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    Norco RPC-4224 Questions

    I have a few noob questions regarding this case. 1. I bought a Crucial M4 128 Gig SSD for OS, where can I screw it without using the HDD caddy? Do I need to purchase a PCI-HDD Bracket? 2. On the backplane, there are a bunch of molex connectors on the left of the backplane, total of 12...
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    Norco 4224, Areca 1880i, Intel Expander, SFF-8087 Cable question?

    Hello all, Searching through the post and I just really want to make sure I purchased the correct amount of cables I need for my setup. I have a: Norco 4224 Areca 1880i Intel Expander RES2SV240 Is this the cables I need? If so, 6 of them...
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    Intel Expander Card RES2SV240 Differences

    Hello all, I have a Norco 4224 and a Areca 1880i 8 port version. I was searching and found that the Intel SAS Expander Card RES2SV240 is the card to go for to expand my connection to 24 port. However, I found on amazon and other places selling the card at difference prices but looks like...
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    Need EXPERT Help in Building a WHS v2 Media Server

    Hello all, I have been reading and you all have provided me great knowledge of pursueing my build of a WHS v2 Media Server. I do need your expert advice of how I should go building my project. The current items I have so far. Motherboard: Supermicro C2SEE Chip: Intel Q9300 Memory...