Sony Boss Explains Why No PS4 Shown

    This was what I meant to post...
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    Microsoft Backs Oracle Against Google Android

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black... "Sun Microsystems, the creator of Java, sued Microsoft in October 1997 for incompletely implementing the Java 1.1 standard.[2] It was also named in the United States v. Microsoft antitrust civil actions, as an implementation of Microsoft's...
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    It’s Sony’s Fault the Xbox Exists

    Xbox down as a whole yes, not making profit at all however no. "Though the division is also responsible for the Zune and other entertainment products, Microsoft attributed the profit to increased Xbox 360 software sales. Lower Xbox 360 manufacturing costs and lower marketing costs also...
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    Dell Officially Goes Private For $24.4B

    Wonder if Microsoft will use the 2 Billion loan as a stick to make Dell manufacture & give them a better price on making a Surface Tablet in the future...
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    Eight Characters Will Crash Almost Any Application on a Mac

    For a second, I thought the 8 characters were 'windows8' :D
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    Japan's 'Amazon’ Coming to America

    True. But why discard an easily recognizable brand? They should have kept the branding along with 'Rakuten shopping' beneath. Just seems silly IMO.
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    Japan's 'Amazon’ Coming to America

    If you devote a slide on your webpage on how to pronounce the name of your site, you have already failed. Stick with and just improve the site/search guys.
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    Best Electrostatic Discharge Safety Video EVER

    And its quite conductive! ;)
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    Human Hoist: High Tech Shop Chair

    Guess they lost their funding. They were on invention USA
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    Arduino Project Has Sega Rally Cabinets Steer RC Cars

    This definately has to make it into the final product when they flip over.
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    Bank Agrees to Reimburse Hacking Victim $300K

    Sooo you're annoyed at the bank being overzealous of protecting your $ instead of under? If I were running a bank and saw that, I would lock your account too. Did you notify them PRIOR to going on that trip? I'm guessing you didn't.
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    Bank Agrees to Reimburse Hacking Victim $300K

    Not saying the company is not partially at fault here but. Strike 1: Patco generally only made transfers once a week on Fridays ( unauthorized transactions were occurring outside normal patterns/hours) Strike 2: The most it ever transferred was about $36,000 (Most of the fraudulent...
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    Nintendo: Microsoft, Sony Need to React To Us

    Just a side note, adjusting for 3% year-over-year inflation, the WiiU standard is 50$ cheaper than the OG Wii coming in a 248$. So technically, they are making even less per system (I'm sure they are still making something)
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    Nintendo: Microsoft, Sony Need to React To Us

    Umm 100 million vs 70 million is 30% not 45%. Not really something to brag about when the system came out cheaper than the existing competition. People forget that Wii was making money on systems DAY ONE of launch. MS/Sony sell at or below cost and need to recoup the costs of the system...