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    Samsung 840 Evo Slow Speeds

    Prior to the tweaks I got after getting to Win 8.1, the only optimizations made were from the Magician software. Intel RST came with the factory install. The tweaks I did after 8.1 is pretty much a desperation attempt, but the read speeds were already extremely low before that point. Edit...
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    Samsung 840 Evo Slow Speeds

    I recently brought a Samsung 840 Evo 500GB to replace the WD Black HDD on my MSI GT70-0NC-494 laptop. OS is Windows 8. Im going type out pretty much how I ended up to where I am right now in hopes that maybe someone could catch where I went wrong. So here's the story: The cloning process went...
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    Does Mayonnaise Last As A Thermal Compound?

    Time for the next question
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    LEETGION | Hellion Gaming Mouse Lucky Draw

    Like to get my hands on that mouse and try it out on a bunch of games
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    Google Search "Zerg Rush" Easter Egg

    Yep FF 12 is working well 279 - 82 I lost hope when they took down my factories
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    Must See Video of the Day

    Yeah I wish it could slow down so I could guess which part of the world is being shown. Still a great video though
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    Steve Jobs Voted Most Influential Man in Video Games

    I wouldnt be surprised if Steve Jobs gets named the most influential man in a non-tech related category at the rate this is going. Steve Jobs for most influential man in sports should be next topic
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    Only been using traditional HDs my entire life. Getting to experience the speed of SSDs would be a great start to this year's holiday season
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    EA Says Steam "Too Restrictive" For Battlefield 3

    Yeah seriously. Back then it was "the game is a console port so Im not buying". I thought that was a legit reasoning for PC gamers since our hardware is better therefore our games should be better. But now its "the game is not on Steam so Im not buying"? Someone thats informed about this...
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    Game Piracy Linked To Critic’s Review Scores

    Where can sign up to get grant money for making stupid studies like these?
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    GlobalFoundries ITDC Laboratory Tour @ [H]

    Thought I was the only one thinking that. Also, everytime they talk about foup I keep thinking of poop
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    High-Tech ATM Designed For Illiterate People

    When I saw this I was thinking of there being pictures of fried chicken, drugs, and guns on the buttons. Then the machine gives you the right amount of cash to purchase the item.
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    With Anonymous and LulzSec, is Anyone Believable?

    Yeah it looks like one of the LulzSec members site got hacked. If you cant read the pic it says
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    Bill Gates Gives $1B For Vaccinations

    If they're healthy then more of them could trade their kidneys for iPads which would then keep those old geezer CEO's alive.
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    Very Cool T-Mobile Angry Birds Live Commercial

    Thats freaking awesome. I dont see something like this happening in the US anytime soon
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    Three Anonymous Hackers Arrested

    Wow he just went el grammar nazi on everyone Not sure how these kids will handle jail time. Although Im pretty sure rape is part of the package in all prisons.
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    XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

    These PSUs could rock out my new rig if I win that 6990 on the other thread
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Been using a XFX 8800GTX for a while now and it hasnt failed me yet! Maybe its time to upgrade ;)
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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    Need that 8GB of ram to help me remember where my pants is
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    Mexican Drug Cartel Rips Off Microsoft

    Hah that reminds me of this article from way back: Need to start brushing up on my Spanish before they put up their torrent site
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    Russian TV Links CoD: MW 2 To Russian Massacre

    Im pretty sure the No Russian campaign didnt involve blowing yourself up
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    6.5 gig Prosser For Sale

    Bet his 6.5 gig prosser can play multiple "first lesbian fuck"s at the same time.
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    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    My bank account likes the hot deals forum
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

    People keep sneaking up behind me and killing me :mad:
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    Random USB Drives Protruding From the Wall

    Next step is to have these things in bathroom stalls
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    Even Mount Everest Has 3G

    Good to know the Yeti is finally getting access to the internet
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    No One Plays Shooters on The PC Anymore

    I played a bit of FPS on consoles and I didnt like it that much. I feel more into it and in control when I play from the PC. Also the PC gaming community is definitely more superior compared to those kids at Live.
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    iTunes Hacked, PayPal Accounts Drained!

    Do we get another presentation from Apple saying that other sites get hacked too so its not just a problem with iTunes?
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    Mario Symbols Appear in Bike Lanes

    I noticed how the bikers were avoiding the banana peel. If I lived there I would probably bike on those lanes while carrying a green shell plush I bought last year.
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    Three Men Killed Over Xbox 360 Theft

    I wouldn't deny that color plays some role in regards to getting media coverage but I think that all the elements in this story combined already makes for a good story for the media without the need for race. You have a guy who shot 3 people, one of them being a 13 year old, because they...
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    30 Percent of Europeans Are 'Digital Virgins'

    For a second I thought it was saying that 30% of Europeans who go online are virgins. I know my relatives have just found out about the existence of facebook. Many of them are also still afraid of buying online because they dont think its safe.
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    New Gov't Rules Allow Unapproved IPhone Apps

    Whoa thats pretty big stuff right there and so sudden too. The following weeks might prove to be interesting in seeing how companies reach to this.
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    Firefox Is Working on Perfecting Tab Candy

    Im probably one of the few people who have over 100 tabs open. Its very useful when going through multiple threads on forums where I could just refresh the tabs to read any new posts made. Reading news articles is another way for me to start making multiple tabs. I also do this for school work...
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    MSI - Metro 2033 - GTX 460 Giveaway!

    Put me in!
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    ASUS MARS 2 Video Card Development Pictures

    Why does it look like the cards are starting to look like the Bitchinfast 3D?
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    Digital Drugs Are Killing Your Kids

    And I thought things couldnt get anymore ridiculous. Id like to see a group of these students pull a prank on their school by playing the music through the PA system and then having a bunch of kids pretend they are high.
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    TF2 Engie Update: ?

    I play as Engy and I know that sentries are very weak in terms of hp. 2 stickies from Demos destroy a lvl 3 sentry and the stickies dont even have to be in close proximity to it. Good Pyros can even solo a lvl 3 sentry and kill its Engy. What I find broken for the Engy though is how the...
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    YouTube Hacked, 4chan Hates Justin Beiber

    People love to hate on people who are popular because its not them whos on the stage making big bucks.
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    YouTube Hacked, 4chan Hates Justin Beiber

    I have a sibling that is almost 10 and he never goes to youtube. He spends most of his online time playing flash games.